Tuesday, February 19, 2019

The problem with hate crimes and the lies they breed

John C Wright did the homework and came up with a list of now fewer than over 200 reported cases of false accusations and lies about supposed hate crimes in America.  Whew.  Think on that.  As National Review points out, the idea that America is Nazi Hitler, and minorities are spending every day being attacked and murdered by the billions by white skin Jesus freaks with MAGA hats and pants that say 'Grab Me', is about as accurate as the old narrative that Germany's problems were all due to a vast conspiracy by Democrats, Communists and Jews.

Of course us old timers can remember when the very idea of 'Hate Crimes' was highly controversial, and more than just hard line right wingers saw problems with the concept.  One, all crimes could (should?) be seen as the result of hate, so it could be argued to be redundant.  Two, it's awfully difficult to prove, and doubly easy to fake (see above).  Three, you can't help but notice the rather subjective, and often inconsistent, manner in which 'hate crimes' terms are applied.  And finally, it could lead to the idea that some people are just more important than others, more likely victims, more likely the bad guys, or variations on 'they do or they don't have stars on their bellies.'

Given the hot mess we've seen, given that we've watched people insist that wrongly accused people with the bad skin color deserve what they get; given that we've seen people insist that the right, victimized skin color can be forgiven for killing the bad skin color; given that we've seen people insist that this gender can always be counted on to rightly accuse that bad gender; given that we've watched a growing sentiment that our very laws should only apply given a certain ethnicity, national origins, religions or nationalities; I'd suggest it's safe to say the old concerns about where hate crime mentality could lead were justified.  After all, how many things did liberalism of the 20th century promise would never happen that have happened beyond what the most paranoid detractors of old were worried about?  This would hardly be a first in fulfilling the 'worst case scenario' predictions of liberal ideals.

There comes a time when you do have to ask just how many more times we'll be fooled and yet continue to do nothing, before we have to say we deserve what we get.  Actually, we deserve what our posterity will get.  But that's another rant.

Monday, February 18, 2019

RIP George Mendonsa

Who?  Him:

A man who was part of the American psyche as I grew up.  I was that generational bridge.  I'm old enough to have grown up hearing about That President on the Dollar, God Bless America, and of course that legendary Greatest Generation.  America was great, our heritage a blessing, and though we had our bad parts - as all civilizations do - our heart and soul was in the right place.

I'm young enough to have watched that be dismantled and destroyed.  Our racist founders, genocidal imperialists all, our evil and racist government, all white Americans who are necessarily all racist, our military industrial complex funneling money into our baby killing soldiers to oppress the world for oil, and a generation whose soldiers were probably no better than the Japanese or Nazis they fought.

But Mr. Mendonsa was from a different, saner and better time.  A generation that rose to the challenge and rescued the world from real, not made up or imagined, terrors.  Back then, Mr. Mendonsa expressed the exuberance and relief that came with the end to that most horrible of all wars. 

Today it would be a #MeToo moment.   Back then everyone smiled and rejoiced with him, even as they would mourn those hundreds of thousands who experienced the ultimate loss.  Today we'd have lawsuits and protests and social media warriors pushing to have him destroyed for being part of the great Evil Nation or the guilty gender; a generation accomplishing nothing but destroying the civilization it inherited, and justifying it through a near addiction to self-righteous contempt for doing anything but criticizing others.

Nonetheless, thank you Mr. Mendosa, for what you and your peers actually did in the real world.  You were better than us.  Perhaps we are your fault, I don't know.  Maybe the greatest generation was the worst parents.  But for stopping the actual evils of the time, you rose to the occasion.  May God bless you and keep you, and give strength not only to your loved ones, but for the hurting country you leave behind.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Prayers for the Aurora victims

Another mass shooting, another upset employee.  We all know - or should know - that what plagues our country is not guns or access to guns.  It's the heart and soul of a nation where people have been sold a lie, and when that lie is pulled away, they have nothing left to cling to.  Sure, crime has always happened.  There have always been the poor, there have always been wars and rumors of wars.  That's what comes from life in a fallen world.

