Wednesday, October 3, 2018

The BBC is wrong about Trump mocking Dr. Ford's testimony

He is mocking the BBC, the press, and all of the jack-ass lynch mob who would destroy a man's life over such flimsy accusations.

Dr. Ford essentially said she might have had a beer, could remember the floor plan, and is 100% sure Kavanaugh forcibly groped her.  That is it.

She could remember nothing else.  Nothing.  Her story had holes you could sail a ship through - a small party with a few people where 3/5 of them suddenly vanish; where it is quiet but the boys in the bedroom suddenly crank the music to cover her screams; how did she get home six miles away; who did she tell; how did she leave and nobody notice; and on and on.

This doesn't count the discrepancies in how she admits she finally revealed the incident, never mentioning Kavanaugh, and then having the records show differing accounts.  Plus the fact that all of this first emerged 35 years after the event. 

And the creme de la creme, that the witnesses she names as corroborating her story all deny the event ever took place, including her own best friend.

I mean, that's straight out of Monty Python parody of Nazis.  That's not justice.  That's not fairness.  That's not anything close to the pursuit of truth.  It barely rises up to the high standards of a witch hunt.  And Trump rightfully mocked those, like the BBC, that have taken Ford's testimony as Gospel truth and openly attacked anyone who dared to do anything less than worship her like Jesus.

This is why, BTW, the GOP got the prosecutor to question Ford.  Notice how the BBC frames it.  Trump is mocking her, mocking her, mocking her.  That's meant to whip up hysteria among the mindless masses of the Left.  With the help of the propaganda ministry, that is exactly what they would have done had a single white Republican done anything at all.  Just speaking to her in worshipful tones wouldn't be enough since that's what they did, and they're still being attacked. Imagine if they had actually questioned her in any way.

UPDATE:  I see this is the headline going viral across multiple news outlets.  Trump mocks Ford's Testimony, or simply Trump mocks Ford.  If you don't conform to and obey the political Left, this is what you are up against.  Literally, Brett Kavanaugh was accused of being a serial rapist sex pervert, and when he angrily denied it, his accusers say his temperament should disqualify him.  How do you deal with a movement such as this?

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