Wednesday, October 31, 2018

In a single sentence Don Lemon demonstrates all of the idiocy, lies, racism and bigotry of modern America

Yep.  You read that right.  He actually said that.  In addition to the gross lack of self awareness, it demonstrates the new official bigotry of the United States.  The Left has turned white, Christian men into the Jews of 1930s Germany, or Blacks of the Jim Crow South.  And it does so as easily as those groups were demonized, because the ones in power believe it, just as they did back then.

When you see this, you realize that if Mr. Lemon was white and living in the 1800s in Alabama, he would likely have the same attitude about Blacks.  It's racism and bigotry and it's evil.  Sadly, like all ages, you will have plenty in power who will embrace it because, well, that's what all the cool people are doing. 

And, as always, you will have plenty of people ready to hang up their worship of Jim Crow for the next substitute for Jesus if it will ensure suffering for the Gospel on six figures a year.

Happy Halloween!

If possible.  Fish Eaters does its usual yeoman's work when it comes to unpacking the day from a Christian POV.  Here is an old reflection on the many faces of Halloween as it has developed over the years.  And in all fairness, remembering when there was actually quality contributions, Mark Shea did post a piece by an honest Atheist, ripping apart a loony anti-Christian meme.  A reminder of what he used to be capable of.

To set the mood, here is the inestimable Vince Guaraldi setting the mood for Charlie Brown and the gang.  There is no reason why this should sound like it works for Halloween, but it does:

The devil for a sideboard

Or should kiddies dress as little devils on Halloween night?  An interesting article musing on the annual controversy.

A tale of two fictional priests in time for Halloween

Before I begin, allow me to say something.  I hear many people state that the problems with the Christian Faith in general, and the Catholic Church in particular, are due to compromise with a modernist, secular world view.  They've gone liberal.  Hence the problems.

The retort is that the Church has always had problems.  It's had them for 2000 years.  Heck, the only reason we have a New Testament is because the Apostles were writing to address problems in the earliest Church.  That is true.

It's important to remember, however, that each era has had its particular problems, and when the Church has been at its worse, it's been because it zigged when it should have zagged, often in reference to the particular developments and problems of a given era.   So while the Church has always had problems, it's safe to say that each era has presented the Church with its own unique problems, and the legacy of that age is based upon how the Church reacted.

For the past several generations (centuries maybe?), the Christian Faith as a whole has been following the world and adapting accordingly.  Dare I say, there's little difference between the model of the universe as understood by atheists and secularists today, and a model of Christian Creation as understood by a majority of believers.

That observation isn't new, and each year I'm reminded of a couple authors who had already picked up on the growing secularization of the Christian Faith in general, and the Catholic Church in particular.  Stephen King in his novel Salem's Lot, and William Peter Blatty, in his novel The Exorcist.

In both cases, you have priests who are undergoing their own version of a crisis of faith.  And in both cases, it's largely the result of the Church having adopted a secularized, modernist - dare I say, atheistic - model of reality. 

Fr. Callahan, from Salem's Lot, bemoans the loss of the good old days; back when the  warriors of God did battle with heretics and infidels, fighting and believing in real devils and demons lurking in the shadows and the corners of civilization.  The Exorcist's Fr. Karras, on the other hand, has almost lost his faith.  When Chris MacNeil, the mother of possessed Reagan MacNeil, approaches Fr. Karras about an exorcist, he openly scoffs.  He suggests getting into a time machine and going back to the Middle Ages since nobody - but nobody - believes in that silly stuff anymore.

Of course we know that both of them are confronted with powerful challenges to their attitudes.  Fr. Callahan gets more than he bargained for when it comes to fighting those real life devils and monsters.   Fr. Karras, despite a heroic attempt at remaining skeptical in the face of the supernatural, eventually has to concede what is obvious to everyone else.

The point is, they both represent what these authors saw in the Church at that point in history - many generations ago.  Already the Church had sold out, had compromised, had gone secular.  Oh sure, in the Mass, you get your Jesus and Mary and angels and, perhaps on rare occasion, that rascally Devil.

But in the real world, the Church has been trying to make sure that whether in the university, or laboratory, or hospital, or psych ward, there simply is no difference between what an atheist would say and what the Church says. Let a priest sit next to an atheist scientist to discuss the history of the universe, and you can barely slide a sliver of paper between their views.  Listen to a Christian counselor and a secular psychologist, and there is scant difference.   Listen to all but the most conservative biblical scholars, and there is little to distinguish their appraisal of biblical history and that of an unbelieving anthropologist.  There just isn't much difference anymore.

The same, therefore, is likely true of a great many believers.  Oh, on Sunday and at divers times throughout the week, we'll speak of heaven here and a prayer there.  God always ranks high, since believing in God is so easy even demons do it, and shudder.  On Sundays, especially, you get angels and demons and God and Jesus and heaven and all that jazz.

But step out the door, and go back to work, and it's the world of atoms and molecules and DNA and evolution and psychoanalytical theory and computers and digital technology and brick and mortar and a vast universe with none but a pointless speck of dirt called Earth.  And that's increasingly the point of view of Christian leaders and thinkers.  It gets less spiritual with the actual worldly appraisal of things.

Modernity is the great heresy of Christian history; the greatest since Arianism.   Modernity has heard the Gospel, and denied it.  It has said that Jesus - if He existed at all - was no more than some obscure son of a first century floozy who got the business end of Roman justice for being some hippy appearing social revolutionary.  Virtually everything about God - if not God Himself - is rejected along with the biblical narrative.  The Christian model of Creation is all but rejected.  And every day it seems, Modernity emerges with new theories or revelations that challenge almost anything and everything that Christianity once proclaimed.

To merge these two views is like tossing a clean washcloth into a mud purple.  When it's over, you'll still have a mud puddle with a dirty washcloth.  The puddle itself will not get cleaner.  I say it's time for the Faithful to put on the brakes.  Realize that much of what has been peddled for centuries will, in a thousand years, have long been discarded as silliness.  Reclaim a God centered, Christ driven, Holy Spirit led Creation brought through Sacred Tradition and the pages of Holy Scripture.  Call out the world for its errors and the manifold holes in the billion theories it peddles on a daily basis.

My two cents.  Happy Halloween.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Words fail me

Vincent Price and Alice Cooper in Welcome To My Nightmare, 1975

Sometimes even Halloween can't justify the 70s. 

The Pipe Bomber and all those False Flag theories

My boy was right about the pipe bombs.  It was a person, per the NYT, with serious mental issues.  He was wrong in that a person with those mental issues could carry out such a wide range of threats.  But he was right that no serious person with a right mind would think that in doing so, this would help the GOP.  Anyone with more than two brains cells to rub together would know that the GOP, conservatives, Trump and all Trump supporters would immediately be blamed for such a thing.

That's what people like Erick Erikson and Russell Moore miss.

Those who rushed out with the 'False Flag' theories and conspiracies and speculation were basically thinking it through.  It made no sense.  Polls were going the GOP way, Trump was looking better than he has in recent months, the great Blue Wave had all but disintegrated - why would anyone rooting for Trump/the GOP do such a thing?  Any sane person in the world would know that the press/Left would immediately take any such attacks or threats as proof positive that it is Trump's Fault, indicative of American conservatism, and should, per George Stephanopoulos, impact how people vote in a couple weeks.

