Monday, July 13, 2020


In praise of John Wayne

Too young to guess his country would turn on him
I must admit, I was never a big John Wayne fan.  My parents weren't fans, so I didn't grow up on a steady diet of his movies. Not that they hated him or anything.  We just didn't watch his movies that often.

And it isn't as if we would never watch them.  If there was one we liked, we would watch it. Sometimes we'd watch it because that was the movie of the week.  But we were not huge John Wayne groupies.  Then again, we didn't worship the Founding Fathers as gods, which apparently is what you do if you oppose their legacies and memorials being destroyed and eradicated.

Which brings us to John Wayne, the first fruits of the dystopian Left's next phase, in which mere citizens of America begin having their names tarnished and their reputations condemned and their legacies expunged, following the typical Stalin inspired approach to eliminating that which the Soviet declares unclean.

Because Wayne marks an important next step in the Left's move to eradicate the West and America, moving against mere citizens rather than political leaders or those representing America's government, he acts as a canary in the coal mine.  A trend made possible by teaching more and more generations to hate, resent, and seek revenge and the eradication of others they blame for their problems, rather than seeking forgiveness, unity, reconciliation and self-reflection.

And the churches of America have stood by and let this happen, or have joined in.  So much for our brave religious leaders standing up and taking one for the Gospel team, or even humanity in general.

Sunday, July 12, 2020

A cause I could get behind

The late 20th Century onward was the time in which the national press became the greatest threat to freedom, life and the national well being.   Its shameless exploitation of human suffering and lies by suppressing truth and crucial knowledge for the sake of its agendas has become one of the great evils of the modern age.

Hagia Sophia goes full mosque

In yet the next phase of the eradication of the Christian West and America, external civilizations heed the clarion call of the Left

The Left brilliantly forged an alliance with anyone in America or the world who would see the Christian West and its bastard child America beaten down.  For the Muslim world, this didn't involve much arm twisting.  Since the time of the Prophet himself, the Islamic eye had turned toward Constantinople and the lands that were beyond.

And it wasn't for a lack of trying on their part that Europe remained free of Islamic domination.  Multiple times over the centuries would see a variety of invasions and incursions attempting to gain footholds in Europe from which to launch into the continent proper.

Even as America's Founding Fathers were inventing racism and slavery in 1619*, the Ottomans had pressed into southeastern Europe, only to be repulsed by those rascally Viennese.  This would go on well into the latter part of the 17th century.  For those who did fall under Ottoman control, centuries of oppression and slavery would be the name of the game.

One of the most endearing things I received from my sojourns with the Orthodox is a decidedly non-Western perspective on things.  No fans of the West, the Orthodox also don't subscribe to the narratives promoted by good, white liberals, Muslims or even Jews.  For instance, there are elderly Orthodox from the Balkans whose great grandparents saw the Balkan Orthodox slaves held by the Ottomans (with accompanying racist based justifications).  There are Middle Eastern Orthodox who continue to live as second class citizens under the thumb of that Religion of Peace that the Left and LBGTQ factions so dearly love and praise.

But that doesn't matter.  The Left's alliance with anyone who would see the West fall has just received a big boost.  Reading the writing on the wall, Turkey has turned the Hagia Sophia back into a mosque.  It had been a mosque ever since the Ottomans sacked Constantinople, destroyed Byzantium and subjected the people there to oppression and conquest.  It changed in the 1930s, as secular Turkey made it a museum where all would be welcome.  It remained a museum well after the war years as a symbol of outreach to the world, particularly the West.

But now Turkey need not put on airs of tolerance and meekness.  The West is destroying itself.  Leftists in America are destroying the heritage of our Founding Fathers and their legacy.  In Europe many would be happy seeing churches destroyed and replaced by dance clubs or fitness centers.  Turkey, and others across the Muslim world, can see where this is going and no doubt feel the time is ripe.  This is, of course, the first step.  Turkey - and the rest of the world - will watch and see what happens.  Will the West respond?  Will Christians rise up?  Will the Left put on the brakes?  Or will it be ground taken with no bloodshed, ready to be added to in the near future?

Only time will tell.  But it's clear to anyone with more than two brain cells what is happening.  Remember, the multicultural notion that only European and American Caucasians ever did anything wrong is one of the most stupid notions in history.  But it is the foundation upon which the Left assures itself that no matter what, when the rest of the world swallows up the West, it will be for the better. After all the rest of the world never did anything wrong.

*I write that as a joke, and yet because people educated by our modern schools might read this, I feel the need to point out that was humor.  The Founding Fathers did not invent racism and slavery in 1619.  They weren't born yet.   They invented racism and slavery in 1776, which is why Caucasian racists celebrate July 4th. 

St. Corbinian's Bear prowls through the current madness

The always delightful and fun St. Corbinian's Bear is back (which is wonderful news) and helps us realize we're not fools for seeing the lies, idiocy and evil that is becoming our national identity.

In this, he takes on the madness of Black Lives Sometimes Matter, the madness of not caring about Covid19 when caring could lead to being called nasty names, the madness of legally calling evil good and punishing good for the sake of evil, and the strange news that the Catholic Church has actually been helped by Covid-19 financial relief.

Go here.  My feeble attempts at wit and writing will add nothing to the piece, except to say if it was any other time in history, I would laugh at someone insisting these things are real.

