Wednesday, October 10, 2018

New Prolife Catholics lament the failure to destroy an innocent man

Here.  Yep.  I'll be wrapping up soon and reinstating my Fantastic Patheos Boycott.  I broke it when news came of Zippy Catholic's tragic death.  I then continued because of Mark linking to Deacon Steven Greydanus who, apparently, joined the Left in trying to destroy Brett Kavanaugh by citing Urban Dictionary interpretations of thirty-five year old notes in a high school yearbook.  Apparently a woman with no evidence, facts, details, or witnesses says she was assaulted, so Kavanaugh must have been a drunken bum.  History as rapist men assaulting women everywhere but bathrooms after all.

Stunned to see the good deacon join with the Left in destroying an innocent man so that abortion may continue to empower women, I realized the predictable zeal of Mark Shea in slavishly following the evil of the Left wasn't confined to Mark, or even Patheos Catholics.  As other Catholics, Catholic publications and Catholic institutions joined in the elevation of racism, sexism, and a police state mentality so that abortion could remain unchallenged, I continued to follow Mark as a sort of pulse for the move toward the Left among Catholics in general.

Now that Kavanaugh is confirmed, I expect Mark will continue to trickle out a few posts here or there, but that's all.  Still, I'm really tired of the whole move toward madness.  Clearly America is teetering on becoming the very type of totalitarian regime that it resisted during the last century.   And it will have plenty of help from Christians, including Catholics, who will grab the pitchforks and torches and help lead the way.  After all, without Catholics, we wouldn't have majority support for things like gay marriage and abortion in the first place.

As if to reinforce this, Mark also posts that he is once again invited to a Catholic parish as honorable speaker.  The problem with Mark isn't that he is some freakish exception to the Catholic rule.  The problem is, no matter how radical and extreme and even sinful are his devotions to the Left, he appears merely to be going with the mainstream.  A mainstream that has no qualms with heaping praise and adoration on Mark for the very thing Mark once would have condemned as ungodly and unchristian.

Oh, and one final post.  Here, in an almost surreal coda to the whole 'Kavanaugh as rapist because a woman says so' embarrassment that Mark so zealously embraced, Mark regales us of a story that just happened in his life.  Apparently while walking with his wife, they were attacked by dogs.  Thankfully nobody was hurt.  He was able to fend off the canines, and he and his wife made it home.  He then called to report the incident and demand that the pooches be exterminated for the safety of nearby children, even going so far as to say that if he owned a gun, he would have gladly shot the dogs on sight.

In what can only be seen as an almost parody of old time thinking, Mark celebrates his manliness, his ability to protect his helpless woman, and his pride in demanding the termination of the dogs in question.  In short, he lives out what the Left would insist was stereotypical toxic masculinity, sexist gender roles, and  anthropocentric disdain for the planet and its creatures.

That's what happens when you get out in the world.  You suddenly realize just how wrong and stupid the modern narratives are, and how in real life, the old time paradigms and teachings about reality actually fit with what happens on a day to day basis.  Given the comments, you actually begin to wonder if they even believe all the rubbish they impose on others.

If this incident will start Mark to thinking, or rethinking what he has come to, I can only guess.  But for now, I'll leave it to him.  Back to my planned hiatus from Patheos, and much of the crazy in our modern times.


  1. Yeah. Like I pointed out once before, animal attacks can happen without warning as it did to one of my neighbors and when it does, you'll appreciate having a gun to even the score. Shame he can't have a moment of clarity that had the dogs been less restrained, things would have been worse - and maybe there's a reason some people keep guns. But no, he has to go running to the authorities to handle things - actually I'm not blaming him for that, it's just amusing to me the way people like him will go on and on about "solidarity" and how we need it, but then fail to resort to it when it's really called for. ("Convenient Ideals" is a fitting name.)

    You can also tell how leftist he's become with his choice of metaphor in that story:
    Both were vicious. But the larger one came off like one of Bull Connor’s dogs or one of those attack dogs wield by concentration camp guards.

    Not an example from movie or TV or anything else. Nope. In a story about dogs he still has to bring up racist white men.

    1. Oh yeah. He's deep into it. So deep he likely won't learn the obvious lesson, or see from outside looking in just how much of an affront his story was to the very narratives he now promotes.

  2. If you read it through the hermeneutic of "Mark is a reluctant but stalwart hero" motif, then it all makes sense. Evidently most OT prophets were enraptured by their own brilliance.

    1. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. Add to that the constant need to justify calling evil most of what he once called good, and calling good - or at least defending - what he once called evil, and that explains things. Though again, his little 'I was a man doing man things in a man's world' post is a slip back to what he used to be. Whether he realizes or not just how many of the very narratives he defends would be appalled at his story I don't know. Though note how many of his readers chime in to celebrate what usually would be mocked and derided as old, sexist, right wing dribble. Mark's tendency toward inconsistency is aided by the Left's fluid morals.


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