Monday, October 14, 2019

A nice tribute to Columbus on Columbus Day

Courtesy of The American Catholic.  At this point we realize that the Left has made an unholy alliance with any people group or culture that will help destroy the Christian West and the American Experiment.  

To that end it will celebrate anything and anyone if it will tear down its enemy.   Therefore appeals to such ideas as rejecting Indigenous Peoples Day due to morally questionable practices on the part of American Indians will fall on deaf ears.  The Left doesn't care if someone tortured or enslaved or practiced human sacrifice.   It is completely prepared to give a justification or defense if need be.  It only cares insofar as it can use such things to tear down the civilization the Church built, as well as the Church along with  it. 

So any desire to sit and rationally discuss why Columbus Day is an appropriate celebration or that we don't want to credit native Americans too broadly will be met with blank stares.  That's not the point.  The Left firmly believes that everything to do with the Western Tradition is bad and must go, including such self-evident truths as the importance of liberty, freedom and the dignity of the human person.   In fact, it doesn't seem to care about people at all, unless their suffering or plight can aid its agendas.  

So for those who get it, the link is a nice remembrance of not only why we celebrate this day, but why we had best start striving to reclaim that which the Left seeks to destroy.  After all, the Left isn't going to stop until it gets its job done, nor should we.

UPDATE: Meanwhile, Google continues it's 'We'd rather celebrate snails than anything from America or the Christian West' mantra, by posting this:

A tribute to the very interestingly fun fact about where a certain strain of optical illusions come from.  But not Columbus.  Anything but Columbus.   Again, the Christian Faith, the Christian West and the American Experiment are the enemy to be destroyed.  We had best admit that, or our posterity is going to pay an awful price. 

I missed the Tennessee day of prayer and fasting

Because I've been cutting down on the news (and being much happier for it).  John C. Wright has a snippet on it.

Good for the Governor Bill Lee.  I have no doubt atheist and other groups are screaming and wanting the governor's head on a platter.  That's because they want to impose their beliefs on us and eradicate or exterminate  thinking and beliefs they hate.

I think now Christians should realize the big con that was secularism.  We were told Christians did terrible things in the past.  We were told it is evil to try to convert others to your religious beliefs.  We were told it is Nazi to impose your values on others, or tell others their values are wrong.  We were told religion should stay in the closet where it belongs.  We were told no religion is True, and none have superior claims to truth. And we ate it up with a spoon.

Now, we are realizing that the ones telling us all these things have every intention of doing them to us.  The days of compromise and concession should be over.  But I fear there will be a great purging as those who are either cowards, or simply don't really believe in the orthodox version of their faith traditions, but merely carry a few of them around in their wallets to use on Sundays (or pick a respective holy day), will abandon the faith.  Many will side with the oppressors, the blasphemers, the heretics, pagans, heathens and enemies of God and Christ.  After all, they have long abandoned the idea that the actual historical Christian Faith is actually true, so why resist?

Those who are able to stay faithful, or realize the great and terrible flaws and mistakes in modern thinking and who return to the faith once for all passed down from the saints, will be there when this world we know collapses as the world the Romans knew collapsed.  And in such a horrific dark age as that will be, those who remain faithful to the true Gospel of Christ will be the ones providing what people truly need. And then the people will finally realize it and return and seek God's face.

Is a day of prayer and fasting a promise of all this?  No.  But it, and the reactions, should be seen as a start for where it will be.  FWIW, here is a nice piece from the National Review.  You don't have to be with a particular tradition of the Christian Faith, be a Christian, or even be religious to be on the side of righteousness and good.  You simply can no longer be on the side of mass slaughter for debauchery, tyranny and the destruction of Christ's church and His people.  That is the line that it's time to draw.

Friday, October 11, 2019

Beto o'rourke calls for an end to tax exempt status for churches if they oppose gay marriage

Yep, you read right.

The problem is, among those most loudly proclaiming a need to cleans the world of the unclean evil that is the white Christian conservative, are white Christians who are decidedly not conservative.  In addition, almost every day I'm seeing non-whites and non-Christians jump on board, casting hatred and contempt on Westerner type white Christians, and  even guffawing when some ill fortune comes their way. 

I get that Beto is at the bottom of the pile.  He won't be president.  He's nothing but an empty husk in a JFK suit.  But listen to the audience.  That is the same cheers and rejoicing Hillary Clinton got when she gave her disastrous 'Irredeemable Deplorables" speech.  This is a side that hates the opposition and wants that opposition taken out, one way or another.

To think it can't go anywhere bad is to deny Christian doctrine and historically based common sense.  It will go bad.  Because it is the ultimate alliance: white liberals have called upon all other peoples in the world to join them in the extermination of the whites, particularly Christian, who won't conform.  The only thing they're hoping is that once the ashes settle, the rest of the world won't turn on them.  It will serve them right if the rest of the world does just that.