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Dungeons and Dragons goes woke

It must be immensely satisfying to continually apologize for the sins of those who have accomplished more than we have.  My boys, who are big into the whole sci-fi/fantasy gig, informed me that Wizards of the Coast, the company that owns the D&D label, will be issuing copious apologizes for the bigotry and racism and sexism of D&D's originators.

Like so many, WotC's contributions today are likely shallow and lame additions to the breadth and depth of innovations they inherited. Perhaps it is because of a deep down realization that our generations will have little to show for our time on this world, the best we can do is beat down those who built the ladders upon which we have climbed.

I don't know.  Perhaps there is a greater conspiracy at work.  But a generation that displays its righteousness by constantly beating down and apologizing for generations long dead has some serious mental and emotional issues.  Issues that could explain the widespread suicide rates, drug abuse, mental disorders and general hopelessness we're seeing, none of which seem placated by our constant repentance for the sins of everyone else.

Action shot of my boys playing a soon to be condemned board game. America, 2020

Important Update: Our ten year old won.  Heh.  Owing to the three older brothers' stubbornness.  Refusing to cooperate and clashing over strategies, they allowed their youngest to stealthily skip through to the finish line.  I told them they have a good lesson to learn from their first game.  Next time cooperate to avoid having three young adults get their clocks cleaned by their ten year old brother.

Another Update: I'm not expert on all things D&D, but here is a site that is tracking the madness.  My boys say we're already in a dystopian fantasy and don't realize it.  The mark of a dystopian fantasy (or any of the totalitarian regimes of the last century, is that they are cults at the end of the day.  The people in them pass the ability to know they are in them.  No matter how stupid, ridiculous or wrong, then accept it because.  So declaring your righteousness by eliminated racism against fictional monster races is seen as a mark of moral superiority.  As is declaring the lack of connection between sex and babies, or the non-existence of gender, or the fact that if you're not willing to judge and segregate then you're a racist.  When we hit this level of dumb, we're already 84% there.

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

The NBA's approved messages

It's known that from little league sports to the pros, what goes on your uniform is often tightly regulated.  And that's fine.  They don't want athletes having things that might distract or collide with approved logos and other messages.  Fair enough.

Over the years, from the firing of Rush Limbaugh from ESPN, to the outcry against Tim Tebow for his anti-abortion commercial, to athletes wanting to put Bible verses or pro-America jargon on their uniforms, professional sports associations have been pretty clear: the hallowed fields and courts of the sporting world is no place for advocating political or other similar views.

Obviously this hasn't always been consistently enforced. From the famous 1968 Olympics and the legendary displays of Black Power, to Muhammad Ali's open protests against the Vietnam War, certain messages and messengers have gotten passes.  And sometimes the political implications of a sporting event, like the Miracle on Ice, have a life of their own.  Nonetheless, on the whole, professional sports has generally looked down on cavalier billboards running around on the field promoting who knows what.

So the nakedly biased and Orwellian treatment in favor of various anti-American slogans that will be allowed by the NBA is stunning.  Anything that supports either a post-American Marxist state or calls down hellfire on the unforgivable sins of America as bigoted, racist slave state will be allowed.

This would be the same NBA, if we remember, that threw its support behind the Communist Chinese government when it came to crushing protesters seeking freedom and liberty.

Meanwhile, as of now the other old prohibitions stand.  Signs advocating Bible verses, praise for America, support for the military or police will continue to be banned.  Those displaying such will be fined as usual.

Of course they do this since they know, when the dust has settled, 70% of conservatives have no more fight in them than 98% of conservative leaders. Already most religious leaders and intuitions have embraced the 'America as Nazi/whites as racist' narrative despite its obviously bigoted and flawed premises.  Almost every conservative outlet, industry and corporation has caved.

And in the end, they know Americans have become pretty lazy, cowardly, and worthless.  Most today couldn't scratch together a form of entertainment without pro sports or Hollywood if they had to.  And having had their faith in God seriously compromised over the generations, they just don't have much more to cling to than trying to enjoy the moment in the latest Netflix special or sports extravaganza.

At the end of the day, those conservatives screaming and shaking fists now will be glued to the big screen and watching the NBA playoffs whenever they happen.  The NBA knows this.  The Democrats know this.  Corporate America knows this.  America's Marxists and Communists know this.  And sadly, a growing number of countries around the world are learning it, too.

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Black Americans and White Liberals starring as King Theoden and Wormtongue

In one of our many tangents during our family prayer time, one of my sons said this about the LoTR in terms of our modern discourse on racism.  Let me explain. A very popular story I tell, largely for humorous effect, is from a stint I had at a major insurance company some years ago.  It was right before I had to come home to take care of my Mom.

I was a manger in the ultra-middle management sense of the word.  Three others and I had a department of over 120 people, divided somewhat equally between the four of us.  It was a hassle, let me tell you.  The company made it clear that firing anyone would require a dozen fiery hoops to be jumped through on our part.  Furthermore, while it was never said explicitly, it made it clear nonetheless that any employees who fell into certain 'demographics' would need an extra dozen hoops added to the process.

One day, a fellow manager was standing next to the large windows, staring down over the parking lot.  He was the only African American among us four managers. I went over to see what he was looking at. One of his team members - we'll call him 'Bob' - was walking toward his car.  I asked him why, and he said he was going home.

