Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Prayers for the victims and families of the those killed in the train collision in Texas

As the son of a former railroad engineer, this hits hard.  By the era of diesel engines, even in the olden days, things were safer for railroad workers than the era of steam.  Nonetheless, it was still a job with risks.  You were working around massive industrial products, settings, and equipment.  Those engines were big!  I don't know if you've ever been near one, but they make standing in front of a semi truck feel like standing in front of a Hot Wheels car.  I tried to stand right in front of one once but didn't have the nerve.

So things did happen, and even in the later years of my youth, sometimes people died.  Again, it was overall safer, but the problem was certain things were simply outside your control as a crew member.  The biggest problem is that you can't just stop a train on a dime. The main things we worried about were collisions with other trains, and the dreaded gasoline truck stalled on the tracks.  More than a few train crews met their end that way.

One was a friend of my Dad's in one of those bizarre events that makes you realize sometimes it is just your time to go, and sometimes it isn't.  Back before I was born, my Dad worked the road.  That means he went to the local train yard, ran the train to another train yard often in another state, and then waited until it was his turn to get another train back.  It worked in rotation.  First one in was first one out.

There was a day when a friend of my Dad's was behind him in the rotation.  He and his wife were planning a social event, and he asked if he could trade with Dad so he could get home first.  Dad said sure, why not.  The train came in, and just as my Dad's friend was getting ready to board, his wife called and said the social had been canceled.  Being a good guy, he went back and offered my Dad his place back at the head of the line.  So Dad got on the train and ran it back home.  He came in and promptly took his obligatory two hour nap for the day.

While he was sleeping, the phone rang.  My Mom answered and it was the railroad yard.  They asked if Dad was home.  She told them he was in sleeping.  They said they were just checking, as there had been a train accident and apparently some mix up as to who was on the train.

Mom woke Dad up and told him him what happened.  Dad called in to find out the details.  It turns out that his friend was on the train behind him.  On the way near Marion, Ohio, a switch had been thrown.  This caused another train to run headfirst into his friend's engine.  All but one of the crew in the two engines were killed instantly.  The survivor was found wandering around a couple miles away later in the day.

Another of my Dad's friends, named Fred, was in the caboose of his friend's train.  He said that, oddly enough, the train came to a smooth stop.  Being a freight train, it could have been a mile or more long.  He did say that when he looked out the window of the cupola, he saw a massive mushroom cloud rising up from where the engines were, but didn't know anything else.  Only when they got out did they see the wreckage.

So had the fellow been selfish, he would have come home and lived on in life.  As it was, he was thoughtful enough to trade back with Dad.  I've often wondered if his wife was sorry about calling him and telling him the social was cancelled.  Then again, I've often wondered what other options I have.  If those events hadn't happened, I wouldn't be here today typing this story.

It's what I thought about when I read about the train collision.  In such passing headlines, don't ever forget that there are lives involved, families and friends, and sometimes those not yet born.  It's enough to more than just pray to God, but to trust God.  And pray for peace for the loved ones, the victims, and all who were touched by this and all of the other tragedies that happen in a day


Donald McClarey at The American Catholic unpacks Trump's response to the Supreme Court ruling about Texas' abortion law.  The punchline: Trump hasn't responded.  I realize that the thing we call the "Left" is a massive movement against liberty and freedom.  I realize it is against the historic Christian Faith.  I know it is already fashioning our society to accept censorship, oppression, thought control, and a gradual erosion of protected rights.  I realize that many see another four years of the party most in bed with this movement as all but solidifying the gains it has made in the last 8 to 10 years.

Nonetheless, it should not have been Trump.  The man stands for almost nothing that traditional American Conservative believers stood for.  In many ways, he exemplified almost everything they stood against.  When he does appear conservative, he embodies what are often seen as the worst elements of conservatism: racism, sexism, lust for money.  Not that he necessarily is these things.  And not that every accusation is correct.  But taken as a whole, you have to bend over backwards to the breaking point to think he will be any better than Hillary, at least for traditional, American believers.