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Hello I must be going

So last year, on November 5, I posted that I was going to semi-retire from blogging.  If I blogged, I would keep it on topics like personal faith, personal experiences, frivolous things, or other interests.  No more hot button issues, politics, religious controversies, or monitoring other blogs.  I decided to take a page from the now closed Saint Corbinian's Bear blog, and realize that much of blogging, like much of modernity, is less good for the soul than we might care to admit.  It tends to keep one in the rage-machine of outrage for two days, then move onto the next outrage.  Something, I think, that the news media wants to happen.

The reasons for this decision last  year were many, personal, and just timely.  For one, I started the blog under assumptions that simply are no longer viable.  Another reason is that I became convinced that somewhere along the line STEM turned a corner and is causing more problems than it's solving.

Within this development is the push toward turning people into thralls of digital living and relations, despite how obviously bad it is for human relations and human interaction.  The resulting tolerance of new categories of accepted bigotry, and the increasing desire to eliminate other unworthy people in a way nobody in the ashes of 1946 ever imagined we would see again, should be more than ample evidence that where we've been going is not good.  I couldn't help but think, therefore, that continuing to communicate in a digital/computer format on such a scale might smack of hypocrisy.

So I said sayonara.  That one of my old Patheos trolls stopped by on that very post to hurtle insults and expletives (he was a fun one who was almost always wrong about everything he posted, but covered it with name calling and vulgarities), just confirmed what I concluded about relations in the Internet age, and therefore it wasn't worth going on, at least with the focus on controversies of the day.  In the end, you largely deal with people who agree with your observations (not a bad thing in itself) or face people who can do nothing but troll and yell and call names like children because they are safe behind their keyboards.  Life is too short for that.


So what happened? Where was the retirement?  Obviously I have spent most of the last year doing just the opposite of what I said I would do.  Well, it's hard to say.  At about that time, Mark Shea lifted his ban of everyone he had banned.  I thought I could get back in and reach him and get him to turn away from the pit.  That lasted a month before he banned me again.  By then, however, he was clearly beyond reaching, as he appears to be now.  Nonetheless, it pulled me back into the issues.

Then the Left emerged from behind the curtain, declaring 'Socialism fore!', making the desire to abolish freedom and liberty, and even challenge democracy, its clear goal.  The Kavanaugh lynch mob had, like any sane person, left me aghast at what type of country the Left wants.  Furthermore its push to embrace unbridled late term abortion, even infanticide, while taking the first steps to push for state mandated euthanasia, all shocked me despite my belief the Left could do nothing at all to shock me.

By the early year, as hopes of overturning the 2016 election faded, the Left kicked into full unhinged radical mode.  With the press, education and Hollywood as its slavish thralls, the fact that we were seeing more and more that was so evil and wrong embraced was an eye opener.

I mean, as the year moved on, the idea that all white people are racist, and all of Anglo-European heritage is Nazi, was rolling off the tongues of the post-modern without effort.  Movies were being made that might as well boast 'no whites in our cast!' as their selling points.  Schools were encouraging students to throw books into dumpsters because the books were not properly woke and anti-Western. Men were all but emasculated with no rebuttal from most men.  And non-European and American individuals and organizations, such as CAIR, were joining Democrats who told orthodox Christians they should have no place in the modern state.

All of this was in addition to seeing the clear push to ban the notion of boys and girls, open sexual pursuits to include anything we want, and of course push to abolish the heritage of the Christian West and the American Experiment, which was becoming the proud gospel of this emergent force of death and destruction.  I'm the first to say evil exists in all quarters of the human family, including the Right.  Nonetheless, it's clear that the Left was now the force of evil to watch because it has the willing ear of the institutions that should be protecting us.

This was quite shocking to realize, and as each story became worse, more unbelievable, more jaw dropping, I would post.  While doing so, I began to see with communism what, 20 years or so ago, I saw with socialism, and that's when it began coming together.

Years ago, in the 90s, talk radio and other conservative outlets often accused the Democrats of wanting to go full blown socialism.  Those on the Left objected and declared it slander and lies, that nobody was being a socialist.  They would bristle at the accusation, and insist nothing the Democrats or liberals were wanting had anything to do with socialism.  Sometimes even mainline conservatives stepped away from such name calling, in order to take the high road.

Then, by the late 90s and early 00s, I began seeing, here and there, the odd 'Socialism rocks!', 'Why we need socialism', or 'I'm a proud Socialist!'.  The editorial here, the pundit there, the Newsweek cover over there.   Now, in 2019, you have news round tables politely discussing the openly Socialist Democrats who are pushing the Democratic party to fully declare itself Socialist! and make America a socialist nation once and for all.