Therefore, the perpetrator had to be bat-nuts barking-mad stark-raving-insane, or a partisan operative working for the Left.  It turns out it was a man with a long history of mental illness, per the NYT.  Again, the mistake my son made was thinking a person who is that mentally unbalanced could not pull off a well coordinated action like that.  It seemed a stretch.  After all, he had to mail multiple packages all over America and have them arrive near the same time.  Try mailing one thing and hoping it gets to a certain spot at a certain time by normal mailing.  Much less mail a dozen things and have most of them arrive at the same basic time.

But madness does not always equate to incompetence or to lack of cleverness or resourcefulness. And that was the mistake.  Otherwise, it was entirely rational to ask just why a conservative operative would do such a thing when there was no sane reason in the world at that time to do such a thing.  And it turns out, those asking that question were correct.

When the press campaigns for the Democrats

So last night, around our makeshift dinners (owing to scheduling and multiple events), we listened to the local news.  It was Channel 10, sort of our goto station when available.  One of the stories was about the Trump 2020 campaign pouring millions of dollars of advertising into the upcoming midterm elections.  No problem.

During the story, it mentioned a one minute ad that was being played.  Apparently the ad talks about how voting Republican will keep the economic boon on the right track.  The ad, the story said, referenced the recent positives and compared them to the economic doldrums of 2010.  OK, fair enough.

Then, when the story was over, the anchor - Jerry Revish - interjected that it should be mentioned that in 2010, the economy was just recovering from a collapse that had occurred under the George Bush administration.

We all perked up.  What?  They didn't play the ad, so we don't know.  Perhaps the ad says in 2010 the economy collapsed because of Obama. If so, then perhaps it's fair to make the correction, though the ad wasn't played and we know nothing of how it frames the events. All we do know is that the ad says, per the newscast, that the economy is better now than in 2010.  That is a fact.

That the newscast felt the need to  add 'but Bush!' when, based on the story's presentation, there was no need to do so, speaks volumes. It's that sort of thing that the press does as an agency of the Democrats.  It's that sort of thing that makes people distrust the press and even go so far as to support Donald Trump. It was not needed based on the newscast's story, and it was clearly meant to put a positive spin on things for Obama when there was no reason to do so. 

Again, that's why the distrust.  And that's why it takes a mountain of credulity to believe the press is slighted toward one particular party.

Meanwhile the New York Times ratchets up the hateful rhetoric

In the face of the caravan of immigrants heading toward the United States.  Yes, it's hateful rhetoric.  When you define an opposing view as hatred, then unless you can prove it's because they truly hate, you are the one being hateful. 

The word 'hate' has become a smack down.  It's the post-modern equivalent of Archie Bunker's 'stifle yourself!'  It's meant to end debate and hand the trophy to the winner.  In this case, those who are advocating open borders and post-national globalization.  If you aren't with them, you're a liar, a hater, a bigot, a racist, a Nazi. 

And that, children, is hate.  Not opposing such positions as globalization or open borders (or, for that matter, supporting them).  But framing salvation and righteousness as only capable if one supports your own opinions.  If it isn't hate, it's the next best thing.

Monday, October 29, 2018

The Washington Post ramps up the hateful rhetoric

Here.  Yep.  The glaring blind spot to the press's moaning about rhetoric and its impact on violence is that it is as guilty as anyone.  It's like Hitler looking to Himmler and saying, "Boy you're mean."  Until the press stops this, the hate, rancor, vitriol and divisions will continue. 

Greater love hath no man than this

That a man lay down his life for his friends. 

There is no good story that can come out of such a tragedy, but there can be inspiring ones.  Such as this story of Dr. Jerry Rabinowitz.  He heard the sound of gunfire at the Tree of Life synagogue and rushed to the sound of the carnage.  That is, he rushed toward danger for those he knew and loved.  Tragically, he lost his life. 

May God bless and embrace this man who was willing to risk and lose his own life for the benefit of others, one of the greatest proofs of the divine spark in the human existence.  May we all look at him and his example and not become part of the problem that underpins such human suffering. 

"I shall lift up the cup of salvation
And call upon the name of the LORD"  Psalm 116:13

So criticizing George Soros makes you a Nazi

Apparently.  Not just the kindly and tolerant Sarah Silverman, who declares antisemitic a host of conservative viewpoints:

But a growing chorus of American leftists and sympathizers are declaring that since some who hate Soros might do so because he is Jewish, therefore all criticism of Soros is now Nazi.  This is similar, of course, to the tactic that labeled as racist any and all opposition and criticism of Barrack Obama.  It's a powerful, crushing tool for censorship and eliminating dissenting views.

Soros himself is a massive supporter for hard left wing causes, funneling millions into movements to advocate unbridled abortion rights, extreme feminism, LGBTQ agendas and even fostering the recent anti-police rhetoric that was no big thing while police were being murdered across America.  Because, remember, back then rhetoric didn't count and couldn't be blamed for things.

Now, in the latest incarnation of principles, rhetoric does matter, including any open criticisms of one of America's biggest supporters of radical leftist causes.  Again, this is a powerful weapon that is wielded by the Left, because it taps into the unforgivable sin of racism, which strips away the humanity of all perpetrators, and is used to burn America's heritage and history to ashes.  Anyone even slightly tinged with an accusation of racism can - and increasingly should - have their lives destroyed, their futures ruined, their reputations annihilated, no questions asked.

I have no doubt that there are those who hate Soros because he is Jewish. Most, however, hate what he does, how he does it, and why.  It is they that this tactic is primarily aimed at.  Think on it. Why make a fuss about it being antisemitic?  Would that matter for those who really are?   No.  It's a warning shot across the bow, that Soros is now invulnerable.  Any criticism of him will mark you as Nazi, racist, the irredeemable.  Wade into any criticism of him at your own risk.  And if people like Silverman have their way, any criticism of anything left of center will get you the same.

UPDATE:  Apparently it's not just Soros, but saying anything negative about Globalization is now a secret code for 'Praise Hitler!'  Abolishing national identities and establishing a singular world order is hardly a Jewish thing, though there are likely Jewish people to the Left of center who embrace it.  It is the ultimate goal of the Left.  A world with one class to rule them all.  It almost smacks a little of apocalyptic prophecy if you get down to it.  When old dispensationalists used to speak of that being the end goal of the Antichrist, we all chuckled.  But now, given what is behind this push for Globalization (not Jews, but the Left in general), it's not hard to use your imagination and make the connection. 

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Prayers for the victims at the Tree of Life synagogue

We've all heard of the horrific shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue.  At this point, eleven people have been murdered.  Several others are wounded.  The gunman is in custody.  The hatred and evil that he spewed is nauseating.  The results of his hatred remind us why Christ told us that not killing is one thing, but Raca and Fool are worthy of judgement and the fires of Hell.

Prayers for those who have perished, and may God give strength and peace to their loved ones in the coming days, weeks, months and years.  May the Lord use this to bring peace and love to this troubled land.  May it not be exploited, or worse, used to justify more hate and evil.  The antisemitism that has plagued the Christian world for far too many centuries must end.  May God, through His grace, help us overcome this blight upon the witness of the Church, and the heart and soul of our modern world.