But what we see today, the rampant drugs, drug addiction, drug dependency, random and pointless killings and mass shootings, and off the scale suicide is the result of a nation that was sold a bill of goods that to anyone's way of seeing should now be revealed as the fraud it was.

Sadly, more had to die in Aurora as we double down and refuse to admit the obvious.  These poor individuals were merely going out, trying to earn an honest living, and do the right thing.  And yet the demonic, whose presence is almost essential for the lies and ignorance we peddle to ourselves, was able to seize the heart and soul of another victim and turn him into a killer.

God bless the loved ones of those who were killed, and give them all rest in your loving and gracious arms; give strength to those who will grieve, and cover the hearts and minds of all who will never fully overcome the loss.  Forgive, also, the heart that soured and became an instrument of Hell, slaying the living and depriving that most precious of all gifts you first give each one of us. Prayers all around on this one.  Something about it hurts as much as they all should.

Friday, February 15, 2019

I found the following apology from New Prolife Catholics who wrongly attacked the Covington High School students:

That's all I've found since the third party investigation cleared the Covington students of any wrongdoing.  Thanks.

But then I've found little in the way of apologies from the various Indian activists, leftists and celebrities who joined in the racist based attacks and false accusations.  So there you go. 

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Parkland, Covington and what Jesus said

Today we remember 17 of the people killed a year ago by violence in our country.  Being in a school, it naturally has more 'umph' than your average violence between gangs or criminals or even random victims on the street.  Like a plane crash has more of a gut punch than a hundred car crashes with fatalities.

Since Parkland, however, we've seen the rise of activists who have an interesting blend of activism with 'in-your-face/we want our enemies destroyed' tactics.  Many appear to have no problem calling out those who disagree, dropping plenty of f-bombs and contempt aimed at anyone who disagrees, charging those on the other side with being baby killers and even musing over the idea of gun owners doing themselves with their own guns.  That's just the youngsters.  The rhetoric across the board is often no better, making it clear that failure to fall into line with one particular set of ideas or solutions means you deserve what you get, since you're beneath contempt anyway.

Of course many who have brains as well as hearts know that the problem isn't guns, or even school shootings.  Access to guns was far more liberal 40 years ago when we didn't have routine school shootings.  Oh, we can pass this or that law or restriction, but most people know there is something wrong behind the scenes in our society that is likely the real mischief.  The shootings, connected with the pandemic of drug addiction, drug dependency, rampant depression and off the scale suicide - especially among young people - says there is something grossly wrong with the heart and soul of our nation; a nation built for decades on endless theories, studies and self serving ethics.  Recognizing that is likely the hope for our nation, not more gun laws that could, as happened at Parkland, fall through the cracks.

On this same day, we also find out what anyone with a shred of common sense also knows, that the Covington kids - who were subjected to threats, mocked, received death threats and hopes for them to be physically beaten within an inch of their lives - were falsely accused.  Nothing they were accused of was true.  They were slandered and verbally attacked, their lives, futures, and physical well being all threatened, all while they were mocked, ridiculed, and their concerns dismissed - even by fellow student activists out pounding the pavement since having survived the Parkland shooting.