Going home?  I asked what was wrong.  The manager told me nothing.  Bob just sent an email saying "3 o'clock, time to go!", and left.  Bob, also, was African American.  I asked if that was it, and the manager said yep.  He just came to the window to watch him leave.  A week later, and Bob was still at his job.  Not the best worker by far, but not fired either.  The manager told me that was a massive problem  - in the Black community.  A dumbing down of expectations coupled with a feeling of entitlement and blaming others for the results of their actions.  And almost never a serious, national dialogue about what black Americans have to do on their parts to improve their situation.

It's a funnier story told, and my boys (and wife) still get a kick out of it.  "3 o'clock, time to go!" is an oft repeated phrase in our home.  But it's also telling.  What the manager said still rings in my ears, and I know he's not the only black American to think such a thing.  In fact, right before the accusations of sexual assault came out against him, Bill Cosby shook the African American world by giving an infamous speech in which he said many of the problems in the black community were the fault of the black community.  Of course we know what ended up happening to Cosby, so his word isn't worth much nowadays.

But that got the family to thinking, as we are wont to do.  And it was during a talk about what we are seeing happen that one of my sons brought up the comparison.  That the black community, victims of slavery, racism, discrimination, segregation and overt oppression over the ages, have nonetheless been kept in the same predicament by the Left, even as the Democrats and the American Left have given the impression of letting them go free.

In fact, it seems that the American Left reacts violently to anyone suggesting in any way that the black community should do anything other than what it's been doing for decades.  Despite cataclysmic rates of violent crime, homicides, drugs, gang violence, domestic violence, broken homes and fatherless children, there is almost no call for improvement on their part that doesn't somehow wrap itself into them being the victims of anything else.  That somehow, no matter what they do, it's always and ever someone else's - basically white America's - fault.

The ones telling them this are those who make a living off of racial injustice and tensions, and of course, good, white liberals.  Especially good, white liberals in positions of wealth and power.

Is it a stretch to think that the party that profited off of slavery, and established Jim Crow laws, and pushed segregation, didn't purge that attitude out of its bloodstream in a few short years?  That the party that defined America's worst racism of its past continues to have it, just in different forms now owing to the legislation it actually opposed in the day?  That it found a different, slicker way to keep black Americans down and dependent on them while at the same time serving their interests?

Is it too far fetched to imagine that the American left whispers in black America's ears that they really are inferior, that their standards should be lowered, that expectations for them should drop, that they should be expected to be on drugs, engage in violence and abandon their families since it's logical owing to all the evils white America has visited on them?  And furthermore, if they'll keep supporting these various Civil Rights organizations and keep electing certain politicians into power, somehow, some day, it will all be made right?

I know, when this is said you're accused of being a racist and selling black American short.  But after more than a half century of everything being the same, isn't it worth asking?  I'm not proud.  I'm sure I've been a sucker for a sales pitch over the years.  Is it possible that the black community have been snookered all this time, especially since liberal Americans had so many different institutions selling them the same wind song?

It's something to think about.  The idea that the Democrats play the black community is nothing new.  The idea that Civil Rights leaders who make millions off of racial strife, and therefore prefer racial strife, is nothing new.  And if true, this would not be the first time in history such things happened.  Nonetheless, when my boys brought the comparison, it suddenly made sense.  Especially the idea that it's just not racial strife the Left wants or that they don't care about the plight of the black community, but that they actively encourage the behaviors and attitudes within the black community that perpetuate the plight.  I just hope someone takes the black community out into the cool breezes of the real world and gets them to ponder the possibility.  Before it's too late.

'Assuredly not. lord,' said Wormtongue. 'I care for you and yours as best I may. But do not weary yourself, or tax too heavily your strength. Let others deal with these irksome guests. Your meat is about to be set on the board. Will you not go to it?'
'I will,' said Théoden. 'And let food for my guests be set on the board beside me. The host rides today. Send the heralds forth! Let them summon all who dwell nigh! Every man and strong lad able to bear arms, all who have horses, let them be ready in the saddle at the gate ere the second hour from noon!'
'Dear lord!' cried Wormtongue. 'It is as I feared. This wizard has bewitched you. Are none to be left to defend the Golden Hall of your fathers, and all your treasure? None to guard the Lord of the Mark?'
'If this is bewitchment,' said Théoden, 'it seems to me more wholesome than your whisperings. Your leechcraft ere long would have had me walking on all fours like a beast. No, not one shall be left, not even Gríma. Gríma shall ride too. Go! You have yet time to clean the rust from your sword.'

JRR Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings, The Two Towers 

Saturday, July 4, 2020

On this Independence Day

A growing portion of our country is convinced the US has been nothing but a genocidal, racist, slave state from its beginnings.  That, of course, is ridiculous.  Americans of all identities, no matter their station and no matter how often Americans failed to live up to our blessings, are beneficiaries of one of the few revolutions in human history that worked and kept its promises.  If we want to know how most revolutions end up (present revolutionaries likely included), we should reread Orwell’s Animal Farm.  Now read The Declaration of Independence, be thankful, and have a Happy July 4th. 

The worthless and treacherous Republican Party

In one thing Mark Shea was right.  Fools who kept supporting the Republican party as if the GOP gave a rip about anything conservatives or Christians cared about were fools indeed.