And while this is happening, what's occurring alongside?  If calling the Left socialist was an insult, calling it communist was a joke.  Pure Frank Burns and Archie Bunker style idiocy from back in the McCarthy days.  But now, however, as socialism becomes openly embraced by church and state, I'm seeing, here and there, the odd 'Communism rocks!', 'Why we need communism', or 'I'm a proud Communist!'.  The editorial here, the pundit there, the Jesuit publication over there.

So it's clear where things are going, and what we'll have when it gets here. In another 20 years, if not sooner, there is no reason to think we won't see with communism what we are now seeing with socialism.  And if that wasn't enough, it is more than mere communism, but a fusion of the last century's evils: racism and bigotry and oppression and collectivization, genocide and eugenics and the elimination of those deemed unworthy of life, and oppression, tyranny and the destruction of freedom and liberty and the dignity of the human person, all under the promise of unbridled debauchery and decadence in a material universe while people die from the sexual revolution by the tens of millions.  Therefore whether or not communism by name, I fear it will nonetheless be far worse than what we have witnessed in many an age.

So with breaking the code and figuring it out, what is left to do on this blog?   I look back at some of my oldest posts and realize what I feared then as a long shot paranoid prediction pales in comparison to what is happening. But it's likely that my blog will not make a difference.  It is what it is, and that's a tiny voice unheard by most.  Whether the world has moved past the point of no return I don't know.  Whether it will be my sons' time or their children's time, I also don't know.  But unless things change, or the Faithful of Christ go radical, I'm not seeing much to stop it.

So I've decided I've said what I can say.  Everything I would post will likely affirm what anyone with a brain should know - that we're seeing a global revolution to tear down the old orders, the old faiths, the old morals, and build a new one from the bottom down by retrying all of the worst we've seen in the modern era.  The track record is obvious, we simply ignore it, or through unwarranted arrogance, assume this time it will be awesome because it's us.

The revolution - call it the Left if you will - pulled the coup of the ages.  By mythologizing the rest of the world and demonizing the civilization that brought concepts of equality and liberty and democracy and the dignity of the human person to the world, it has made great strides in bringing the world back full circle to a 'c. 100 AD' mentality.

Of course it will impact everyone - eventually.  But most, naturally, are hoping the bad comes after we are long gone, since concern about an afterlife for most in the West has long since gone the way of the Dodo bird.  Most certainly don't think your religious opinions have any bearing on your eternal destinies, and I would include the current pope in that observation.  The Martyrdom by Proxy principle that defines the post-modern era, where the suffering of others is the price I'm willing to pay, has also made it natural to not care as long as it doesn't impact me.

But for my part, if I keep commenting and pointing this out, I will be grinding bearings and running up a down escalator by merely stating the obvious.  Those who get it will agree.  Those beholden to the revolution won't listen anyway.  So there's no sense continuing to block time out in the day to do what I've been doing.  Those in positions to make a difference will need to take it from here.  Some are; a radical few.  And where there are those Faithful of good will, there is always hope.

So come November 5 this year - a year after my psuedo-signing off post - I will stop blogging on the issues, topics and troubles of the day.  I may stop blogging altogether, or I may just do what I planned to do last year, and that's the odd post about some frivolous fun or family or faith topic that catches my attention.  Once every now and then.

I'm also planning on dropping Facebook by the end of the year and, with only a couple exceptions, stop visiting social media sites and blogs altogether.  I'd like to think it will make the sun shine a little brighter before the darkness comes.  I know leaving the worst and most evil blogs and sites already made life better.  I'm thinking this will improve my outlook and faith walk even more.

Finally, as if to remind myself how long I've been at this and all that has happened during this time, a picture of my boys taken right before I started the blog:

 By comparison, here they are back in July on a family trip to southern Ohio:

I think it is time.  If anything is going to stop the storm clouds, it will be them and their generation.  Our generations have proven sadly inept at facing up to the obvious.  Knowing what I know of the boys - and that's warts and all, not just rose colored glasses viewing you see on Facebook - that actually gives me some reason to hope. 

Between now and Nov. 5 I will keep posting topically as normal, if not a bit more sparsely.  I will also throw out other fun things as befits one of our favorite seasons.  But come Nov 5, I will stop.  After that it will be more personal reflections, celebrations or just musing on hobbies or personal interests, if it ends up being anything at all.  I'll pass the baton of heavy lifting the issues to the next generation, with some regret that we didn't do a better job standing up to the storm soon enough. 

Friday, October 4, 2019

How we begin our Halloween season

This year, owing to our boy's injury (thanks to the awesome folks who helped us out!), following a couple other health issues that weren't brought up, plus unusually hot and dry weather all through September, we haven't done much 'Fall' this year.   Mostly we've watched some spooky movies with cider and apple donuts. 

Now however, on the Feast of St. Francis (which I still celebrate), and due to it being October, the day before a Buckeyes game for which I have tickets, and since the weather finally got to 'fall' feeling, we decided to make it official. 