So that got me to thinking, as I am wont to do.  I notice my boys are correct about the Internet and Social Media.  The Internet can be really good, but can also be really bad.  Social Media, however, is mostly bad, with very little good.  And as I notice how people interact and behave on social media, as I notice how youngsters raised on social media conduct themselves beyond the digital world (think some of the Parkland activists), and as I watch and see how people deal with each other over issues like the Parkland shooting, I'm reminded of something Jesus said:
You have heard that it was said to the people long ago, ‘You shall not murder, and anyone who murders will be subject to judgment.’  But I tell you that anyone who is angry with a brother or sister will be subject to judgment.  Again, anyone who says to a brother or sister, ‘Raca,’ is answerable to the court. And anyone who says, ‘You fool!’ will be in danger of the fire of hell.   Matt. 5:21-22.
Being pro-life isn't about protecting the physical health of biological life forms known as human beings.  It's about the whole person: mind, heart, body and soul.  On a practical level, Jesus merely points out the obvious: usually you have to get past raca and fool to get to the shootings.  As Parkland made clear, even by the testimony of some of the very activists pounding the pavement, the shooter had been ostracized, bullied and received his fair share of raca and fool.  Perhaps he returned those sentiments in kind long before reaching for a firearm.   

But on a Christian level, we care about the physical bodies because they house the spiritual bodies as well (not to mention being temples of the Holy Spirit).  That's what Jesus is getting at.  People are more than a hunk of cells, despite what our betters have been saying for the last 150 years or so.  We abhor murder because of all it takes away from a person.  But we abhor raca and fool because it does only slightly less, and is the logical step one must take before pulling the trigger. 

I think we're a culture that has become comfortable with raca and fool as our first method for dealing with others.  The much dismissed Golden Rule has long been removed from being our default standard for interpersonal relations.   And that counts for Christians, too.  As I remember looking at some Catholic sites following Covington, it wasn't hard to see the raca here, and the fool there, not only when dealing with the Covington students, but when dealing with anyone who disagreed with them on the Covington issue, or Parkland, or any one of a thousand (usually) political or social issues.

I think Jesus was right.  Not just because He's Jesus.  But because it's common sense.  Long before the trigger was pulled, there was plenty of hate to pass around - by the testimony of the very students out pushing for more gun laws.  Those laws won't help.  To think Jesus was so stupid as to think it's something like the heart and soul of our relations, rather than government policies based on limiting this or that gun purchase, suggests a certain lack of basic sense in our time.  Especially when we've been ditching those silly old notions of respect, Golden Rule behavior and thinking about people beyond objects of our convenience for some time, and the results don't appear to be encouraging.

I say this is a day to put the puzzle pieces together and look for the real problem with the shootings, violence, suicides, drug addiction and drug dependency that is sweeping our nation.  As I consider all who are sooooooo worried about school shootings and demand action, and yet how many of those same ripped into other [read: Covington] teenagers on cue, without remorse, and haven't apologized or try to make things right since we've found out those same teens were falsely accused, I can't help but think those individuals are closer to the problem of school shootings than all the guns they're trying to regulate.

BTW, none of this is to say you can't be passionate, or call out evil, or even call out those who are party to evil.  But given the high amount of raca and fool flying around, it makes you wonder if there are really that many people completely immersed in so much evil in so many different categories.  Or, could it be we've just become lazy and sloppy and see such tactics as a speedy way of shutting down debate?  Even if the end result is something we're so upset about?  Sort of like being upset about diabetes, but refusing to give up the donuts and the pastries and the candies.  Something has to give, and it isn't more regulations on bakeries.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

An old post on the importance of laws

In light of our growing move toward new forms of bigotry, racism and discrimination.  In an age where people have no problem saying 'I don't care about or I don't want that many white men around', it's not hard to see why the mentality behind supporting illegal immigration is a recipe for disaster.  When you say 'laws only matter depending on your nationality, ethnicity, religion or skin color', it's not hard to imagine once you discover a new skin color or ethnicity you can proudly dismiss, the next step of applying laws accordingly won't be far behind.

Anyhoo, here is a link to it.  I don't know why but sometimes an old post will suddenly be hit with a wave of page-views.   That's when I notice these old thoughts.  It's amazing how prophetic some of them turn out to be, if I do say so myself.  I look at some of what I was worried about only a couple years ago and see we're already well past where I feared we would be by this point in history. I can't imagine what the next ten years will hold.