Nothing has shown the wisdom of Mark's insight more than the last few weeks.  Almost overnight, the GOP has gone from stunned silence to embracing the Marxist driven narratives and revolution to overthrow America and the Christian West.

So it's the GOP - that's the GOP - proposing we ban Columbus Day, and replace it with Juneteenth (the celebration of the end of slavery focusing not at all on anything white Americans did to end it).  That's the GOP.  The ones conservatives and traditionalists and others who love our country thought they could count on to defend our country, its traditions, its heroes, it heritage.   The more I watch the GOP cave, surrender and betray, the more I think of this scene from the movie Braveheart:

In his fight against William Wallace, King Edward I thinks he has the Irish on his side when lo, the rascally Irish stop and shake hands with Wallace.  Sometimes you just can't count on people to stay loyal.  A lesson played out more than once over the course of human history.

That's what we're seeing now.  As if to say, "Whew, thank  goodness we can stop the charade.  Now we can finally trash this pissy country and its pissy heritage and its pissy Christians and get with the powers and money changers at the new Marxist parties with the T&A", the GOP is showing themselves for what they've been for decades. 

People say 'But the party of Reagan!'.  Here's the dirty secret.  It was never the party of Reagan, as Bush, Sr. made clear when he immediately began trying to distance himself from Reagan's brand of conservatism.  It begrudgingly chocked down those hayseeds and religious hicks at voting time, but were happy to vomit them out time and again between election cycles.  Since Bush's time, it's been one long, slow betrayal after betrayal until now they're finally showing their faces.

The shock is that we still imagined the GOP, if it didn't care about the social and religious conservative side, still cared about America.  In a pinch, we still imagined the GOP would rise to the occasion and rally with others out to defend the heritage of the civilization that brought human rights, democracy, freedom and the dignity of the human person to the world.  Boy were we wrong.   Happy 4th of July. 

As of now, the GOP will get no more votes of mine.  For all that he became, you have to give credit where it is due.  When it comes to what the GOP was and has been for years, Mark Shea was very, very right.

Friday, July 3, 2020


Gone With the Wind will be aired by HBO - with a disclaimer.

I wonder if the disclaimer will mention that Gone With the Wind was made in an era that didn’t have national discussions about arming school teachers due to regular mass shootings in our schools.

Probably not. 

Why sane people don't put blind faith in scientists

It's not science people don't trust.  Science is science, a method for approaching the material part of Creation.  There's nothing to trust.  That's like saying I trust socket wrenches.  It's the scientists that we would do well to question.  And nothing shows this more than the era of Covd-19.

Not only because of the clear and obvious fact that scientists usually don't know far more than they know, but because their use of knowledge can be as biased as any south Alabama fundamentalist tent revival preacher.   So now it's official: tens of thousands gathering in close quarters for weeks on end had nothing to do with spreading Covid-19!

That is, as long as the protests were pushing the demonstrably false narrative of Black Lives Matter.  If the protests were challenging the quarantine rules,  we all remember how the experts fretted that so many people could cause spikes in C19.  Same for gathering at the beaches.  Even now, July 4th celebrations have been cancelled because large outdoor gatherings could lead to spikes in Covid-19.  Only mass gatherings for BLM have been immune.  In fact, they suggest the protests actually helped (apparently because the riots, violence, death and destruction kept people holed up in stark terror, thereby limiting exposure).  But for whatever reason, BLM is the one case where huge numbers of people gathering together don't spread the Coronavirus!  It's a miracle!

Of course it's bulls**t.  And we know it.  Everyone knows it.  But there's nothing we can do about it.  Since these scientists are merely court prophets for the Marxist left.  Just like scientists who stood beside Goebbels insisting the science proved he was just right.  Just like those scientists who jumped on the eugenics bandwagon because they knew the science was true about all those darkie types.   Science has its court prophets too.  And in an age that trusts and worships science, not God, you can bet the temptation to become a court prophet is greater than ever before.

Our whole approach to the Covid-19 has been highly questionable.  Not that we should have done nothing.  But the thermonuclear approach that has destroyed the lives and livelihoods of millions, while throwing out entire nation into chaos and damaging the Trump presidency (an unfortunate byproduct no doubt), has caused untold damage that will outlast any virus.

As soon as the press puffed George Floyd to cover Biden's butt after his latest 'those quaint darkie types' statement, the medical community's concern about social distancing went out with the flying monkeys.  In fact, some medical pros joined the protests!  Only days early medical pros continued to cry and whine and ball their eyes out like no heroes I've ever witnessed, all in the hope of getting people to social distance and wear masks.  And then, there they were, with tens of thousands, many protesters not wearing masks, nobody social distancing.  And medical pros approved that message!

There have been millions of reasons to not bow at the alter of Sciencegod.  If this didn't do it, we should know better than putting faith in scientists any more than we would any other profession.  If we come out of this mess not learning that lesson, there is likely nothing that could ever happen that will get us to do so.

Abby Johnson under fiery assault

I know little about Ms. Johnson.  I know she had a 'conversion' experience from being pro-abortion to pro-life.  As such, she has become quite the hero in the pro-life movement.   As such, she has no doubt been under withering assault from the Left's version of the KGB known as the news media.  Again, I know little of her, but I'd wager there have been 'investigative reports' that suggest whatever bad they can suggest.  Same thing that has been done with Candace Owens.

