Saturday, October 20, 2018

For Christians who have embraced the 'American cops as murderous thugs' mantra

Here is another victim of your endeavors.  God bless him and his sacrifice, and may the Lord Jesus Christ give strength and peace to his loved ones who are left behind.

My son has said, as he trains for a career in law enforcement, that this is creating a massive headache for cops.  Not that there aren't bad cops of course.  The police know this.  But like most things that the party of the Father of Lies touches, the point isn't to solve that problem, but to exploit it.  By seizing upon the obvious fact that law enforcement, like anything, will have its scoundrels who do terrible things, it has turned a sizable portion of our country into supporters of any action against police, up to and including psychical attack.

Remember, when a black man declared that he would murder white cops, and managed to kill five before being stopped, the conversation across out media was 'damn crying shame, but you have to admit he had some valid complaints...'.  That was for the few days in which it was covered before being swept under the carpet.

The Left is increasingly like the Ring of Sauron, something that is altogether evil.  Those Christians who have become thralls to it for whatever reason, even defeating Trump, will have the blood of such slain heroes on their hands if they do not repent of supporting such darkness.

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