Oh, and speaking of laws, you just can't have a discussion about their importance without this famous clip from a classic movie:

Monday, February 11, 2019

The Left understands free speech

The way the Soviet Union understood religious freedom.  Or, as the Soviets used to say, freedom of worship.  That means hunker down, barricade yourself in a dark room, speak only in whispers lest you be discovered - and it's all freedom and liberty from there!  Likewise, the Left sees diversity and freedom as anything that is allowed insofar as it conforms 100% to the dogmas of the Left - or else. 

Again, let's be honest.  The Left is a force of evil that is going to cause grievous harm and terror in the upcoming years if people of goodwill don't band together and say enough.  Right now, unfortunately, those people of good will can hardly agree on the color of an orange, let alone come together for anything like defending the Faith (or any faith for that matter) or preserving liberty and freedom for our posterity. 

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Democrats in leg irons


That's the image that came to my mind.  That, and the old tale about everyone continuing to applaud during a Joe Stalin speech because nobody wanted to be the first to stop clapping.  I kept wanting if they would respond to Pelosi if she commanded them to roll over or sit.  And then I remembered, she is commanding them to sit.

I love how the Left is now about flagrant racism, bigotry and discrimination based on race, gender, religion and national origin; about how those in the Left visibly must tow the line and do as commended (I don't remember a House Speaker ever treating those of the respective party like puppets who must continually dance on the strings according to command); it is the party of infanticide, debauchery, hypocrisy and one that makes its hatred of both America and, worse, the God of Christ and Christ's Church clear and obvious - and yet how many are still dancing around the obvious, trying to find ways to compromise, or even throwing up their hands and joining the club (ahem, John Kasich).

Go figure.  Nonetheless, it was good for a laugh watching Pelosi command the peanut gallery.  Creepy in a sort of police state sort of way, but funny just the same.

Oh, and  bonus laugh for everyone who caught the Dems all dressing in white.  I'll leave you to figure out the historical basis for those jokes, if we're allowed to joke anymore.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Stay warm everyone


Because of Climate Change, we are going to get blasted by some of the coldest temperatures in decades.  When it's strangely hot in the summer, it naturally becomes Global Warming.  Make sense?

Not at all.  But ours is not to question why.  The news and the Democrats (and Pope Francis) have concluded it's true because the majority of scientists with pure hearts have read the models and concluded it's true.  Majority consensus being what makes things true of course.  Those scientists who disagree? They're the baddies and are corrupt and on the fossil fuel industry dole and all that jazz.

Of course the funny thing about things like this article is that it gets the simple minded to think 'wait a minute.  If there was life under that glacier, doesn't it mean it was warmer back then than even now?'  The fact that they say ice is melting faster than ever and yet we will be as cold as decades ago when, per scientists (who are honest), there was much more ice which didn't cause polar vortexes like this ... what the heck?

And yet, we believe it.  We have to.  Just like you had to oppose Communism in the 50s.  The only thing is, you don't have Hollywood or the press to bail you out today.  They're part of the dogmatic proclamation.

Do I believe our approach to industrialization was healthy for us or the planet?  No.  Which is why I think our modern 'let's do to human nature what we did to mother nature' attitude is as foolhardy as you get.  Especially given that, according to scientists, it's STEM that caused global warming climate change.  But I can't help but notice, the more people talk, that most of the big world shaking solutions will go little toward stopping our inevitable doom if the numbers are to be believed, nor will they inconvenience the millionaire and billionaire advocates and politicians (or the pretty well to do scientists who don't do badly today), but will likely hurt average middle class and lower middle class blue color types.

That fact alone bounces around my mind the more we watch this thing play out.  That, and the fact that science admits it was completely wrong about the whole DNA and gender thing up until a few years ago, and now can't quite figure the whole boy/girl and sex and babies links.  That those things are too complex, but a topic like the entire history of global climate is simple and true because the majority says so, is enough for me to say I smell a rat.