The best excuse for supporting him I have heard is that he will accomplish nothing, because he has no clue how to govern.  For four years, nothing more will happen.  He won't do something dumb and cause a war or some horrible international crisis.  He'll just stroll about, rant occasionally, and time will pass. Unfortunately, if that is the case, then he almost assures a victory by that naughty side of the aisle in 2020, especially if things don't get better in our nation.  Perhaps the convention will yield a viable option.  I don't know.  But those who see abortion as a major plank against Hillary and the Democrats, and look to Trump for political salvation, have to be stunned by the sounds of silence coming from Trump's tweets in the wake of a major loss for pro-life causes.

The Benghazi report

Has been released.  Over at The American Catholic, Donald McClarey has started unpacking it all, but admits he hasn't gone through the entire report.  I'm sure once he does, he'll see and understand far more than I could hope to by next year at this time.  Nonetheless, here are a few things he has heard that match some of what I've heard:
  1.  The State Department under Hillary Clinton continually ignored requests for beefed up security for our diplomats in Libya.
  1.  There was no attempt, no attempt, to send any military assets to our men fighting in Benghazi.  They were left on their own.  This, at best, was criminal negligence.
  1. In the four years since the attack, only one of the hundreds of terrorists involved has been brought to justice.  Obama’s pledge that he would seek out and punish the terrorists was empty hot air.
  1. Subsequent to the attack the administration engaged in a conspiracy to mislead the American public by portraying this carefully coordinated terrorist attack as a riot over some anti-Islamic film by an obscure filmmaker.
  1. The Administration has stonewalled the investigation since it commenced.
Naturally that means the official propaganda narrative is that Hillary Clinton has been exonerated, the investigation was a big, partisan waste of time, and Elizabeth Warren is a rock star!  Well, that last part doesn't have much to do with the report, but I lost track of how many times CNN moderators used that term to describe Ms. Warren, so I assume they have to slip it into the coverage somehow. The good news is that we have the beginnings of a mighty swell college drinking game.  Every time someone in the media calls Elizabeth Warren a rock star, take a swig.  You'll be on the floor by 10 AM.

As for the report, the basic lesson seems to be no real big deal.  Four guys died and that's a damn shame, but live and learn as they say.  Hillary was just in charge, so it's not her fault.  And Obama?  Why, his daughter graduated this year. That much I do know.  Certainly nothing to concern ourselves about.  Not like that week long coverage of Marco Rubio's statements about Trump's hands.  Now that was important.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Why Catholics should apologize to gays

A different perspective.  At the end of the day, if you embrace a more progressive narrative, then you won't have a problem with  what Pope Francis said.  Catholics can do bad things.  Gays, as defined by their attractions, haven't always been treated the best.  Catholics can be sinners.  Many Catholics still cling to old notions of the issue, which apparently is wrong to do.  Therefore, like Pope John Paul II before him when he apologized for the cruelty and barbarism of the past, Pope Francis is apologizing for the hate, intolerance, and bigotry of the present.  With a similar apology thrown out to those poor that the Church apparently cares little about and women who have been oppressed just as much.

If you embrace a more traditional view, one that even goes so far as suggesting that many of the narratives, ideals, assumptions, conclusions, theories, strategies, morals, philosophies, theologies and doctrines of the last century or more are actually flawed, and no amount of changing, whittling away, shimmying along the edges, or bending the rules will help, then you're probably not too happy with what Pope Francis said.

The article itself is interesting, if for no other reason, because it's written by one of our modern unpeople that I wrote of here.  In this case, a self-identifying individual with same sex attraction, yet who rejects much of the modern narrative and Church attempts at accommodating that narrative.  It's worth the read, since it's a perspective you won't hear anywhere else, even on many Catholic sites that pride themselves on their full support and celebration of all things Francis.