Friday, October 26, 2018

Update: So pipe bomber suspect has been identified

So far, the only person found in connection to the spate of pipe bombs shipped exclusively to Democrats and liberal activists has been one Ceasr Sayoc.  According to early reports, he's a registered Republican who has been known to make threats before.

That would confirm two things: one, that the notion of a vast conpriacy of many people was wrong.  Two, that the individual is some sane person who is part of a major movement.  One does not make ongoing threats if one is sane.  Which would explain why, if he is a die hard Republican, he would think this might help the GOP - or perhaps not care one way or another.

If this is true, however, it won't bode well for the GOP, as any sane person could tell.  Before we knew anything, Trump, Trump's Rhetoric, and the political Right were already being blamed.  A far cry from a year ago, when the attempted assassination of multiple Republicans by a proud Democratic operative was declared off limits to blame or political association.  Now the link is clear, obvious, and all to the Right now bear the blame.

If, of course, this turns out to stand.

UPDATE: Stories are now coming out that the suspect is Native American.  Right now it's probably best to hold off.  By tomorrow the suspect could end up being Romulan with ties to the Galactic Empire as an agent of Mordor.   Whatever it is, failure for it to be a bona fide Democrat or Antifa operative will result in all blame placed on Trump, the GOP, and white men.  Even if he turns out to be Native American (just ask George Zimmerman). 

UPDATE IIIt looks like more and more evidence is pointing to Mr. Savoc, who is declared guilty along with Trump, Trump supporters and all to the Right of center.  This will, of course, to thinking people stand in stark contrast to the Congressional baseball practice shooting of a mere year ago, when we were told emphatically that an evil act can be blamed on nobody but the criminal in question.  Not the Left, the Democrats, Bernie Sanders or anyone - it is only the shooter who alone is to blame (with a possible discussion about Gun Control).  Now, of course, it's nothing but Trump, the GOP, Conservative Media, and all Trump Supporters.  They are to blame.

This, by the way, is interesting timing as it is at this very point that the remains of Matthew Shepard have been interred in the National Cathedral as a Smithsonian exhibit honoring him is being developed.  What is the connection?  Because for decades we were told that the entire popular culture, aiming like a laser at our youth, pushing drugs, debauchery, sex, and sometimes suicide, can never, ever be blamed for what the youth actually do; no STDs, no AIDS, no drug pandemics, no suicide can ever be blamed on popular culture output.  And yet, when Mr. Shepard was brutally murdered, it became the fault of anyone who ever spoke out against homosexuality.  Christianity in particular was singled out, and preachers preaching against homosexuality were named specifically as a cause behind Matthew Shepard's death.  Almost overnight, any public opposition to homosexuality was declared the same as having contributed to his death, and the assaults or harm done to any homosexuals anywhere at any time.  Though at the same time we are still told that music and movies and other pop culture output can't be blamed on any messages they send.

This was the first real 'X is True/False because Convenient!' example that was picked up by the modern Left via the news media and popular culture and our education institutions.  At least on any national, coordinated level.  Since then it's become more common to see this done, and now we are seeing yet another example of 'Left as the Only Way, Truth and Life' propaganda.  For it will now be milked for everything it is worth and used to stem the trends that were beginning to work against the Democrats.  Now we will know that anything and everything ever done is 100% the fault of anyone not liberal.  And  a growing number of Americans, Leftists - and even Christians - will lap it up to the last drop.

Megyn Kelly walks to the guillotine

Yep.  Why?  Because she asked about why someone going in blackface for Halloween is automatically this evil thing.  Of course racism is, like any sexual crime in the 21st century, an unforgivable sin.  No rehab or reconciliation or forgiveness there.  The slightest sliver of thinking deemed racist makes you entirely racist, entirely unforgivable, defined not as a human but as a racist forever.

What Ms. Kelly may have thought was that she is a liberal woman, in the #MeToo era, who isn't wearing blackface or saying it's good to wear blackface.  She's merely asking a question.  What she forgot is that we are on the borders of the American Soviet, which is already making puritanical witch hunts look like Mary Poppins tea parties by comparisons.  Yes, we can't burn people at the stake yet.  But we can destroy their ability to function in society and forever label them as unclean outcasts.

Her fatal error was forgetting that her white skin trumps her genitals.  And since she was already a vocal critic of her own network's handling of the #MeToo accusations, playing her race over her gender became an easy way to send her to the proverbial guillotine.  Post-modern America in action.

This is the America the Left is promising, the media is endorsing, and Americans increasingly appear to want.  So there you go.  Our sincerest apologies to those puritans who used to be used as a case study for what liberalism was promising to deliver us from.

UPDATEIn which the hyenas pile on the carcass.  WaPo muses on why this once queen hero of the anti-Trump movement, and beloved trasher of her former conservative colleagues, had no business getting the money she had for her show. 

Whether her firing was to get rid of a pesky woman whose #MeToo ideals were hitting too close to home, or merely indicative of the witch hunt society the Left is trying desperately to erect, is beyond my knowledge.  What can't be denied is that it's likely either one or the other of those two things, or a combination thereof. 

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Where is the pipe bomb news?

Just asking.  I don't have access to Cable News, so perhaps it's being covered there.  But last I saw on a CNN streaming clip, they were talking about something else.  Though that was a while ago.

Print media will have to wait, naturally.  But where is the constant updating?  Where is the round the clock coverage?   I mean, we had serious death threats made against our news media, and against national political figures including former Presidents of the United States!   Shouldn't that be at the top of every search?  Shouldn't there be special 24/7 links keeping constant updates?  Shouldn't every search list the latest stories about this attack on our very existence as a free people? 

Look below.  That's what I get with a News search of the latest updated news.  There is one about the packages sent to Biden and De Niro.  Mostly those are just recapping what we already knew, with some detail about who was there and who found what.

But that's it.  Sex abuse of a female rugby ref and Fox News streaming are suddenly worth focusing on more than this?  Shouldn't we have leads?  Shouldn't we have suspects? Shouldn't some camera somewhere have seen something by this point? 

Nate Winchester pointed out the somewhat eerie similarities to this and the Las Vegas shooting, at least in how wacky it all seemed.  To this day, we know virtually nothing about the biggest mass shooting in modern American history.  And in over a day since the first bomb threats (more if you count the one against Soros), we have - nothing.  We know no more than we knew yesterday when the first bombs were detected.  Why?  Not just that we don't know anything more, but the press doesn't seem to be focused on it the way you'd think. 

Nothing really here, just an observation about one more screwy thing about this whole news story that doesn't quite mix.

In which we learn just how crooked and corrupt is our election system

Courtesy of Vox (Yeah, I know).

So now that the fabled Blue Wave might be dissipating, we're hearing more and more stories about - wait for it! - corruption at the polling booth! 

So, to recap, in 2000 and 2004 we learned just how corrupt, dishonest, and crooked was America's entire election process. 

Then in 2008 everything got fixed and was awesomely swell. 

Then in 2016, when almost every human being on the planet (including yours truly) assumed Clinton would continue the Left wing swing, Trump said the election system was rigged.  How dare he!  How dare he say this, the greatest of all elections systems in history, is anything but pure and wonderful.  He was universally castigated for saying such a horrible thing.

Then, of course, Trump won and we learned that the entire 2016 election was a fraud with stolen votes, voter intimidation and a vast Commie Pinko conspiracy to help Trump steal the election.

