Friday, October 26, 2018

Update: So pipe bomber suspect has been identified

So far, the only person found in connection to the spate of pipe bombs shipped exclusively to Democrats and liberal activists has been one Ceasr Sayoc.  According to early reports, he's a registered Republican who has been known to make threats before.

That would confirm two things: one, that the notion of a vast conpriacy of many people was wrong.  Two, that the individual is some sane person who is part of a major movement.  One does not make ongoing threats if one is sane.  Which would explain why, if he is a die hard Republican, he would think this might help the GOP - or perhaps not care one way or another.

If this is true, however, it won't bode well for the GOP, as any sane person could tell.  Before we knew anything, Trump, Trump's Rhetoric, and the political Right were already being blamed.  A far cry from a year ago, when the attempted assassination of multiple Republicans by a proud Democratic operative was declared off limits to blame or political association.  Now the link is clear, obvious, and all to the Right now bear the blame.

If, of course, this turns out to stand.

UPDATE: Stories are now coming out that the suspect is Native American.  Right now it's probably best to hold off.  By tomorrow the suspect could end up being Romulan with ties to the Galactic Empire as an agent of Mordor.   Whatever it is, failure for it to be a bona fide Democrat or Antifa operative will result in all blame placed on Trump, the GOP, and white men.  Even if he turns out to be Native American (just ask George Zimmerman). 

UPDATE IIIt looks like more and more evidence is pointing to Mr. Savoc, who is declared guilty along with Trump, Trump supporters and all to the Right of center.  This will, of course, to thinking people stand in stark contrast to the Congressional baseball practice shooting of a mere year ago, when we were told emphatically that an evil act can be blamed on nobody but the criminal in question.  Not the Left, the Democrats, Bernie Sanders or anyone - it is only the shooter who alone is to blame (with a possible discussion about Gun Control).  Now, of course, it's nothing but Trump, the GOP, Conservative Media, and all Trump Supporters.  They are to blame.

This, by the way, is interesting timing as it is at this very point that the remains of Matthew Shepard have been interred in the National Cathedral as a Smithsonian exhibit honoring him is being developed.  What is the connection?  Because for decades we were told that the entire popular culture, aiming like a laser at our youth, pushing drugs, debauchery, sex, and sometimes suicide, can never, ever be blamed for what the youth actually do; no STDs, no AIDS, no drug pandemics, no suicide can ever be blamed on popular culture output.  And yet, when Mr. Shepard was brutally murdered, it became the fault of anyone who ever spoke out against homosexuality.  Christianity in particular was singled out, and preachers preaching against homosexuality were named specifically as a cause behind Matthew Shepard's death.  Almost overnight, any public opposition to homosexuality was declared the same as having contributed to his death, and the assaults or harm done to any homosexuals anywhere at any time.  Though at the same time we are still told that music and movies and other pop culture output can't be blamed on any messages they send.

This was the first real 'X is True/False because Convenient!' example that was picked up by the modern Left via the news media and popular culture and our education institutions.  At least on any national, coordinated level.  Since then it's become more common to see this done, and now we are seeing yet another example of 'Left as the Only Way, Truth and Life' propaganda.  For it will now be milked for everything it is worth and used to stem the trends that were beginning to work against the Democrats.  Now we will know that anything and everything ever done is 100% the fault of anyone not liberal.  And  a growing number of Americans, Leftists - and even Christians - will lap it up to the last drop.

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