Apparently this, which has brought about the ire of Catholic bloggers, here and here, has to do with her biracial baby that she adopted.  She said things that, if you assume she's a liar and vile racist, are damning.  Of course she may mean nothing at all. It may just be innocent banter about her adopted baby.

In the 21st century, however, there is nothing innocent, especially among those who stray from the Leftist Plantation.  In Ms. Johnson's case (and Ms. Owens), they represent particularly dangerous threats to the Left.  They are 'designated special groups', in this case women (or in Ms. Owens' case, a black women).  So when they stray from the plantation, they jeopardize the slick and easy stereotypes and narratives the Left labors to instill in our minds.

Therefore, like blacks, former homosexuals, anti-illegal immigration Hispanics, pro-Christian heritage Jews, or any from DSGs, they must be cut down to size.  They must be beaten down, or just beaten, until they return to the camps or get banished to oblivion. This is the nation the Left wants.  You will cow to the Left, or pay the ultimate price.  We see it coming, will we be able to muster what it takes to stop it?  The future knows. 

Thursday, July 2, 2020

It's that time of year again

Celebrating our third boy's birthday and kick off to 'our part of the year'
As I said here, the second half of the year, starting with our third son's birthday, is 'our year.'  It's the half in which we get to celebrate the parts of the heritage of our family nationally, religiously, and culturally.

This year may not prove to be an easy go of it.  The biggest shock of this shocking year has been the speed with which so many who boasted a brave talk of resisting the Marxist Left have collapsed, grovelled and debased themselves before the onslaught of anti-Western Marxism: 'I'm sorry I'm white, I'll never do it again!  Gee, maybe white Jesus is bad and we should destroy sacred art based on ethnicity!  Freedom?  Overrated.'  And on and on.

So who knows where the rest of the year will go. This was supposed to be our youngest's initiation to Ohio State Football at the stadium.  It's unlikely to come about.  Even if it does, it won't be the same.  And again, a growing number of Americans are fine with that.  Perhaps all of these fun and game pastimes we've focused on weren't so important after all.

Nonetheless, this is still our half of the year, and lasts until the end of the Twelve Days of Christmas (as practiced in the West, for those who still follow that).   We expect to do our usual, celebrate the memories of a once great county, indulge in quickly fading pastimes, embark in a little nostalgia around the holidays, watch pagans and anti-American/Christian radicals call to change or eliminate Halloween and Thanksgiving, watch the usual war on Christmas, though now on full octane, but still hold to the core of our Faith nonetheless. 

It won't be as easy as in years past.  Though as I said, already we felt we had lost half the year anyway, as we watched our society marginalize a growing number of things that define us and what we believe and who we are.  Perhaps it was inevitable it would come to the rest of the year.  Until it does, however, we'll enjoy what we can with the time we have and thank God that once all of it has blown away like chaff, we'll still be rooted in the Gospel and the God who revealed His ultimate love for us in a time no worse than today. 

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

When you align with dark powers

Your arguments are going to sound dark, very dark.

Apparently that was on Mark Shea's twitter feed.  But the individual is someone I don't know. Note, though, the preemptive judgmentalism, the assumption that if people defending the statue of St. Louis heard this statue was under attack, they wouldn't care.

How does he know?  If they knew it was supposed to be Jesus, they just might. Heck, if they didn't and heard there was a mob of rioters and iconoclasts and zealots bent on destroying it, they might rise to the occasion and protect it on general principle.  I could see them doing so.

Just why the fellow seems he has to point out St. Louis was on a horse, I don't know.  That would be ... I have no clue.  He seems to feel it's important.

But point is, notice the assumption, the preemptive judgement, the accusation over some hypothetical that isn't happening and likely won't happen.  Personally I had no idea that was supposed to be Jesus.  But even if it wasn't, I wouldn't support it being destroyed.  That's me.  That's most I know who are opposing this violence, destruction, threats, vandalism and killing in the name of the Marxist revolt.

I'll assume - since assumptions are all the rage - none of those are as important to this individual, or Mark Shea, as scoring points against anyone trying to defend the heritage of the Christian West and avoid the modern assumption that we define humans of the past by their sins, their skin color, or their national origins.  That does seem patently clear.

BTW, I wonder if Mr. Ahern and Mark have commented on this:

Since they clearly don't care about the statue of St. Louis coming down, even if he is on a horse.

Again, this is now clearly a revolt of violence, hatred, bigotry, destruction and death.  Marxist inspired, totalitarianism, bigotry and oppression as the goals.  Those who for whatever reason defend and deflect and join the elitist classes who are clearly happy with our country going in this direction, are now the enemies of all that is good, virtuous, holy and right.  Mark them for what they are.  And remember.

Friday, June 26, 2020

Preparing for the Christian Diaspora

The ruins of an iron age temple at 'Ain Dara in Syria
Because it's coming.  In his book The Benedict Option, Rod Dreher argues for a radical rethinking of how Christians approach the Faith.  Correctly reading the tea leaves, he realizes that Christianity is no longer going to be easy.  His approach, one of a new form of communal undertaking in a pseudo-monastic model, can be debated elsewhere.

There is the one thing he doesn't emphasize enough.  The forces we are watching are tapping into the base levels of human emotions: hate, revenge, resentment, envy, pride.  They have formed a loose coalition with anyone and everyone who can claim 'oppressed minority' status throughout the world. Oppressed by the Christian West and the United States that is.