Here is the song that my boys say is forever etched in their minds as indicating the glorious season of holidays is upon us:

It lacks a couple Disney flourishes that open the old VCR tape we have, and it doesn't go right into the Halloween Haunts part of the tape that we watch.  But that song, per my sons, says as much to them about the upcoming holidays as fireworks does the Fourth of July.

Happy Halloween!

Thoughts on Abbey Road

So this week the pop culture news was all about it being the 50th Anniversary of Abbey Road's release.  That's the last official release from The Beatles.  The recording sessions for it were also the last ones in which the four Beatles would work together in the studio. In fact, those recording sessions would be the last time all four Beatles would be in the studio together.

Because it's the Beatles, everything about them is given significance.  This album's identity as their last, even up to the final song, a throw away ditty poetically titled 'The End', is given meaning.   True, Let it Be would be released after Abbey Road.  But that was a compilation put together by Phil Spector, using reams and reams of recordings from the abandoned 'Get Back' project that happened before the Abbey Road sessions.  Neither the Beatles themselves, nor their producer George Martin, had much to do with the album's release (in fact, at one point McCartney sued Spector, feeling that Spector's legendary 'wall of sound' approach ruined what McCartney envisioned for his songs, most notably the songs Let it Be and The Long and Winding Road).

In fairness, at the end of the day, Abbey Road is merely an acceptable album.  Compared to those works being released alongside of it, Abbey Road sounds no more or less than what was coming out at that time.  In fact, you might say that most of the music coming out was the result of the musical innovations and revolutions that the Beatles brought to the music industry.  It's just now their musical children were doing it better.

Fact is, the Beatles myth lies mostly in their early years.  From their explosion onto the world stage and their unprecedented adoration by millions, the hysteria, the mania, the shattered records and the bringing of rock and roll into the mainstream of popular culture, the Beatles altered not only the music industry, but the Western cultural world.

Still, credit where it is due.  As their producer George Martin pointed out, they were not content with just riding the Mop Top/Teeny Bopper image until it ran out of gas.  From the beginning they wanted to push boundaries and challenge themselves.  To that end they were blessed by Martin, who was like their Sherpa, leading them to ever higher heights and pushing the recording industry to the limits in order to do what they wanted.  Some call Martin the Fifth Beatle.  In honesty, he was the Third Beatle, because it is his work with the domineering Lennon and McCartney that defined the Beatles sound.

Nonetheless, all of their records, all of their contributions, all of their groundbreaking studio and recording work, all of their creative breakthroughs, came mostly in those first few years of their fame.  From their breakthrough in late 62/early 63, through the release of their milestone Sgt. Pepper, they definitely led the cultural and musical pack.

But after that, and after the death of their manager Brian Epstein, it was never the same.  After that, their contributions, had they been from any other artists, would be seen as average at best.  In some cases, albums such as legendary White Album, would likely be panned.  In fact, most of their work following Pepper received mixed reviews at best.  Several news outlets mentioned this about Abbey Road, expressing shock that critics of the time didn't think much of the album, at least compared to the place in history it now occupies.

No, they didn't.  They didn't for Hey Jude, or Let it Be, or Abbey Road, or the White Album.  In all of those cases, the reviews were at best luke warm.  And if you pretend it's not them recording these works, it's not hard to see why.  None of them leap out, break ground, or really do anything special.  Truth be told, by the time Abbey Road rolls around, most of them are being recorded by the lone Beatles, off to themselves, working as individuals apart from their band mates, with only Martin holding them together.

So as we look at this week's time in music history, just remember that things become classics for various reasons, and not always to do with quality.  I like the album.  Heck you might say I love it.  I also enjoy it for its place in the whole of the Beatles' story.  But I also admit what it is, and that's an album that is no different or better than one of a hundred others from that year, if as good.  Heck, apart from the technical aspects (it's likely their most technically perfect recording, owing in part to the technical innovations they helped pioneer), it's not even their best.

The era of Christian Buddhists

An interesting take.  I've called it Christian agnosticism, or secular Christianity.  Whatever it is, it's the realization that the world has done a far better job evangelizing and converting Christians than Christians have done in recent generations evangelizing and converting the world.  Perhaps it's because Christians let the world convert us into its belief that only the world can convert Christians, but Christians can never try to convert the world. 

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Would Mark Hamill please stop ruining my childhood memories

By acting like the usual spoiled brat idiots that populate so much of modern social media? 

So Ivanka Trump tweeted a picture of her kids in a Star Wars costume for Halloween.  Being a Woke Leftist, Hamill reacted in typical Pavlovian activist fashion by mocking her and following it with a highly suggestive vulgar insult.

I mean, come on people.  They're kids, and it's Halloween.  Stop making Joe McCarthy seem like the sane and balanced one in the room.  And stop acting so foolish as to taint my viewings of the original Star Wars.  Geeesh. 

Sometimes I think Christians are just giving up

If they even believe there is anything left to give up.