Monday, January 28, 2019

When a Hollywood actor is more outraged about New York's abortion law than Catholic apologists


Meanwhile, a devout pro-life Catholic apologist reacts:

No big thoughts on it.  Sure it's 100% the GOP's fault (factually wrong of course, but Mark is about 99% wrong on everything he posts at this point).  But the main thing is, no real big thoughts on it.  It's just the legalized murder of babies inches away from birth.  Nothing to see here.  Let's move on. 

In fairness to Mark, at least he commented.  I was going to post some other examples, but damned if I could find any New Prolife Catholics who commented.  Mary Pezzulo at Steel Magnificat and Rebecca Bratten Weiss at Suspended in Her Jar were noticeably silent.  They did each post pieces reflecting on National Holocaust Remembrance Day, reminding us how horrifyingly evil were those Americans, Christians and Europeans of old.  Ms. Pezzulo also posted a mock "apology" in which she laments expecting anything from the Covington students, so she's sorry she had harsh words to say to kids who obviously should have had the bar of expectations buried low in the dirt. 

Other than that?  Not a single word - not a jot or tittle - on Patheos about the new law that makes it so much easier to murder a baby with only seconds to spare before it is born.  I guess Ms. Pezzulo was exhausted from trying desperately to keep the slanderous and racist attacks on the Covington kids alive, and of course Mark was also spending his energies trying to find Muslim activists, radical Leftists, and anyone else who could heap scorn on those white skin sissies who are all bothered about multiple death threats, bomb threats, threats of expulsion, condemnation from their own church, calls to have their applications to colleges flagged, and celebrities offering favors and even oral sex if someone would just take those boys out and beat them within an inch of their lives.

Such is the New Prolife Catholic movement.  Like the Left itself, evil and human suffering matter ... insofar as it benefits the Left.  Otherwise?  Eh. 

If those lamenting Holocaust Remembrance Day want to learn from it, it might be worth asking who is burying their heads in the sand, offering to build trees around the new barbed wire fences so nobody can see, or even joining in with the goosestepping parades today?  Who is embracing the racism, murder, narcissism, hedonism, bigotry and the sides dedicated to the same?  It just might surprise them who really owns the horrors of the past.  And they might not like it at all. 

BTW, well done Mr. Davi.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Bishop John Stowe is ashamed of the Covington Students

Not the day the story broke.  Not within hours of the lies and falsehoods that have been walked back by all but the most hardcore leftist outlets.  But on January 23, when we knew virtually nothing that the students were accused of was true.
I am ashamed that the actions of Kentucky Catholic high school students have become a contradiction of the very reverence for human life that the march is supposed to manifest.
I have no idea if he means the things they were falsely accused of.  But, as the good bishop says, they had Trump hats.  And that's sort of the big hangup in his piece.  Because, you see, the Catholic Church condemns the racism and slavery and bigotry that defines America's history.  And apparently Trump means those things. And apparently the students who wore Trump hats in some way exemplified these things.  Even if what they were accused of was false.   They had those hats.

He naturally assumes much about the students because of those hats, their belief in Jesus being of no real matter in the piece.  He also seems to have little to say about anyone else, but I guess that's fair.  The black racists and the Indians trying to break up the Mass and getting in the teenagers' faces aren't under his jurisdiction.

File this under 'with friends like this...'.  Thanks dad.  Way to throw your spiritual children under the bus in order to appease the forces aligned against the Faith and the Faithful.  Hopefully they'll still keep giving to the Bishops' Annual Appeal.  Because I have a feeling those seeking to destroy the students won't be giving a damn thing.

They must hope we think one white kid is the same as another

As the Left continues to try to destroy the lives of teenagers, the Daily Mail picks up and runs with this 'but a white boy said something about rape to a woman (who we know nothing about) and it was rude' story.  And he was white.  And the Covington kids (most of whom are white, but the darker skinned ones don't matter in this case) were nearby.  And the boy had clothes with a giant 'B' on them, so he must cheer for the Bovington Bolonels!  By golly, that's all we need.  If one is wrong, that makes him evil, and all white skins who have not bowed before the altar to the Political Left evil as well.  To the camps they go!

