Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Bad news for the Democratic party

Much to the consternation of the Democrats, Hillary Clinton is out on tour promoting herself.  To that end, she holds that ol'Bill didn't do much more than commit a few indiscretions, and no need to consider the Leader of the Free World as a sexual assaulter when visiting his libido upon a young adult intern.

Given the recent 'all men are guilty' narratives of the #MeToo era and its attempt to destroy Kavanaugh, this presents a certain dilemma.  So the BBC steps in and tries to sift through the various ways in which the best spin can be put on this without hurting the already damaged brand.

Liberalism's 'here today, gone later today' approach to morals and ethics, while popular among leftist and millennial trolls at Patheos, seems to be wearing thin.  A growing number of people, at least by my hunch, seem to be figuring out that you can't have a society based on 'morality whenever convenient.'  It's been a staple for the Left for decades, but seems to be hitting a few bumps.  Whether the Left can recoup or not will remain to be seen.

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