There was a letter on another blog in which the individual lamented that he doesn't think most people even believe it anymore.  Most in church that is.  He was Catholic, and though beaten down by this observation, isn't planning on leaving the Catholic Church.  Nonetheless, I fear his lament transcends any particular tradition in the Christian world.  It might even touch on Judaism as well.

Fact is, most are mostly atheist and assume atheism until an atheistic, material explanation doesn't work.  Then we'll consider the possibility of God and spiritual stuff.  Sunday mornings is a little different, but otherwise, throughout the week, it's mostly assuming a reality that smacks more of Dawkins, Harris, and Hawking than Matthew, Mark and Luke.

I thought of that as I saw on the news this morning a story about a local middle school having classes on yoga and meditation.   It's in partnership with BalletMet (the local ballet company).  Apparently the whole class is about teaching meditation, mindfulness and yoga.  Turns out, that's all the rage, and not just in that local school.

I know.  It's supposedly a 'secular' spin on these things.  Nonetheless, you know as well as I do that the line between 'meditation' and 'meditation as spiritual discipline' is paper thin.  Remember, this is the country where students have been told they can't even thank God in a speech about their own life's experiences.  That high level of intolerance seems to stand in stark contrast to our rather high tolerance of a broad approach to disciplines with roots in a decidedly Eastern spiritual worldview.

And it dawned on me, thinking of that letter.  I think of things that Christians were fighting against and trying to resist all those years ago when I became a Christian in 1990.  I guess if you really don't believe most of it, you're certainly not going to put up a fight for it.  Most don't seem to think religion has much to do with your eternal destiny anyway.  Just be a swell person (see Pope Francis).  Beyond that, I wonder how much most actually believe anymore.  It's as if we're entering the period of Christian agnosticism.  And the speed with which the defenses are failing and the offense is faltering is the best proof you can find.

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Making kids into wimps for Global Warming

OK, so here in Central Ohio, we're entering into the second day of schools being closed because of the heat.  Yesterday it reached 91, and they're saying it could be 90 today (more likely high 80s). 

What?  Back in the day, we called this Indian Summer.  Except we haven't had a freezing day.  Indian Summer was when the temperatures went up after the first cold snap.  It wasn't uncommon.  It's more uncommon today.  For all I know, in the grand scheme of things, it was uncommon most of the time, and for only a brief period geologically speaking it was something.

What happened this year is that the normal was off.   Usually in our neck of the woods the temperatures rise in June and remain high until sometime in mid to late September.  Then it cools off, except there could be a sudden uptick (see Indian Summer above). 

This year, June stayed cold.  We had our heater on until the end of the month. It was crazy cold (though in most cases not record breaking).  Then it heated up in July and we had quite a few hot days scattered about (but again, mostly nothing record breaking).  And it has remained until now, when they are calling for the temps to drop this week.  Basically it's what usually happens, just a few weeks off.

But you'd think everything was a record, it's all unprecedented, and we're all going to die.  No.  The temps aren't that bad.  I was out in the heat of the day yesterday.  There was a nice breeze and, while certainly hot, not disastrously so.

And yet yesterday, and now today, they've shut down the schools.  Our kids can't survive.  Here's the funny part.  They say it's the old buildings that don't have air conditioning.  But you know what?  Those old buildings were built without air conditioning.  They have air flow.  If classes do what our schools did and open the doors in the classrooms, and turn one row of lights off, you'll have a decent breeze.  Modern buildings (like our house) aren't built for air flow and yes, you need air conditioning since there is no breezes to be had.

But the kids could survive these low 90s/high 80s temps.  But the news is all about the terror.  The Columbus Superintendent is about how this is a crisis that must be solved.  It's all hysteria.  And it's all brainwashing.  It's making our kids into sissies.  Wimps.  And it's scaring them because to hear everyone talk, you'd think the world is three days from ending.

Remember, we only have day to day records going back the last 150 years or so.  That's it.  We can't tell what the temps were at the Battle of Hastings, or the day Christopher Columbus began slaughtering Natives.  We have a general view of the ups and downs of the climate that has changed many times over the ages.  But not day to day.  We only have that in a brief snippet of history.  Compared to the world's entire history, that's like judging people based on the last 1 1/2 seconds of their lives.

But they're in panic mode now.  They're scared.  Young Miss Greta Thunberg is raging over her inevitable death and suffering from Global Warming.  And since science has done a bang-up job proving that whatever happens regarding the weather or the temperatures, it all proves climate change, climate change must be true.

Again, I have no problem believing that STEM has hurt the environment.  Just like scientists say.  But looking at what is happening, at how we're teaching children that even temperatures in the high 80s are beyond what a human being can bear, it's not hard to see the brainwashing going on.  Oh, and also using kids as leverage to warrant money for upgrading old school buildings.  There's also that.

Journalistic sleight of hand

Here's how it works.