Pray for the victims of the Turkish bombing

Apparently terrorists unleashed a series of bombings at an airport in Istanbul.  So far it looks as if 30 people have been killed, and perhaps more.  Many others are wounded.  Pray for the families and loved ones of the victims, for the victims themselves, for the authorities and the first responders and doctors and medical professionals who will work to rescue and heal the victims.  And pray that God's peace enter into that area of wickedness that has expanded over so much of the world before other innocent people must die.

The Dallas Morning News

Steps in and reminds us what liberal tolerance is all about.  In an editorial by Mac McCann, who was raised Catholic, we're reminded that with liberalism, there is conformity.  And that's it.  Conform.  99.9% conformity will not suffice.  You must conform 100%.  Until the Church is dismantled and rebuilt in the image of the heresy of theological liberalism, and Catholics apostatize and convert to the religion of liberalism, there is simply no tolerance.   Sure, there is some appreciation for Pope Francis and other Catholics who are calling out the Church and its members on the issue of homosexuality and the Church's wickedness toward those with same sex attraction.  But again, there is no tolerance where there is no obedience.

And for reasons I'm not quite sure about, our modern society seems to accept that as a valid definition of tolerance and diversity.  Go figure.  

As if on cue

Catholic gay rights groups have come out and told Pope Francis than an apology is not enough.  Of course those close to Pope Francis are saying he isn't a liberal, he simply wants the Church open to all people.  Though it's worth noting that he must have high regard for the emotional fortitude of Capitalists, global warming skeptics, and citizens concerned about unrestricted immigration.  He doesn't pull any punches there.  I can only assume he has faith in those groups' abilities to hang tough and hang around.

Anyway, the article interviews gay rights activists who do what they always do: Insist that it won't be fine until the Church changes its teachings regarding  homosexuality.  Again, with liberalism there is no compromise.  These movements don't see what they believe as just their opinion.  No Plymouth Puritan or Spanish Inquisitor was ever more sure of a righteous cause that most progressive movements today.  Anything less than total submission to the new morality and it's still bigotry.  It's still hate.  It's still evil.

Exactly what Pope Francis will do remains to be seen.  Despite it all, I don't see him trying to change the Church's teachings on the subject.  As I said some time ago, I think there are those who are hoping that if he doesn't change the teachings, he nonetheless will fashion the Church in such a way that he doesn't have to, and not conforming to the Church's teachings on homosexuality will be as important as not conforming to its teachings on crossbows.

Others, I can't help but guess, see Pope Francis as the great Pope Moses, leading the Church to the promised land.  He won't ever go there himself, but he will lead the Church to such a point that, in the not too distant future, others will rise and take the Church across the Jordan and finally into that liberal paradise that so many have desired for so long.  I don't know.  We can only wait and see.

We don't need no stinking freedom

Political Correctness is censorship for the stupid.  It's how you convince a nation that was only recently told morality was relative and we should be able to say and do anything and be respected by all, that there is, in fact, a thousand mile long list of taboos that immediately result in punishment and retribution if violated.

So the Red Cross is apologizing for a racist pool safety poster.  The problem?  The poster showed a cartoon of kids in a pool.  Some kids doing 'cool' things.  Some kids doing 'not cool' things.  Given the headline, I knew something was amiss.  So it didn't take me any time to see what the fuss was about.  It looks like some of the 'not cool' kids were portrayed as minorities, while the 'cool' kids were white.

On further inspection, it looks like some white kids are 'not cool', too.  But most importantly, all of the minority kids are involved in something 'not cool.'  I know.  I feel stupid writing this.  And there is only one tweet connected to the protest.  I don't know if there was a campaign, or if this one tweet was enough to elicit an apology.