To that end, this coalition has found its numbers bulging, for appeals to the base human emotions are always effective.  Plus, the net is so broad as to what constitutes oppressed, you'd be shocked to see how many find their way into this fold.  Even Catholics and Orthodox have dipped their feet in this coalition, depending on just who is being emphasized at the moment. Catholics grind axes about past discrimination by Protestant America, Orthodox still rise up and shake fists at old crusaders and Western imperialism.  In short, it is so broadly defined, that there are likely no more than a few percentage points of people in the world who aren't part of this 'down with the West movement', at least at one point or another.

Because of that, within another hundred years or so - or perhaps much sooner - expect much of what we've come to see as the Christian West, Christian heritage, residue of Christian culture - to be gone.  Like King David's Jerusalem or Solomon's temple, so the cathedrals, the music, the art, the books and stories, the values and beliefs, will have been torn down.  We're seeing it happen and we've been seeing it happen for some time.  Do we think it will slow down or stop?  There are certainly none trying to make it stop.

Some believe this is just a new development in the 2000 year old history of Christianity. Things change.  The Church changes.  We adapt.  The next step in the development of doctrine.  I don't think so.  This is different.  Up until now, even following the Protestant Reformation, there was an attempt to preserve the parts of the Christian West believed to be worth preserving; if nothing else a Trail of Blood going back to Jesus.  There may have been attempts to spin these things as belonging only to the latest movements, but they were kept.  That's not what we're seeing here.  We're watching a movement, very much akin to some of the communist revolutions of the last century, making sure anything not of the New Way is eradicated and destroyed.  Burning those bridges, rejecting Christ, God, the Bible, freedom, democracy, equality and even life itself.  Given that this movement will gladly side with any other culture or nation if the end result is a destruction of those historical roots, I'm not seeing many rush in to stop the tsunami.

The important thing is who they oppose
When in a high school history class I was teaching, a student asked me why Americans thought they could just go and get slaves from Africa.  I told her because they could, that's why.  Do we think if Africa had the superior culture it would be like the Black Panther movies, and be a land of peace, love, science, kindness and John Lennon songs?  Do we think if American Indians possessed the science and know-how of the West in the 15th century, they wouldn't do just what the West did?  Do we think any of these things have changed in the last several centuries?  Hardly.  Only an ignorant fool would think that.  Nonetheless, it's now the standard assumption in our schools and our popular culture and, yes, in most of our churches.

None of this is to condone or dismiss the worst of Western culture.  But the Coalition has convinced everyone that no matter what happens, the destruction of the Christian tradition and America's heritage will be a net positive since only from that Christian based heritage did true evil really emanate.  There was nothing the Christian West brought that was positive that the rest of the world didn't have, or so they insist.  And almost everything negative in the West was only negative in the West, nowhere else.  That should have been rejected as the pack of foolish lies that it was, but too many Christians accepted it until it was too late to state the obvious.

So there will be a time, perhaps in the not too distant future, where Christians will literally be as Jews in the Middle Ages.  They will be foreigners and aliens, and possibly even ostracized and oppressed.  They will have only memories of a golden age of Christian civilization.  While the age of Solomon was not without its problems, historically Jews often looked back with fondness as they held to their heritage and their people.  So Christians may well merge into 'a people', one which looks back to the best of an age when cathedrals soared, Christian hymns filled the air, and the Gospel, no matter how it was often ignored, still acted as the bedrock of their lands' morals as the ideals of liberty, equality and the dignity of the human person made their way into the world from its roots.

Our aid will come from those who have paved the way, bringing the Gospel into the rest of the world, or believing in Christ in those same areas.  They will welcome the wayfarers with open arms.  And if many I've met are any indication, they will welcome the shards of the culture and heritage we preserve as well.  For most of them aren't idiots and they can see where the ideas of human dignity, equality, democracy, human rights and peace above war emerged from.  They also fear the loss of the Christian West's influence and will sadly join in paying the price once it's gone.  Or, I should say, their grandchildren will join our grandchildren in paying the price.  Given the lack of resistance we're seeing, that appears to be a price us good benefactors of the Christian West are prepared to pay.

So we'll live,
And pray, and sing, and tell old tales, and laugh
At gilded butterflies, and hear poor rogues
Talk of court news; and we'll talk with them too,
Who loses and who wins; who's in, who's out;
And take upon's the mystery of things,
As if we were God's spies

King Lear, Act 5, Scene III

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Wo ist der GOP?

Oh where is the GOP, or any conservative leadership right now?  The Federalist asks the million dollar question.  Or, to be more to the point, where are Americans who love and value America and its traditions and heritage?  Where are the counter protests?  Where are the 'God Bless America' or 'America is Great' protesters? 

It's been stunning silence  Silence from the GOP.  Silence from Conservative leaders.  Silence from Christians who only in recent years seemed to think God and history and the rise of Democracy and all were things.

True, in the last few days we've begun to hear some talk, mostly from the GOP and President Trump. Talk that is.  I'm sure there have been right wing pundits out there, like Rush Limbaugh, pounding the drums.  I know Tucker Carlson has been calling a spade a spade.   But on the whole, more silence than noise.

What does that mean?  We're wimps?  We're all talk?  We don't really believe it?  By now those who would preserve the nation have had ample time to respond.  So far the response has been tepid at best.