The headline reads: "Nearly 30,000 children under age 10 have been arrested in US since 2013: FBI"

Wow.  No wonder they're calling Trump a white supremacist and our border situation akin to the Holocaust.  That's bad.

Then, however, you read down and realize that this statistic is up through 2017, the last year in which we have the most complete data available.  The data is from 2013.  Obama left office in January, 2017.  This was on his watch.  Except for the latter part of 2017, these numbers are Obama.

OK now McFly, think.  What does this mean?  It means that this headline, perhaps meant to shock, awe, grasp and scandalize, is deceitful. Oh sure, it didn't say anything wrong, and it's not false.  Nor did it say it's all Trump's fault.  But notice it leaves off the end date of the data.  Note it makes no effort, in the headline, to make sure we know this is mostly under Obama's watch.

You know, Obama.  The guy who liberals respectfully yet lovingly disagreed with over his flawed, and yet sincere and well meaning, border policy.  Not Trump's Holocaust and Death Camp border policy.  Before which, apparently, many were being rounded up under Obama.

Oh sure, more are probably being arrested and separated now, because the Left/Media have been telling the world to come to America and you'll get in no questions asked, free of charge, and everything free.  So we shouldn't be surprised if numbers have ticked up in the last few years.

But the point is that many defenders of the 'Obama = respectfully disagree/Trump = Hitler' is that anything happening under the Obama administration was just dozens, a handful of unfortunates  and nothing more.  Now we see the obvious.  If we didn't see it during Obama's presidency, it's because nobody was spending much time focusing on it, least of all the national press.

One of the great evils of our age is how the press has trained Americans to look at human suffering and only ask if it can be exploited in order to advance the politics of the day.   During the Obama years, you'd barely know anyone was arrested, tear gassed or separated along the border.  And so many activists seemed happy to echo the silence  That is a far greater scandal than how many Obama actually arrested or separated, or how many Trump has.  And we had best damn well realize that before our souls become more corrupted.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Why we homeschool

Because we want our sons to understand that two plus two equals four.  Not that two plus two equals four is a vile oppressive construct imposed on the oppressed by evil white skinned Westerners who were nothing but evil:

Rod Dreher has the details.

I've often said that modern education is about equipping young people with the tools needed to rationally dismiss common sense.  I'd say this story goes a long way toward showing that I'm right.

In ages to come, once the terrors being built upon today finally come to fruition, and then mercifully pass, people will look back on this time as the era of educated idiots.  An entire narcissistic generation whose purpose seemed to be to disprove the idea that education is all you need.

Pope Francis meets with Father James Martin

Father Martin is most known for being a powerful advocate for LGBTQ agendas and viewpoints within the Catholic Church.  He's certainly to the Left on many issues, including the mounting obsession with skin color as first determiner of one's value and worth.  So a meeting with him and the pope is interesting.

Fr. Martin has made some stunning statements along the way.  I'll leave those to others to parse.  What strikes me is that I can't bring myself to think he was there in any way to be chastised by Pope Francis.  I'm not sure if anything he has said and done would be chastised by Pope Francis.  Including the aforementioned 'Jesus hearts skin color' tweet. 

I don't know.  It was a private audience, and we'll probably never know what was said.  I just find it interesting.  Fr. Martin is one of the things that keeps me from returning back to the arms of the Catholic Church.  Not because of him, but because the growing witness of Catholics and their leaders (African priests notwithstanding) seems to be falling in line with where Fr. Martin, or Pope Francis for that matter, clearly want to take the Church. 

Monday, September 30, 2019

Washington Post congratulates China on lasting longer than the Soviet Union

I just thought it interesting.   The way in which the national press treats Communism, for kudos for women's rights to well done USSR for being more diverse in your space program than the always racist US, you just can't miss the love.  Even when some of the uglier points are pointed out, it's always in the wrapping of 'well done, you're better than we were' vibes. 

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Update on the Impeachment scandal

OK, so here.

As I see it, so far, we have the accusation that President Trump tried to do something to the Ukrainian president that the Ukrainian president says he didn't do.

And we have accusations that there was a cover up to hide this fact.

We don't know what President Trump did exactly in that call that should warrant impeachment.  We have accusations of his motives, and his intentions, and those look pretty bad.  But we don't really have 'Here is Law X that he broke.'

As for the cover up, we don't even know for sure there was one.  If there was, I would think we need some evidence that President Trump was the one who ordered it in order to convict President Trump.

As I've said over the last three years throughout the myriad stories insisting there was proof Trump needs impeached: if there is proof he did something impeachable, then impeach him.  Otherwise, being someone who didn't give liberals want they want is not a good enough reason to impeach him.  Nor is being a really bad person. 

Right now, there could be enough to look into it.  Hey, investigations are almost 24/7 now, why not have another one?