While stories have continued to circulate about the attempt to protect us from outside interference, there has been little in the news about actual voter fraud or corrupt election processes expected for the Midterms.  Until the last few weeks when, for some strange reason, I've started hearing more and more about voter fraud, corruption and the polls and of course that ever corrupt and wicked electoral process that is America's democracy.

I'm sure this has nothing to do with the sudden ebbing of the Democrat's blue wave and the growing realization that the Democrats may only win the House - if that.

Nah, it couldn't be that.  I'm sure there's something else out there that accounts for the above tendencies and story-lines.

The sane and Christian and American response to the bomb threats

Is to pray that nobody is hurt, that the perpetrators are brought to justice, and that we turn around before our country plunges over a point of no return.

That would be the sane response.  I still don't see a logical reason for this to be done by any sane conservative operative.  And yet, it doesn't take away from the fact that it was done.  Republicans and conservative outlets have been right to condemn the actions outright.  President Trump was right to do the same thing.  Any outlets who have carried  the story and not laid blame or used it to attack are right in how they acted.

Anyone who has already condemned without evidence, and worse, moved to call upon voters to defeat Republicans, are the reason why our country teeters on the brink of collapse and violence. Those who sent the bombs, and those who would exploit the bombs with no knowledge in order to score against their political opponents, are one and the same.

Sane Christians and Americans who value our freedom and peaceful transfer of political station would do well to condemn both.  Christians who would either support such terror tactics or exploit such terror tactics bring shame to the Gospel and harm to our nation.

Pope Francis don't know much about history

Really.  To blame the onset of World War I on populism is about as wrong as wrong can be.  I'm sometimes stunned at just how ill-educated and ignorant of basic knowledge Pope Francis actually is. I don't think everyone - including a pope - must be some Ivy League erudite.  But he should realize he isn't one, and act accordingly. 

Pope Francis often wades into issues as if there is only his own perspective or Hitler!  Even if his perspective, as in this case, is demonstrably wrong.  Add to that his tendency to always insist that the trues powers of Hell and Hitler are always those Catholics and Christians over there, and you have a pope who might be good for the modern populism of the Left, but not a good one for the shepherding of the Faithful.

A fourth October Surprise?

So the Pipe Bombs are all the news.  Around the clock the media is outraged and frightened, since several media outlets were targets of the failed pipe bombs, along with exclusively liberal politicians and activists.  The verdict is in.  Unlike the shooting of Republican congressmen Steve Scalise at a baseball park, in which we were told there was no connection to be made with political motivations, this is being portrayed as everything from pure Right Wing terrorism to the fault of Donald Trump.

The problem, as my second oldest son pointed out, is that anyone dumb enough to think this would help the Republicans wouldn't be smart enough to pull off a vast series of coordinated attacks against multiple targets across the country all on the same day.    And that continues to be the big bugaboo.  There simply is no sane motivation for a conservative activist to do something like this.  Everything was trending in ways that were far better than Republicans could have hoped for six months ago.  The Democrats were struggling.  Radical Leftists were leaving a bad taste in the mouths of many Americans.  So why would a conservative or Republican activist think this would help?

Of course there is plenty of reason to be suspicious, the lack of sane motivation being the most glaring.  Another is the speed with which everyone immediately dismissed the idea that this could be done by a liberal or leftist activist, or any other non-affiliated activist (Russia anyone?), as if such a thing has never happened in the history of the planet.   Here, National Review jogs our memory with examples of faked scandals meant to make someone else look bad.

And furthermore, this sudden disdain for anything but pinning this on the GOP comes from the same sources - the press - that were quick to insist that you couldn't pin the baseball park shooting on anything political.  Even if the shooter was a vocal Democrat, Bernie Sanders supporter, who swore against the GOP and promised to finally stop the Republicans at all cost when he went to gun down Republican congressmen exclusively, there was still no connection to politics.

My sons, in discussing the developments, have speculated that it could simply be the latest in a string of attempted October Surprises.  The others - the Kavanaugh hearing, the Saudi journalist, the immigrant caravan - have not had the 'GOP as Nazi!' impact that the press/Left had hoped.  Perhaps this is a last ditch effort to do anything to stem the tide turning against the Left.  Who knows?  My sons, like I, concede that if proof of conservative or right wing operatives is found, then obviously it needs condemned and the criminals prosecuted and blame placed where it belongs.

But we'll at least wait for someone or something to be caught or discovered.  As itchy as the Left is to set aside due process, presumption of innocence and burden of proof, we'll withhold any judgement until we know more.  Perhaps that will set an example to those who have already declared all Trump supporters assassinating murderers who need to be crushed once and for all - without evidence.   We will also pray for peace and that our country turns back from the brink before such things don't include lame devices doomed to fail.

UPDATE: The first valid reason has been offered why someone on the Right would do such a stupid thing.  Apparently one of the pipe bombs had some Islamic insignia on it.  It is possible that some wacked out, white nationalist type would try to frame Muslims in light of the upcoming Caravan of Immigrants.  Again, it would take a coordinated effort, and there would need to be many involved.  But it could be.  Fair is fair, this would make sense.  IT wouldn't bear down on the GOP, and given that the GOP universally came out and condemned this, as did conservative media outlets like FOX News, there is no reason to blame them for this.  Though betcha they will be blamed no matter what.  We'll see.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Count me skeptical

But all of a sudden, weeks out of a midterm election that was seeing the Blue Wave diminish, we have a sudden spate of attacks against left wing politicians and activists.  Out of the blue, protesters disrupt Nancy Pelosi in a public event, calling her a communist.  Then George Soros received an explosive deviceNow the Clintons and Obama received the same.

What's wrong with this?  It makes no sense, that's what's wrong with it.  One of the things that has garnered a certain level of sympathy for Conservatives has been the almost weekly stories of Republicans and conservative politicians being assailed in public, threatened, attacked and assaulted.  We had actual poison sent to Republican offices, and multiple verified claims of Republicans assaulted in public.  In most cases where Republicans were swarmed and shouted at in public places, you had groups like Antifa proudly taking responsibility.  Or you had the culprits arrested and often identified with the political Left.

During all of this, the Leftist brand was suffering.  Sure, it might not make people vote for Republicans or against Democrats, but it sure wasn't helping Democrats.  And only last week, people began questioning if there would be a Blue Wave at all, if the Democrats might only get one House in Congress or - horrors! - they might fail to get either.

Then, all of a sudden, for no logical reason in the world, anonymous sources begin lashing out against - Democrats!  Of course the press is all over this.  Suddenly, Democrats are in fear for their lives.  No doubt Right Wing extremists are charging forth in their typical Nazi ways!

Should it be investigated?  Sure.  Should these be treated as serious threats by the authorities?  Of course.  Is there a logical or sane reason it should happen?  No.  Does that mean there are no insane people on the Right who would nonetheless do such a thing?  Of course not.

Nevertheless, thinking people with more than half a brain must be somewhat suspicious.  After all, these tactics were, at best, not helping the Democrats and at worst were helping the Republicans.  Now, with two weeks to go, when the Blue Wave is appearing to break up, you have the exact same thing that was hurting Democrats, coming from anonymous sources, now happening to Democrats?  At some point, unless proof is offered otherwise, sanity and common sense and basic appeal to the easiest solution will suggest this is meant by someone other than conservative activists to frame the opposition, and nothing more.