Again, evil.  Wickedness.  This is what leads to all those sorry episodes that we study about in history.  Ever wonder how people could be party to such horrors that make their way into the history books?  You need only look to see where things are in our society, among our elite institutions, and with full backing from not a few who call on the name of Jesus.

Evil is always with us, in every group, in every region, everywhere, in all of us to a degree. It's sinful man in a fallen world.  But the difference is when the powers of darkness coalesce and begin working as a singular movement toward a singular shadowy end.  That's when it ceases to become some backwater stat in a paragraph about life in A______, and becomes the topic of the entire chapter.  We are now seeing the groundwork laid for the chapters of future history books.

Washington Post attempts to salvage some dignity from Covington and fails

That's because it just can't break the Leftist narrative that white, European and American heterosexual Christian men are the manifestation of irremediable evil and the single and sole cause of human suffering in the world.  Everyone else being so perfect they don't need Jesus.

While making a few nods to some overreaction on someone's part, and admitting things are a little sketchy, what with Native Americans maybe not all being gods and blacks hurling homophobic remarks, much of it still comes back to these teenagers not acting 100% perfect and pure and adult and mature and untarnished and flawless.  At least it wraps up with bringing the adults into it and saying since kids, then maybe the adults?  Or how about the adults banging drums in kids' faces and calling them racist names?

No fundamentalist in a tent revival was ever more merciless or judgmental than the Left today.  No kid was ever put to such a brutal test, or told whatever misery they got from being white conservatives who believe in Jesus they at least partially deserve because they have white skin and believe in Jesus and don't bow before the political Left.

This is the dawning of the age of persecution, or Orwellian oppression and suppression of free thinking and liberty.  Note that virtually nobody on the Left is doing anything other than variations on 'well, someone maybe got some things wrong, but!....', followed by why these kids were evil for not bowing before the Leftist god, or opposing mass slaughter for better sex and feminine power, or for having white skin. Or perhaps now the parents.  Otherwise, none.

This is called moving the ball 90 yards forward, and then backing up 5 yards when push comes to shove.  We're still 85 yards removed from a time where we didn't think teenagers would be held up to public derision, assaulted, threatened, attacked, mocked, and have their lives derailed because of their faith in Jesus, the sanctity of life, their opposition to a political party and their skin color.  Thank you New Prolife Catholics!

And yet here we are.  Nobody who is apologizing, even among the better apologizes, such as this one at The Atlantic, goes there.  The Atlantic does admit, on journalistic principles, the epic fail of what we witnessed.  But it stops short of the obvious: that this is purposeful.  This is moving the ball.  And move the ball it has.  The ball is 85 yards closer to an Orwellian tyranny in the best Soviet image, right here in the old USA.  It now has moved past needing to apologize for accusing and hating based on skin color, religion or political positions. 

All we're having is a polite discussion about whether or not the media blah, blah, blah, or Twitter over yon and thither, or adults should have yakety yack, or whatever.  The most obvious evil, the great threat of our age, is still on the table and being hedged about even as we speak.

Imagine what it will be a year from now.  Right now, the press trying to validate destroying the Covington kids based on finding anyone with white skin who might be guilty of something somewhere.  That fact alone should make it clear enough.

Good news for Covington from the real world of college life

So my oldest is now majoring in political science, with eyes cast toward going for a PhD and being a professor and adviser.   Since being diagnosed with a near fatal fish allergy last year, he decided to leave the path from his much beloved culinary life.  Instead, he'll go for his other hobby - politics. To that end, three of his classes this semester are centered around politics and similar subjects.  In them, the Covington fiasco has come up in each one for two days now.