But as of now, there doesn't look like enough, by my meager understanding, to impeach him for anything other than the high crime of winning the 2016 election and not giving the Left what it wants.  After all, the entire essence of the Left is promising everyone they can have whatever they want, and then tearing down any part of reality that results in bad consequences of everyone trying to get everything they want.

In fact, the Left's growing disdain for antiquated notions like forgiveness, due process, burden of proof and presumption of innocence (not to mention the growing number of young'uns who identity with the Left who are tired of such racist notions as truth, tolerance, math, the Constitution, freedom of speech and religious liberty), I'm pretty sure that at his worst so far, President Trump is the last thing we really need to worry about.

Unless, of course, actual proof can be produced that demonstrates otherwise.

Young Greta Thunberg demonstrates the post-forgiveness Left

I don't want to wade to strongly into the Greta is god movement being pushed by the Left.  It is what it is.  Global Warming is like most things today, a servant of the emergent Left, a new secular paganism that promises the world to me, and assures me that the upcoming gulags and gas chambers will only be for thee. 

As I wrote here, young Ms. Thunberg, daughter of two well to do celebrities, is out pushing for policies and changes that will likely hurt a great many people other than those who live like young Ms. Thunberg and her parents.  That's about par for the course.  After all, we live in a world that proudly says 36 million dead from AIDS is a small price to pay for a better sex life for me.

The interesting thing is how she, like so many of the Parkland gun activists, flaunt such antiquated notions as forgiveness, humility and love.  Forgiveness?  Where does that stand today?  Sex crimes, racism, failing to get in line behind gun control movements, and now failing to do something about Global Warming?  These are the sins Jesus can't forgive, so no sense forgiving them ourselves.

Of course most of the world rejects Jesus and the Gospel.  It shouldn't be surprising that one of the highest distinctives of the Christian Gospel - the mandate of forgiveness - would be so quick to go.  Forgiveness has never been a universal principle.  Now it is something being openly dismissed.

Like Truth, or Good and Evil, or even Math, Forgiveness may well go the way of other things deemed evil constructs of white racist European colonial civilization.  And given the number of Christians who seem fine with Ms. Thunberg with no qualifiers, as well as the other unforgivable sins being piled upon each other,  it's not hard to think forgiveness is something we will see far less of in the years to come.  And like the millions of dead from AIDS, we may well wear it as a badge of heroism that jettisoned such a useless and counterproductive notions as forgiveness in order to make this a better world for me to live in. 

Thursday, September 26, 2019

An updated thought on the Ukraine whistle blower scandal

OK, so I have no new news.  I have no clue what is going on.  This thing has changed more in tone and direction than a ping pong ball in a ping pong match.

But here's a hunch.  I think Trump is in trouble.  His 'screw the machine, I'm going rogue' approach may have finally caught up to him.  The reason I think this is because many who typically rally to his defense aren't.  Even some hardcore Trump supporters I know or keep up with are strangely silent.

After the transcript of the phone call was released, many pounced on it since it didn't seem to suggest that Trump had done what the initial media frenzy suggested.  It didn't help that Adam Schiff was out saying Trump admitted he threatened Ukraine if it didn't manufacture evidence against Biden.  Trump said no such thing, and neither did anyone else.

By this morning, even the morning CBS anchors were saying they were confused.  Either it was the scandal of the century or nothing to see. 

But now, I'm seeing more and more come forward and say something seriously went down.  Those who are Trump's most fanatical followers are, at least as of this post, strangely quiet. 

To me, it looks like Trump may have gone too far, unless there is some big hunk of missing evidence, or the accusations turn out - as they admittedly have many times - to be bunk.  At their face value, with what is being said about Trump's actions and the cover up, we have a problem.

Of course we have had problems, and this is the latest development.  We are dealing with a Cold Civil War between those on the Left on one side, who want to burn the Christian Faith, the Christian West and the American Experiment to ashes and rebuild it all in a pseudo-Marxist, Leninist, Socialist dream of a one world, secular order based on material priorities and secular ideals.  They are running the who in our educational institutions, colleges, most of the entertainment and arts community, the press and a sizable portion of our government (not to mention a growing number of religious traditions).  It's also worth noting that the majority of government workers tend to implicitly support this since the GOP and Conservatives have wisely made reducing the government (and hence, laying off or terminating thousands of those same government workers) a major party platform.

So it isn't surprising to notice that we've had serious stories about government workers using their positions to undercut the election or president they don't like.  It's also not surprising that the various institutions like the press have done very little to focus on such infractions.  It is also not surprising that someone like Donald Trump would then see this as validation for his paranoia, and move forward with the notion that since everyone is against him, all bets are off, and he has to fight the civil war alone with any weapons possible.   If it benefits him personally, all the better.