We'll see, but I'm not optimistic.  By now there should have been tremendous push-back from the GOP in those areas where Democrats are seizing on the riots to aid in the destruction of our heritage.  We've had enough time to see organized responses from the street level.  Only a few weeks ago people were protesting in large numbers against the Quarantines.  Where are they now?  All in all, it does not bode well.

Governor Mike DeWine wins one for Religious Liberty

A hateful thought to many 21st Century Americans
By signing a law that will allow religious students in public schools to express their religious beliefs freely.  Naturally that great opponent of non-secular progressive values, the ironically titled ACLU, has fought this like a mad dog.  As have most open minded and tolerant liberal activists.

Their fear is that this will allow students to dismiss science and state their fanatical belief in the world as the great Earth egg goddess.  Which, of course, is ridiculous .  That's simply the same hysterics, stereotyping and fear mongering that progressives always engage in when someone wants to think freely.  Fact is, the law does not allow students to answer the wrong answer in a classroom. If the class taught evolution and evolution is tested, the student must answer what was taught.

No, this will allow students to wear religious symbols, refer to their faith where appropriate in school, stand up for religious perspectives where secular perspectives have alone been given, and generally be free of being barred and banned due to their religious faith.  You know, a freedom of religion thing. 

Which, of course, is anathema to the secular left.  To the left, there is only the freedom to tear down the Christian West and America in deference of a strong Marxist inspired totalitarian state that will shower me with endless free things, including the right to define my gender and abort six million prenatal babies while pursing endless narcissism and decadence. 

That is what the left wants taught in school.  What Mike DeWine did was take an important step in allowing those who don't see such things as the highest values for which to strive a chance to speak out and express themselves accordingly.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

A defense of Shaun King

And suddenly, this became  all the rage for good American Leftists
Who goes a long way toward proving that Nazism comes in all colors.   As can be expected, Mark Shea rushes in to mitigate the damage of King's Goebbels-like pronouncement.

I know.  I said I would no longer bother with Mark.  I am focused on Christian things, not Marksist ones (heh).  Nonetheless, when I was notified of this my jaw dropped.  After the shock, I realized this was a good case study in 'Daddy, how come so many Christians ended up goosestepping around Nuremberg with a Bible in one hand and a Nazi flag in the other?'.

Now, in fairness, Mark does somewhat, in a very limp-wristed manner, correct King on the assumption that all European portrayals of Jesus are Nazi and therefore should be gathered together and burned.  Mark even goes on to say it would be a damn crying shame if all European Christian art was destroyed.

The rest, of course, is Mark pouring invective and bigotry on our 400 year old racist state of oppression and genocide filled to the brim with 'know nothing Americans'.  That sort of 'As the Nazis hated Jews, so we hate Americans' attitude is, after all, common with those immersed in the Marxist Left.  It's how the Communists have effectively convinced people living in the freest, most prosperous, one of the most charitable and one of the most penitent nations in history that theirs was the worst country ever and it needs burned to the ground.

We won't even discuss Mark's laughable idea that if you're worried they'll move from "racist statues" to crosses, you're to blame for associating Christianity with racism.  That's so lame and stupid and shows such a deplorable ignorance where history is concerned it's not worth debating (not to mention it's happening even as we're watching).

Nonetheless, the one thing that hit me - and why I'm bothering to post this - is that at no time does Mark really call out Shaun King to ease down and suffer for Jesus. Technically Mr. King is, or at least was, a pastor.  As far as I can tell, he's also a Christian.  Shouldn't Mark tell him - and all BLM - to face the bad times with humility and charity?  Face the trials and injustice?  Take it in the cheek for the team?  Embrace the persecution and suffering for Jesus?  He doesn't.  In fact, quite the opposite. Where the BLM/anti-American riots go, there has Mark been defending and justifying them all the way.

That's because Mark's post has nothing to do with the Gospel.  What Mark has written has the feel of 'Christian teaching' but it isn't.  It's the same type of 'Christian teaching' that defended the slave holders in the South, or defended the new regime in Germany in the 1930s, or joined with the Bolsheviks in Russia.  It literally says that no matter what happens on behalf of these movements or institutions to which I am loyal, the good Christian should hunker down and accept their plight at best, or join in at worst.  The institutions or movements, of course, are justified in everything they do.

That's how you know what is happening and what we're hearing from so many Christian leaders is not of Christ.  If they're only concerned about the inherent racism of white people, but make no noise about problems with the black community otherwise, that's the world talking. If they call acceptable or even good what they once called evil, simply because that's where the world is now headed, that's Satan, not Jesus. In other words, if the leaders merely sound like the world, and alter their message to conform to the latest developments in the world, that's a warning sign.

So apparently as the Left has pushed the line and killed, destroyed, attacked, rioted and looted more and more, as its leaders have called for the purge of American heritage and even the legacy of Christianity, Mark has been seen retreating step by step, defending or deflecting from the lot of it.  Even as Christian monuments and statues to saints and churches have been vandalized, Mark has continually side stepped and aimed elsewhere, though he would have condemned such actions only a few years ago.  Again, as German Christians in the 30s no doubt did, or those Christians living in the South 200 years ago.