The good news?  Despite the classes being around 2 to 1 liberal, every single student has sided with the kids from Covington.  To a person, they agree the story was blown out of proportion, that it was based on falsehoods and lies, and that what is happening to the students is entirely inappropriate, if not outright evil.  The attempt to catalog attacks under 'if we find one white skin doing wrong it proves they're all scum' tactics weren't even worth discussing. 

Of course as I discussed it with my boys, we concluded it might not all be pure sympathy on their parts.  It could be simple common sense.  There but by the wrath and fury of the Left go I.  Seeing the foaming at the mouth hatred, the calls for violence, the yearning for bloodshed, the loathing of these students based on the latest designated demographic distinction, the hope that the teens be ruined in life - the Covington kids are not too far from the age of my son's classmates. And they know that could be them next time.   A lesson to us all.

Notre Dame University goes all Covington on Columbus

As more information comes out about Nathan Phillips, who of late attempted to crash a Mass with drums a'beating, Notre Dame does its best Wormtongue impersonation and promises to celebrate stone age bloodshed and renounce all failed Christians of the past.  What a hot mess.  What embarrassment.  Thank goodness it's not a Catholic school!

Sigh.  But that is the way of things.  History is not about the heroes.  It's about those who finally stand up to the evils allowed by those such as the cowardly Catholics of Covington and Notre Dame.  Ones who easily and proudly embrace all the evil, hate, racism and whatever will keep getting them praise and adoration from the peanut gallery and the best parties with T&A. 

It happens.  It always has.  Throughout history, the actual forces of evil and hell have been relatively few.  Unfortunately, those who recognize them as such as typically few as well and, as often as not, relegated to the margins of society since the Beast and the Dragon are always the ones holding the ears and eyes of the masses.  And it's those masses, getting on with life, just trying to get by, who end up making the legions fighting for the next darkness.

Remember, in 1931 the overwhelming number of Germans were not Nazis.  Fifteen year later tens of millions were dead, exterminated in gas chambers or killed in battle, and Germany was bombed into ruins and split with half of its people enduring the terror of Soviet domination.  And this is why. 

Most people, God bless them, are unaware of such things.  Believe it or not, most are just waking up, going to work, paying bills, watching the game, and going to bed (after brushing their teeth).  But then, that's what they were doing in Germany in 1931 as well.  It's those who through cowardliness or intellectual fearfulness jump on board and help the powers of darkness who are in many ways history's true villains.  The villains are always there.  The baddies.  You'll always have criminals on the small and grand scales.  But it's their enablers who are doubly damned for their part in it.

Right now, the Catholic leadership has embraced racism, attacked teenagers, joined with a lynch mob meant to destroy opponents of the Political Left.  And now more Catholic leaders join other Christians in handing the faith's cloud of witnesses over to the pagan and the heathen for their memories to be burned alive, all while tacitly approving of whatever evils any other civilization ever committed simply by virtue of their skin color, national origins, religion and ethnicity. 

Well done.  Just once it would be nice to see the Church get ahead of the game and actually stand firm against the rising darkness, instead of waiting until the body count has mounted and everyone and their uncle is now resisting for the sake of the free peoples of the world.  Just once.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

The Root is a bad joke

So I heard rumors that some press outlets were ginning up the anti-Covington stories in light of overwhelming evidence that the initial story was a boldface lie.  Well, this doesn't count.  This is news the way a pamphlet at a KKK rally would be news.  It's a laughable hit piece by someone either too stupid, too lazy, too bigoted or a combination to do any homework at all. Given the narrative that ignores a pile of evidence - including the referenced videos - I'm going more toward bigoted, but I could be wrong.

Be careful.  The news media is far from credible in this day and age.  But it still isn't this sort of bilge, the same type one would have expected in the back alleys of Austria in the days following WWI.  It would take a special sort of head-up-a-donkey's-butt stupid to take something like the linked to story seriously.