UPDATE: So even as we speak, one Democratic or Liberal news organization after another is reporting getting similar explosive devices.  Scratch 'Insane loony' off the list.  This is obviously well planned, thought out, and well funded.  Anyone able to pull this off without being caught the day it happened is not insane.  Which then brings the question:  Why would anyone not insane or loony do this is they are Republicans/Trump supporters?  The optics have been overwhelming bad for the Left over the last months of assaults and confrontations aimed at Republicans.  The death threats, the poison envelopes, the physical attacks have all, at best, not helped the Democrats.  At worse it has helped the Republicans.  So why would someone not insane and able to pull off such a well funded and coordinated threat do so?  What would he hope to accomplish?  To take away from the bad press the Left was getting?  To make it look like Republicans are just as bad?  To give the press the chance to link terrorism to the Right?   Who on the Right, sane enough for such a coordinated attack, think that would help?

What blue wave?

The Associated Press ponders the change in events in American politics this year.  A year ago, even earlier this year, the narrative of the Left/Media was that the Democrats would storm into Congress, seizing both houses with ease.  Or at least with a slim majority in the Senate.  This is because SatanHitlerTrump and the thrice daily promise of NuclearHolocaustGate.  Not a sliver of credit for anything positive is given to Trump, and every day the American press inundates us with dozens of stories/editorials reminding us that Trump is the worst thing in the history of the universe.

And yet, merely two weeks away, that Blue Tsunami that was all but in the bag has vanished.  Sure, most believe the Democrats should take the House, albeit by a small margin.  However the likelihood of taking the Senate seems to have slipped away.  Anything could happen of course, and polls have been notoriously hit and miss in recent years. 

But it is worth pondering.  Traditionally, Americans have instinctively swung to the opposite party than the sitting president during midterms.  Especially in the first midterm of a given presidency.  Not always, but that's been the tendency.  Since Trump is the worst thing in history, you'd think the Democrats - fully endorsed and supported by the press and popular culture - would be able to stroll into overwhelming victory.

So what happened?   First, Trump exhaustion syndrome.  It's no exaggeration to say that, even with less time spent following the news than I used to spend, I'll see a dozen different stories about Trump!, all negative, in a given day.  Some suggestive.  Some editorials.  Some clear hit pieces.  But all meant to attack Trump.  After a while, that will just numb people.  So if Trump declares himself a Nationalist, what might have gotten traction a year ago just flies in one ear and out the other today.

Then Kavanaugh.  As much as many Americans, Women and New Pro-life Catholics decided that a man's life should be destroyed because a woman says so, even if she has no corroborating evidence or witnesses, many Americans thought better of it.  And politicians poopooing innocence and guilt, and openly declaring an end to due process based on identity, didn't endear them to quite a fair number of common sense voters.

Plus, things are better.  The press is doing the opposite with Trump than they did Obama, which is par for the course.   With Obama, things were always getting better, with any bumps in the road attributed to racists or GOP partisan politics.  With Trump, no mention of anything good is connected to Trump at all.  Any problems are laid firmly at Trump's feet. 

But that's not how most Americans - most human beings - operate.  Most know full well things are getting better.  They'll give credit where it is due, including Obama and including Trump.  Likewise, when they're constantly warned that this time Trump will nuke the world!, only to see month after month go by without nuclear holocausts or death camps or mass executions, whatever small things do go wrong will seem rather minor when set next to the good things Americans are seeing.

Which leads to the final problem, and that's expectations.  Obama was supposed to be the greatest thing since Jesus.  Walking on water, raising the dead, dying for the sins of humanity, aligning the planets, fixing the oceans, curing diseases - there wasn't anything Obama wouldn't do.  I don't care how good he could have been, nobody can live up to those expectations.  So the myriad problems in the world that existed in 2018, mixed with an anemic economic recovery and growing stress and divisions in America stood in stark contrast to the messianic promises of Obama's 2008 campaign and press coverage.

In contrast, Trump is the worst thing in history.  He is pure evil, pure wrong, pure incompetence, pure lies, pure bad, pure negative.  The moment he wakes up in the morning everything is supposed to explode at the speed of light.  The second he was elected the entire economy was supposed to collapse.  He was going to start a nuclear war in minutes.  All minorities would be rounded up and executed.  All life as we know it would be destroyed.  Except, it hasn't been.

With such low expectations, it's almost impossible for Trump not to impress.  Given what everyone was promised, it's impossible not to see that we're better off than the predictions.  We're still here.  The world hasn't exploded.  Life hasn't ended.  By virtue of waking up, we're better off than anyone said we would be two years ago.  And that means something.

Given all of these things, plus the Democrats trying to appeal to the most radical, zealous and extreme bilge among its base, I don't have a hard time believing that they will blow what should have come as a matter of course.  Will they take the House?  Probably.  The number of Republican Never Trumpers in Congress have made the midterms more than they should have been.  The Democrats could take the Senate, too.  But it's a testimony to the massive difference between the Left/Media narrative and actual Americans living on the street that at this stage in the game, it's still a conclusion that is open to debate.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

I'm confused

So apparently it's an ongoing thing that people are upset when "straight" actors or actresses portray LGBTQ characters.

Does that mean LGBTQ actors and actresses ought not portray straight characters?  Does it mean I should no longer see an African American playing Richard III in Shakespeare since Richard III was white?  I used to think acting meant you portray something that isn't really you.

I know.  That was from the Age of Reality, when life and values were based on at least a somewhat realistic appraisal of the way things are.

The Trump victories

As listed by John C. Wright.  Take it for what it's worth.  Mr. Wright is quite the fan of Trump.  I might be able to find something in there to quibble with.  I post this as I do most things on my blog - to give voice to concerns and viewpoints virtually ignored by our Propaganda Ministry.

If Trump has accomplished anything good, I do not know it from our national press.  Even when they speak of something that seems good, they make sure to wrap it in some controversy or problem or deflect credit to some other source.

This is in stark contrast to the Obama years, when we were constantly told things were as good as they'd ever been, and all because of Obama.  If there were problems, it was all Bush's fault.  If problems couldn't be blamed on Bush, they were ignored or deflected as some game being played by GOP partisans.  I'll never forget when Fareed Zakaria had a special in 2018 in which he claimed that the world - yes, the world - was at perhaps the greatest spot it had ever been in history.  Peace, prosperity, progress were all at their zenith, and it was largely due to Obama.

Such is not what Trump receives.  So I post this link to give food for thought.  Again, some of these are no doubt the result of perspective, and some could be quibbled with. But it's a long enough list to suggest strongly that we should hear more from the national press than we do.  Which should then lead to the strong suspicion that there are many other things we're not hearing about.

The only sane and Christian response to the Soros bomb scare

Is discussed by National Review.   Yes, find out who did it, prosecute, convict. Whether the victim is on the right or left.  Period.   Anyone who suddenly rises up to condemn this if they have sat silently before the manifold attacks, assaults and threats against conservatives has done evil in the sight of the Lord.  Likewise, wait to see evidence before dismissing this as some evil Leftist plot.  Find out who, and whoever did it, condemn it and all violence against public figures.  Period.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Trump to challenge modern thinking

By insisting that there is such a thing as boys and girls.  This should be one of those things where Christians - and believers in all historical religions and  basic common sense - come together and affirm the truth of the proclamation.  We'll see.  So far, the usual suspects react with jumping up and down and screaming and insisting science must prove them right - which will happen since that's where the money is.   Whether the post-conservatives will swallow their pride and affirm the existence of sexual reproduction and boys and girls will remain to be seen.