The other side of this Cold Civil War is the ever shrinking group that thinks Christian Western Civilization and America's heritage were great gifts to the long, sad history of humanity.  While there are certainly many evils and sins from these, there are none that are not common in some form or another to the rest of the world.  Therefore, they tend to take a forgive and forget view, learn from the past, but let bygones be bygones approach to the sins and evils of the past. They focus on the fact that we have changed, generally for the positive, and that is more than enough reason to preserve the civilization that brought us here.

They also, however, feel the changes has gone too far, and we are now drifting from the roots and foundations of the civilization at hand.  They believe that there is no reason to think there are other cultures that will rush in to fill the happy void of democracy, liberty, dignity of the human person, equality and freedom that the Christian West brought to the world.  And they are increasingly worried as more and more of our cultural institutions push to all but abolish the foundations of the West, and more and more those who once called themselves conservative join the call to go post-Western and even post-Christian.

They are the ones, by and large, that have stayed with Trump.  Even now, I'm sure they can point out why Trump would do such a thing, assuming the best spin possible.  I just notice they aren't. 

Just a quick ramble and observation, take it for what it's worth.

Allow me to paraphrase

If you don't vote the way I do, you're a sinner.

Sometimes brevity is the soul of truth.

Remember, as I pointed out here, Mark happily joined the Left's ripping of the teenagers from Covington High school, dismissing angst over the death threats and downplaying the accusations of them being racists and Nazis (that were found to have been based on a false accusation by an American Indian activist).

So any other paraphrase doesn't appear to fit, since it's obviously not the trashing of teenagers or comparing them to Nazis that, in itself, sets his teeth on edge.

Suggestions for youth who are panicking about Global Warming

Yep.  And I could add more.  I've often told my sons about going to school without air conditioning, or not having it as I grew up.  Heck, my parents wouldn't use air-conditioning even if the house we moved into had it, unless the temps got up to bright side of Mercury level heat.   All in all, with few exceptions, we had no more in terms of electronics and pollution than my parents did in the 30s.  We had TV, and they didn't.  We had cassette players and they had only record players.  They had electric stoves and refrigerators and washers and driers as we did.  I don't think we had a dish washer until I was out of college.  We did have a microwave.  That's about it.

Now, of course, most of what we have is plugged into something.  We have phones - needing electricity and hence power, and computers or laptops or tablets - needing electricity and hence power; we have televisions as always, and multiple electronic devices.  I know of no modern buildings that don't have air conditioning and that don't use it.  I see lighting for decorations, massive lighting displays on a variety of holidays, not to mention the sheer size and volume of electronic everything today.  Of course this doesn't include video games and computer games and other electronic equipment that chew up far more carbon than our old ball bats and footballs from back in the day (it's worth noting I saw a story on the decline of interest among up and coming generations in things like sports).

I've said a thousand times that I absolutely believe it when scientists say STEM has caused climate change.  Every day I become more and more convinced that the way in which we approached the scientific revolution and subsequent industrial and technological revolutions reminds me of a couple kids finding the keys to their parents' liquor cabinet while the parents are away.

Sure, at first, it looked all peaches and cream.  Everything could be solved by science and math, and industry and technology will fix all the problems.  Give it all a blank check and we'll fix the world.  Though even at the beginning, there were those who expressed concern about either the physical changes, or at least the social ones.

But now, after the last century, after a growing list of problems attributed to various forms of the STEM family, at seeing the limits of science, and how often the scientists and experts and researchers of the past ended up being wrong, you'd think we'd be rethinking the whole thing.

Instead, it's as if those kids with the keys to the liquor cabinet woke up with a horrible hangover from drinking too much whisky, admitted it was the whisky, and are now hellbent on drinking yet more whiskey to make them feel better.

As it is, if we are really serious about his being the crisis of all history and the world will be destroyed by 2100, then we would be making serious, radical and all-bets-are-off changes - including changes that impact ourselves.  Instead, we are seeing people who want others to do the suffering so they can go on living a life that has brought us - per the science - to the very crisis they're panicking about.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Pope Francis calls for an end to the word Rigid to describe Christians

Yep, says so right here in this story.  Apparently Pope Francis, who is no stranger to letting zingers fly at those he considers to be the cause of problems in the world, has called on us to stop using so many zingers to describe people.  He calls them adjectives, and says they are not useful for naming people. 

I get the point.  Adjectives wrongly used can be a backhanded way of condemning or judging people.  Nonetheless, it would be nice if he would lead by example.  No world religious leader in my lifetime has ever existed so strongly in the 'do as I preach, not as I do' plane of ministry as I've seen in Pope Francis.

In fact, that is one of my biggest beef with the man. I'll let sharper minds than mine hash out how much he is  or isn't changing Catholic teaching, or if Catholic teaching can ever be changed or if it's always just developing doctrine.  But by my eyes, I've seen few outside of some fundamentalist and hardcore liberal camps as quick to judge as the pope who became famous for asking who he is to judge.

I get pope and all, but I'm not aware that being pope means never having to live by the standards he, or God, expects of others.