The press tries to dig up dirt on Covington

While radical Leftists fantasize and hope for physical violence or even death aimed at the white skins of Covington Catholic, and the school's own leadership remains noticeably silent, most of the media has done its first round of back-off.

Now when this happens, when the press makes one of its many mistakes that are almost always aimed at making non-progressives look bad, there will usually be two reactions.  One, the press will mention it - very briefly - and then drop the story like a hot potato.

Or it will mention the error, but continue to hope that somewhere, somehow they can find something to validate the initial story.  In this case, digging through the history of Covington High School in the hopes of finding anything that might validate the charge to destroy the lives of its teenage students.

The best they've come up with?  Apparently a few years back, students were seen in blackface yelling at a black basketball player.  Racism!  Until, of course, we found out it was a 'blackout' night (that's become a trend in sports where fans dress either in all white or all black to make the stands a bit bewildering for the other team).  And the black student being yelled at?  He was just one of many on the other team being yelled at, with no apparent examples of anything racist.

Really.  This is it.  People my age remember growing up in the 70s, in the age of Norman Lear.  It wasn't hard to see where those old sitcoms leaned on the political spectrum.  A favorite foil back then for those shows, and comedians, and the press, were the stereotypical old busy body fundamentalists spinning records backwards or looking like John Lithgow trying to ban dancing from the planet.

Well guess what.  We owe those old caricatures an apology, because nothing the liberals back then could imagine is as stupid as what the Left of today firmly embraces.  They are literally willing to take seriously the thought that kids at a blackout might have been doing blackface, and all because they're white and supposed to be racist due to skin color.  And the worst part?  A graduate of a girl's school that blast's Covington's culture of masculinity chimes in to say 'it's never appropriate to do blackface'.  Really?  Blackface at a blackout? Never? Those toxic male types. 

Again, our apologies to the old fundamentalist caricatures of old.  You were never this stupid.

Hemant Mehta condemns Nick Sandmann for smiling too long

YepHere.  I'll say no more on that, since it's too stupid to address.  I will add prayers for young Nick, who has bravely stood his ground against a Leftist Communist assault poised against him and with no support from the Catholic Church, most Republicans or most Conservatives (who at this point have apologized for getting it initially wrong and have happily moved on).  He has threatened the Left and exposed its evil designs, its evil means, and its evil ends, and now there are hopes that he pay the price, or be brutally assaulted.  His family and he and the other students and children at Covington need our prayers and support (some #StandwithCovington maybe? - I'm not a twitter type).  Not just protection from idiocy like that spewed by the always silly Mr. Mehta, but by those who are making it clear this is the country they want, and the country we will pass onto our children:  Conform 100% to each's days malleable standards or it's to the ghettos or the gulags you will go.  

Best summary of the Left's America

Yep.  More than any cooked up reasons, it's because they are opponents of the Communist Left.  Allies of the Left, such as Muslims, the LGBTQ movement, or anyone willing to join the lynch mobs, are convenient tools for the moment.  Though with the Muslims, you wonder how the long term will end up and who will eventually get the USA.  Nonetheless, the Left has cultivated martyrdom by proxy as a virtue, and if future generations pay the price?  Eh.

But Kavanaugh, and now Covington, are merely opponents of the Left, and therefore must be destroyed.  Exploiting racism and bigotry and discrimination are merely means to an end.  That so many Americans fall in line - including Christians (good job Covington Catholics!) - should come as no surprise.  Whenever a new evil rises, there will always be those, Christian and otherwise, eager to get in line and buy tickets.

Perhaps the Covington disgrace is the tipping point, as we're watching actual students - children, who normally wouldn't be named even if they committed an egregious crime - dragged through the mud, assaulted, threatened and called upon to be forever punished.  A nation capable of this is capable of this.  And those cheering on the worst aimed at the Covington teens had best watch out.  Eventually the aliens always eat those humans who were quick to hand their fellow humans over to the dinner table. Just ask all of those supporters of Joe Stalin who wound up dead.