This is why Mark is a valuable case study in how such movements of evil and destruction and oppression seize the day; of how people you'd think would never do or condone such things end up doing or condoning such things.   The saddest part is, they are now the majority witness in our nation among Christians and Christian leaders.  Again, any confusion about how that could have happened in Germany in the 1930s should now be cleared up.  Remember kids, it can happen here.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

George Floyd and the Twin Towers

Most experts agree that the Islamic terrorists who struck America on 9/11 did not imagine that both of the Twin Towers would fall.  They hoped to kill thousands of innocent people.  They hoped to do unthinkable damage.  But never in their wildest dreams did they imagine both towers would collapse and an icon of American financial might would fade into memory.

The same is true of George Floyd.  Anyone honest and with more than two brain cells knows what happened.  The press seized upon the death of Mr. Floyd in a desperate attempt to divert attention away from Joe Biden's disastrously contemptuous dismissal of black Americans who fail to give him more political power.  Despite trying to downplay his statements, the press was faced with a growing backlash from even liberal black leaders.  Something had to be done.

What happened, however, was more than the Marxists in the propaganda ministry ever dreamed in their wildest of dreams.  All that was supposed to happen by puffing Floyd was the usual: demonstrations, a few riots, accusations of American racism, Trump as Hitler, and enough commotion to take the attention away from Biden.  Yet it ended up far more than anyone predicted.

Despite the fact that there is no factual evidence to support the Black Lives Matter mantra, and that the condemnation of Mr. Floyd's killer was based purely on the skin color of the police officer in question, religious leaders pounced.  They didn't even stop when it came to condemning not just the police officer for his skin color, but the officer's entire ethnic group and the officer's entire nation.  Imagine condemning an entire nation and ethnic group based on the skin color of one person.  That's exactly what Protestant, Catholic and - yes - Orthodox leaders did with zeal.  From Pope Francis to the Southern Baptist Convention, BLM had become the gospel.

Furthermore, only days after religious leaders reaffirmed their commitments to the most restricted gatherings for worshiping God to minimize Covid-19, news cameras found many marching elbow to elbow with Black Lives Matter protesters.  Those who weren't marching were giving a hearty thumbs up to the protests and rallies.  At the same time, medical professionals who had spent weeks weeping and crying for their plight and begging all to refrain from any large gatherings, suddenly marched in large gatherings for Black Lives Matter and even cheered the protests while at the same time expressing concern about the obvious spikes in C19 that would occur.

And that was just the beginning.  Riots and destruction and violence erupted.  People were killed, black businesses destroyed.  Fires and vandalism and assaults abounded.  People like Mark Shea rushed out to excuse the violence, him being only one example of the growing voices that fully supported whatever was needed to tear down our Nazi society.  Even the press seemed reluctant to do anything but excuse the damage and the violence, picking only cases where injury resulted from police action to express concern.

Those who early on spoke out against  BLM, echoing the ancient notion that perhaps all lives mattered, were threatened with financial ruin and the elimination of their situations.  Like dominoes falling fast, prominent voices caved, repented of their white skin, called down hellfire on our Nazi nation, and donned the BLM logo.

And even that wasn't enough.  In line with these events, the pro-communist, anti-religious, anti-American hate group called Antifa arrived and all but seized the momentum.  Almost immediately it ran amok, destroying memorials and monuments to America's past, targeting Christians, presidents, any figure of America's heritage as any good Stalinist would do.  Day after day was met with new stories of statues, war memorials, grave stones, Christian establishments being vandalized.  What made it worse wasn't the obvious tactics one expects from a communist revolutionary, but that nobody - not religious leaders, political leaders, the press, business leaders - stood up to stop them.

Democrat governors and mayors began to join in, calling for statues of American heroes to be pulled down, entertainment outlets began banning or repacking material deemed unacceptable, businesses began lamenting the inherent racism of whites and Americans, while erasing all images deemed offensive to those who consider all lives mattering to be an evil sentiment.   On top of this, a growing shout to erase the names and references to presidents, Founding Fathers, or anyone of European decent almost drowned out any other discourse.

And now, even at this point, there is no end in sight.  More and more corporations are joining the revolution, threatening employees who would speak out, and using their vast economic power to silence any dissent.  Democrats call for the end of police departments, and police involved in violent crime shootings are charged with murder overnight, to the chants for the death penalty from a growing chorus of revolutionaries.   Democrats also stand by and let the vandalism and destruction and the violence go on unimpeded.  No matter how many police or military officials take a knee to  protest the banner of our racist nation, it seems to do nothing to engender love from the Marxist momentum.

And in all of this - silence. Silence from the GOP.  Silence from churches and synagogues and mosques.  Silence from the Black Community regarding all the blacks who have been hurt in this.  And undying support from corporate America which has emerged as the communist revolt's chiefest ally.  Only President Trump, interspersed within a two hour series of rambling stories, bothered to point out the obvious, and yet we'll see if he actually does anything about it.

So you might say, not bad.  Not bad at all.  Terrorists from 9/11, you don't hold a candle to the good fortune America's Marxists have just experienced.  In just three weeks, all to cover up the latest Biden gaffe, we have almost all of our major institutions agreeing that its time to condemn the white race for its inherent racism, eradicate America's heritage, embrace punishment of art and speech deemed offensive by those who matter, begin reframing our commitment to equality and law and order, and put an end to condemnation based on anything but labels applied by the Leftist state.  Take that terrorists!  You don't even know what icing on a cake looks like.