Monday, October 1, 2018

What conservatives just won't admit

Rod Dreher, like most sane Americans, has been covering the Kavanaugh hearings with a growing sense of urgent disgust.  Here he posts a reader whose family was from the Soviet Union.

Yep.  I had friends from the former USSR back in seminary in the mid-90s.  I know a few from Eastern Europe at our Church.  They told stories about growing up in the Soviet Union that all sound alike.  The same things said.   The fact is, Orwell knew what he was talking about when he laid out the characteristic of the 20th century's totalitarian states.

And conservatives can't figure out why the Left is doing these things. All of this assumes that those on the Left can't see what is happening.  It might be time for conservatives to admit the unpleasant and ugly fact that those on the Left may actually want what is happening to happen.


  1. I like John C Wright's designations which subdivided the Left into the "morlocks" and the "eloi" - or as I call them: the cynical exploiters vs the true believers.

    The problem with the exploiters is that the true believers can and will turn on them if they're not careful. I think we're starting to see that now.

    1. That's a good comparison. I've actually been shocked that John has spent so little time focusing on this whole farce. I know he's posted a couple things, but given the gravity of what we're seeing, I'm taken by how little time he's dwelt on it.


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