This is not an Onion article

It is not a joke.  It is not a put-on.  It is actually Peta comparing Cow's Milk to White Supremacy.  This is the 21st century.  Do we really think that a society where this is taken seriously by major advocacy groups can survive?

Pittsburgh school officials declare Chick fil A an enemy of the State

Here.  Yep.  The Left would happily abolish the Constitution and pass a single law making it a criminal offense to openly advocate non-Leftist values.  That Chick fil A sponsors this as part of encouraging healthier children is irrelevant.  The Left doesn't give a damn about those children and their health or anyone helping them to be healthy.

Children, like women and minorities, are simply useful fools tools for the Left to achieve total power.  When no longer useful, they can return to the sweatshops, the back alleys and the plantations where they belong.  Which is why they would happily punish a company that sponsors healthy children.  Obeisance before the Leftist altar is the only acceptable sacrifice for the Leftist police state.

BTW, I realize that I loaded this with a lot of hyperbole and exaggerations and yet - and yet - it just doesn't seem so far removed from the reality as it might have seemed even ten years ago.  That alone should speak volumes.

Oh, and Rod Dreher posts a letter from a reader that explains why we are becoming a Leftist police state.  Our indoctrination camps, that once were schools, have been preening our young'uns to become thralls of the State for a couple generations now.  Upon arriving at colleges today, they've learned that only by complete fealty to the Leftist State will they be rewarded.  One need only see the collapse of other civilizations into tyranny and totalitarianism to understand what is plainly happening in our own nation today.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

That was perceptive!

Wow, I have my moments.  Here's an old post that suddenly took a slew of visits the other day.  It was me pointing out the obvious, that the press had hoisted Trump above the other GOP candidates in the 2016 primary, and then turned on him upon receiving the nomination.  The press did the same to Sanders of course.  The post was written June of 2016.  It was so obvious even then.   People can, I guess, disagree over why the press hoisted Trump to the nomination.  But no sane human being on the planet can deny that Trump got the nomination 100% due to the press's machinations.

A movie celebrating post-Christian civil religion

Are you there God?  It's me, Margaret, a much celebrated embrace of Western Liberalism's civil religion, is going to become a movie.  Hurrah!  Yes, the book that embraced the Oprah view that one religion is as good as another - which means pointlessly wrong - is well known to many my age. In it, we learn that God is merely an abstract concept by which we measure our pain (John Lennon 3:16);  no affiliation is needed, it's wrong to push people into religion (but not out of religion), it's certainly wrong to guide a child toward any religious belief (other than no religious belief), and of course the self is the all important point of reference.

All faithful within the world's traditional religions should understand that we face a completely new religious revolution.  It is a revolution driven by a very zealous and intolerant religion.  It calls upon religions to abandon any doctrines or dogmas that run afoul of its own teachings.  And it seeks a world where all are forced, preferably by the iron gauntlet of a powerful state, to bow before its altar.  Like Christians coming together to resist the secularization of the Faith, even if it means setting aside traditional and denominational differences, so the great world religions may someday be forced to do the same.

When women should never be believed

Babylon Bee explains the obvious: That most of identity politics is about advancing the Left.  Actual women or victims or minorities matter not.  It's only when they are useful fools tools for the true cause of the Leftist State.  Again, the problem with Babylon Bee is that it tries to be funny, but usually it's merely stating what is openly stated by those it is supposed to mock.

For Christians who have embraced the 'American cops as murderous thugs' mantra

Here is another victim of your endeavors.  God bless him and his sacrifice, and may the Lord Jesus Christ give strength and peace to his loved ones who are left behind.

My son has said, as he trains for a career in law enforcement, that this is creating a massive headache for cops.  Not that there aren't bad cops of course.  The police know this.  But like most things that the party of the Father of Lies touches, the point isn't to solve that problem, but to exploit it.  By seizing upon the obvious fact that law enforcement, like anything, will have its scoundrels who do terrible things, it has turned a sizable portion of our country into supporters of any action against police, up to and including psychical attack.

Remember, when a black man declared that he would murder white cops, and managed to kill five before being stopped, the conversation across out media was 'damn crying shame, but you have to admit he had some valid complaints...'.  That was for the few days in which it was covered before being swept under the carpet.

The Left is increasingly like the Ring of Sauron, something that is altogether evil.  Those Christians who have become thralls to it for whatever reason, even defeating Trump, will have the blood of such slain heroes on their hands if they do not repent of supporting such darkness.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Friday frivolity

Just because it's my blog: My favorite arcade video games.

Like some old codger sitting by a fireplace and regaling his grandchildren about his days fighting the huns, I tend to talk to my boys about the 'good old days.'  I inform them that, unless you had a terrible life you wish to forget - and hopefully that doesn't include them - you tend to look back, remembering with fondness the good times, and letting the bad times fade into memory.  Always remember the bad times were there, that way nostalgia doesn't melt into unreal sentimentality that can hamstring your ability to deal with the real world.  But never feel guilty for looking back and pondering the good times of old.  Long after their Mom and I have passed on, they'll only have the stories to remember, and that's what makes it a very human thing to do.

One of the things they ask about is what it was like in the early days of the big tech boons that they take for granted today.  What was it like in the early days of cable TV, or portable phones, or personal computers, or VCRs, or video games?  They find it hard to believe that there was a time when there were entire buildings - vast, cavernous rooms - dedicated to endless rows of video game consoles, with hundreds and hundreds of gamers standing there, popping quarters by the ton into the games as passersby stopped to watch the action.

It's true.  I was never a big video game fan, but I had my moments.  And there was an end game to those old arcade games.  It was seeing your initials at the top of the High Scores list at the end of each game.  And there was a time when playing a game could end up with dozens of strangers standing around, rooting you on.  I can remember Pac Man.  I only played it a couple times, but I remember people standing around three rows deep if someone was playing it well or even making it past the first few levels that anyone could handle.

We were talking about this last week, and it got me to thinking about some of the favorites I did have at different stages in the video game phenomenon, as well as stages in my youth.  Below are the ones I remember playing, even for a season, with some form of regularity.  Nothing big, but at the end of the craziness in the world today, it seems almost sane to think about compared to the alternatives.

Asteroids.  This was the first arcade game I ever played with any regularity.  It was located in one of those old KMart knock off stores that was located in Marion, behind the old (now abandoned) Pizza Hut.  That was the same PH I worked at in my early college days.  By that time, the store was there, but the game was gone.  But back in my early high school days, whenever my Mom went there, I made sure to bring quarters along.  While she shopped, I did my best to stay alive on the fewest quarters possible.  My best friend, Kelly, sometimes came along.  As always, he was far more versed in such things, and could do a much better job survival-wise.

