Monday, October 8, 2018

The Left vs. America

Here.  It's an entire article tracing the rantings and tantrums of the spoiled brats of the Left.  People dedicated to mass slaughter, narcissism, hedonism, pride, and violence.  Their threats?  Overturn the Constitution, abolish the Bill of Rights, destroy due process, thwart the Supreme Court - in short do what every Communist inspired revolution does: destroy.

So far, people have set aside differences and even downplayed bad character and morals to fight this assault of lies, evil, and oppression.  Will the fight continue?  The enemies are powerful: higher education, the press, popular culture, public education.  But it can be won, if for no other reasons than for our posterity.  We owe it to them to save them from the tyranny and bigotry and evil that the Left promises.

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