Cliff Hanger!  This was in Marion's only shopping mall, the closest big town near the small farming village in which I grew up.  About a half hour away (or half that as I drove it), it was our main hangout on a weekend.  This game was under most radars.  Borrowing the Laser Disk technology that made Dragon's Lair a smash hit, it was heavy Anime style about two hapless casino thieves rescuing a kidnapped bride from the clutches of some super-villain.  Sort of Smokey and the Bandit meets James Bond.  Don't know why, but I determined to get through it to the end of the story.  Being one of the few video games with an actual end, I had that goal to shoot for.  And after about two years of hunting it down once it moved from the mall, I finally did it.

Gauntlet.  Wizard needs food badly!  Ah, this was in the old Dairy Mart down the street from where I lived for a few years when I was in elementary school.  My best friend had seen the game while at Columbus campus the year it was released (1985), and we spent more than a few nights pouring about $20 worth of quarters each to make it through endless mazes, demons, ghosts and goblins. That was near the end of what I call the Great Fantasy Renaissance, which kicked off in 1977 by the release of Star Wars.  Though my friend would never be caught dead within a hundred yards of something like Dungeons and Dragons, he had no problems playing video games that were obviously inspired by the same.  This chewed up the first year of college when he was back from school, especially during our first Christmas break.

Crossbow.  Don't shoot your friends!  Speaking of playing games that my best friend wouldn't be caught dead near if they weren't electronic, this was another one he discovered.  It was in the lobby of the movie theater attached to Northland Mall in Columbus, Ohio.  That was the mall in all of central Ohio.  At Christmas, the police would issue warnings to people to stay away from that area of northern Columbus because it became so packed and busy.  Today it's a parking lot.  But then it was the cultural/hang out mecca for everyone in central Ohio that was under 25 years old.  We went to the movies when I would visit him, or sometimes if we were down in Columbus just for fun (or looking for girls).  To kill time, we played this several times.  As usual, I was less competitive than he was, so ended up being the cause of most game ending casualties.

Rastan.  This was in the small arcade in the Ohio State University Student Union.  Back then, the Union was mainly classrooms, conference rooms, a cafeteria and some fast food shops with a McDonald's as the anchor eatery.  The arcade was in a small area between the cafeteria and one of the conference rooms.  There were probably about a dozen or so games, and this was one.  During my autumn quarter, I had a class at noon (geography), followed by my last class of the day, Western Civ 101 at 3:00.  That gave me enough time to have lunch, relax, and then study play this game I discovered.  Though well past either the D&D fad or the general Fantasy Renaissance, it was obviously inspired by both.  It was fairly popular, though the whole of the Video Arcade was already beginning to run its course.  By the next quarter, my schedule changed and I wasn't around the area with enough time to bother.  By the time I would have time to hang around there again, the game had been removed.  Nonetheless, autumn quarter of my Junior year, 1987, found me, between the hours of about 1:00 and 2:00 PM, with an endless supply of quarters trying to help our intrepid hero battle chimera, lizard men, gargoyles and falling boulders.

Omega Race.  What?  Most have never heard of this.  At the end of my 6th grade year, for no particular reason, my parents moved out of town and onto Rt. 95.  There was nothing nearby except two houses with grown adults and no kids, a gas station, the town's main factory, and across the street, our local bowling alley.  Oddly enough, I never cared enough to learn to bowl or play pool, though both were available.  What I did do, however, was save up quarters from mowing the neighbors' yards or shoveling snow to go across the highway and play this game.  Of all games I ever played, I came closest to this to topping the High Scores. I made it to second place.  It might have been because nobody played it much, and the competition was minimal.  Nonetheless, I saw it as a thing of pride that people began to come over to see if today would be the day I made it to the top.  I never did make it to the top.  But for most of my 8th grade year, I had this to look forward to at the end of each school day.

Space Invaders.  What can be said?  The one the started it all.  Just slap a space picture on the side and suddenly the pixels have an identity and a purpose, as does the player.  I actually only played it once or twice in arcades.  By the time it came to any venues that were near me, it had been surpassed by other, more advanced game.  I first heard about it in 7th grade on a school trip to a roller rink (remember those?).  Naturally, my best friend, who was typically well ahead of the cultural curve, had already seen it.  A kid named Randy was playing it when I came over and saw it for the first time.  Given that video games had, up to that point, meant Pong, this was quite a change.  When Atari grabbed the licensing for this and teamed up with Sears, it was the game to have.  It was the closest to my own BB Gun Christmas I ever had; begging  my parents on a daily basis for the console.  My Dad came through in flying colors, not only getting the game plus a couple extra, but also a new color TV on which to play it.

So there you go.  There were always others that we played here and there or once or twice.  And naturally it doesn't count those home video games which always seemed fun at first but, to me at least, passed their sell-by dates fairly quickly.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

RIP Gemma Nuttall

Gemma Nuttall, who gained international fame for refusing cancer therapy so that her unborn baby could grow healthy, has died.  This is what being pro-life is all about.  It is truly greater love having no one more than this.  A brave woman, and one who points to a model of creation beyond the modern, materialistic gloom of a mere physical universe.  May God bless her beautiful soul, and may peace and strength be showered upon her loved ones, and her wonderful child. 

When it comes to corruption in politics

I'm not stupid enough to think one side or the other, or any side for that matter, holds the monopoly.  So the issues in Georgia does seem to suggest there are things wrong with the current election system.  Any attempts to stop looking into it will only fuel the fire of suspicion.  And if the GOP is pulling the levers behind the scenes, it deserves what it gets if it gets caught.

Likewise, I'm not dumb enough to have forgotten the fact that whenever Democrats lose or are struggling, we suddenly learn how wretched, corrupt, evil and unfair is our democracy and electoral processes.  I remember in 2004 when Ohio tipped the scale for Bush.  For the next year or two, we had endless stories here about the latest Democratic led investigation to see where the real evil corruption was hiding.  Of course they must have found it since in 2008 nobody mentioned anything about our corrupt election system.

It's also worth noting that I'm seeing the Democrat candidate's little Freudian slip about wanting a good process to invigorate the 'documented and undocumented' as what it is.  Who are we fooling?  The Democrats tell immigrants coming in that they have their backs, no questions - just vote Democrat.  You'd be a veritable jackass to not admit that.

So that's politics.  That's why politics is like jousting: watch it from a distance, because if you get too close, your soul could get hurt.

Faithful Catholics respond to the witches cursing Brett Kavanaugh

Here.  Masses to be said and prayers to be offered on October 20th, the day that radical feminists witches will gather to cast hexes upon Kavanaugh in the hopes that he suffers.  Was a time when Christians across the board would respond with outrage and solidarity against such demonic evil.

As it is, the response from New Prolife Christians as well as post-Evangelical Protestants has so far been:

[this space has been purposefully left blank] 

But then, most of those either avoided coming to Kavanaugh's aid, lest the forces of progress be offended, or openly joined the lynch mob.  It makes you wonder if they even believe in such silly old notions of the power of darkness and demonic evil as anything other than a club to wield while defending progressive narratives.

It looks like Peter Jackson has done a wonderful thing

He has produced a film that colorizing old footage from the First World War.  In addition, he has slowed it down.  That is, if you've seen film footage from the early 20th Century, you'll notice it is always fast, as if it's been sped up.  That's because of the development of technology in moving pictures from when it was filmed to later playback.  He has fixed that, and added realistic color so that we can see the veterans and the action as it would have looked to the real people.

Sometimes it's difficult to look at old black and white and remember that the world was as much color for them as color for us.  This could help bring back some of the humanity for that forgotten, but all important, period in our modern history.  This is the 100th anniversary of the war, and has received scant little media or popular coverage.  As we approach the 100th anniversary of when the guns fell silent, perhaps this will instill a little curiosity on the part of moderns to look back and remember, and learn, from that period in history.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

The emergent Left is evil

It is to liberalism what the neo-Nazis and white supremacists are to conservatism.  It peddles in racism, sexism, bigotry; spews hatred and contempt; it apologizes for evil, assaults and violence; and does so in order to prop up a political revolution that promises unending slaughter and death for debauchery and narcissism in return for a police state tyranny.

Which leads us to Stephen Colbert, the emergent Left's most prominent mouthpiece.  Faithful Catholic that he is, he never fails to be outside of even the most partisan news organizations when it comes to jockeying for the emergent Left.  When almost all pundits and news anchors were lamenting the suffering of both Dr. Ford's and Brett Kavanaugh's families, Colbert openly mocked Kavanaugh's supposed outrage, utterly ignoring any impact the circus had on his wife and children.

Now, as conservatives are mobbed and intimidated and even attacked for merely stepping outside their home or eating at a restaurant, Colbert makes sure he does his part to minimize the problem and mock those who might be the next targets of some crazed leftist zealot.  If any are hurt or, worse, killed by such extremist violence, their blood is on the hands of the likes of Colbert.  It's a standard that has been applied to conservatives, so it has to be true for him.

Dear Deacon Greydanus

Only if you focus a like amount on the American Indians who are as upset, if not more, over Warren's apparent desire to exploit minority status for political gain.  Otherwise, the 'Who cares about truth or morals, but Trump!' dodge just won't cut it.

That's one victory for America

One defeat for the Left (which, at this point, should be recognized as being the antithesis of America, Christianity, common sense or basic decency and honesty).   A former fire chief who was fired for publishing an unclean book that failed to affirm the Leftist gospel has been awarded 1.2 million in damages.  Good.  Let that be a lesson to those who would abolish the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, the Ten Commandments, the Sermon on the Mount and everything that merged to bring us a nation striving for freedom, democracy, equality and basic human rights. 

The problem with Elizabeth Warren

Is that she has tried to capitalize on something that isn't true in any normal understanding of the idea of being Native American. 

I have it on good authority from various individuals I've linked up with that the usual Catholic culprits are rushing to her defense.  From 'but Trump!' to 'she was, like all liberals, a beautiful person who no doubt was misinformed by family', the attempt is to downplay the obvious.  As always with devotees of the Political Left, those Native Americans who are offended suddenly become unpeople whose sensitivities no longer matter.

The fact is, my wife and her sister are able to legally claim American Indian descent.  They have far more DNA than Warren, and could, if they chose, make the claim.  They simply never did because they didn't 'live the culture.'  Sure, in terms of DNA they are Native American.  But there was nothing else, nothing cultural to say they were.  Their upbringing was as basic American as apple pie and baseball.  Therefore they never thought it proper to drop 'NA' on an application since it would only be true in the most technical sense.

But they could have claimed it. Now, to make that claim in any official capacity requires more than a spit and handshake.  If you wish to make the claim, there is actually some effort involved in demonstrating that you can make the claim.  The idea that you could get into Harvard because you said 'Mommy says I'm Indian' is laughable.  It's also laughable to imagine that her saying so wasn't meant to try to hedge the bet, whether it did or not. 

But the Political Left is a heresy wrapped in blasphemy promising debauchery and delivering tyranny.  Defending it demands bold face lies and appeals to unparalleled idiocy.  Warren tried to float on a fact that simply wasn't there, and got caught.  In the end, it isn't much of a story.  It's been made a story by no other reason than her dogged defense of the claim. 

Those Christians who are defending dishonesty or exploitation of minority status in order to aid the Left, as usual, show themselves for the hypocrites and political thralls that they are.  They give lie to the idea that they really think lying is a serious sin, and they once more show that they will defend the party of abortion no matter what the cost.

And now the long awaited pictures from last weekend!

They start with our excursion down to the increasingly unrecognizable Ohio State University main campus.  The following weekend, with our dog in a happy dog place and my Mom with my sister, we took the first day through 18th century reenactments and Amish country, followed by a massive Amish style meal (right before my annual physical!). The next day was the Ohio Renaissance Festival.  It was touch and go with the weather, but the afternoon rain held off until the last hour and a half or so.  By then, we caught everything we wanted.  Didn't do as much this year, since we had to wait a little (from earlier rain) and left early (due to later rain).  Fun is fun, but common sense does necessitate coming in out of the rain.  But it was fun nonetheless, as it always is when the boys all come back together.  Our youngest loves it, and as always with the family, it's the finest times.

Speaking of common sense. What used to be tranquil Mirror Lake until someone died during a recent tradition of getting drunk and diving into two feet of water.  So naturally it was decided that the legendary landmark must go.

FWIW, Mirror Lake as it used to be, one of the most beautiful locations on any university list

At least we could see everything.  The BDBITL finishing the pregame anthem

Our eighteen year old, courtesy of his older brother, bouncing back
from the school of hard knocks - not a bad place to study

On the Erie canal boat ride.  Everyone liked it more than I imagined they would

The horses that pull the canal boat.  Beautiful creatures, and I'm no horse person

Our oldest and youngest, in some ways the closest of the four

As if he had something to hide

It's nice seeing that wide-eyed fascination that can only come from a child

I tried to interpret his facial expression, but couldn't quite pin it down

Our oldest stepping back into time, and looking for peanut butter fudge freshly made

Look at all that Amish Country!  From the terrace near an Amish style chain restaurant
I call McAmish (but most filling and very tasty)

Next day at the Renaissance Festival, our youngest ready to go

Twas a cool, grey, cloudy Fall day - perfect for a Renaissance Festival IMHO

The glass house.  I'm always amazed at how so many, young and old, love to see old craftsmanship,
even in our tech savvy day and age

Our oldest is usually the marksman, but the bullseye belonged to our second oldest this time

His form looks better than the results

Here he tries his hand with a lance (it was heavier than you might think)

Our youngest needed a little help from one of the competing jousters 

Our oldest and youngest again; this could almost be a pic for an album cover

The only one in our family who would (or could) buy an outfit to fit in with the crowds.
It actually could look cool in an everyday gathering. 

Of course he would be the first to ride a warhorse

Never to be outdone by his older brother...

He splurged for an actual sword - his last fling before getting back onto the employment saddle

In the full getup; a little more Spaghetti Western than Fantasy Renaissance perhaps, but he makes it look good (that's what comes from being tall and thin)

It's actual jousting, and people can get hurt 

The Swordsmen!  Bold and Stupid Men!  An anchor for the festival for decades

Yes, they're getting old, and my boys noticed that the two pointed out several times
that they have been doing this for 29 years (could next year, the big 30, be the last?)

Our youngest sporting his own appropriate weaponry from the day, as my wrapped up better half looks on

It took me to get them out of the maze

The sort of thing that melts any Dad's heart; he's why we all still do these things, and he makes it worth every second

The boys, off to find whatever mischief they can find

A fall sky wrapping up a fall weekend on a very fall day

Nosebleed seats can afford certain benefits.  Perhaps symbolic, as one son pointed out