That's not the point.  The point is that we live in a society quickly giving away its freedoms to the squeakiest wheels.  I understand that we want to protect minority voices against the fickle whims of the majority.  On the other hand, we don't want to subject the majority to the fickle whims of the minority voices.  Remember, the opposite of majority rule is dictatorship.  And right now, it appears so many minority voices that spend their time protesting endless songs played backwards to find the hidden racism, sexism, bigotry, homophobia, Islamaphobia, this phobia or that phobia, aren't thinking about the long range implications of their indignation.

Pretty soon, the only thing left in our society that won't be punishable will be drugs, sex, and vulgarity.  Everything else, no matter how sincere and helpful, will be scrutinized and, if found harmful or hateful, punished.  Yeah.  We live in that type of society.  A country that mocked the pilgrims and puritans for their intolerant ways when I was growing up.  Somehow, I can't help but think we owe those old timers an apology.

As a side note, I am surprised that the poster passed inspection.  Having worked for an educational publisher some years ago, I found out just how stringent the concern over such 'insensitivity' was.  For instance, we could not allow a text book that said 'Founding Fathers.'  It had to be 'Founders', to eliminate the gender specific language.  My personal favorite was on a list of suggestion.  The suggestions weren't mandated, they were just suggestion.  It said that Jack-O-Lanterns should be renamed 'Halloween Lanterns.'  Any idea why?  If you guessed that 'Jack' is a gender specific name that could cause potential distress and confusion for children who might read the text, you'd be correct.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Prayers for the people of West Virginia

It is a state with enough problems.  It sounds like many have died, and others could add to the numbers.  Pray that the immoderate weather that has buffeted the region finally subside.  Pray for the safety of all who live there, as well as those who risk their lives to safe and protect them.  Pray that their leaders do all in their power to help and rebuild.  And pray that God give peace and strength to those who have already lost so much.

Pope Francis has met the enemy

And it is us.  Not that there is anything wrong with the occasional sermon that looks out on the congregation and proclaims 'thou art the man!'  You can't spend your life pointing out the window and condemning all those sinners out there.  The problem is, again, you have Pope Francis echoing that modern Catholic tendency of wanting to embrace almost everything to do with the modern, post-Christian secular progressive world view ... but with Jesus.

The idea that Christians are the mischief when it comes to homosexuals is well known, and almost universally embraced, by the modern Left.  Just look at Orlando and who our popular culture ended up blaming.  And once again, Pope Francis steps in and echoes that same narrative, despite the fact that ten years after becoming Catholic, I have yet to hear a homily that even mentioned homosexuality.  He doesn't seem to differentiate.  He simply says we Catholics must apologize.

True, he doesn't condone homosexuality.  He already has made it clear that technically the Church still teaches that homosexuality is at least not compatible with God's vision for marriage.  But apart from that, his take on the subject and the take I hear from Dr. Drew are about the same.  It's certainly nothing I won't hear on MSNBC, CNN, or the Huffington Post; several of which were cheering and celebrating the Pope's words this morning.  I also understand that he included other groups in there as well.  But let's face it, what will the modern world focus on, thanks to his choice of words? 

I realize that Jesus reached out to prostitutes and sinners.  I realize that he went after the Pharisees and Scribes.  I get that.  I understand that Christians are never perfect and can do with the occasional kick in the pants.  But Pope Francis is not Jesus.  The Catholic Church is not the Sanhedrin and Catholics are not just a bunch of Scribes and Pharisees.  And the forces arrayed against the Church today, using all powers and abilities to assault the Church, lead astray its followers, and assail the fundamental truths of the Gospel, are not the woman caught in adultery.  

If Jesus praised the Roman Centurion's faith, at no point did he stand alongside the Roman legions, look out among his imperfect disciples, and say to the Romans, "Let's get'em!"  Perhaps the reason was that to do so might have given the Romans a flawed understanding of the Kingdom.  It might have presented an idea that, as long as I'm not like those sinful Jew disciples over there, I must be pretty awesome where I stand, in the pagan empire, venerating Caesar, indulging in the Roman lust for conquest.  I don't know.  Just speculation on my part.  I simply know there's something off kilter about Pope Francis' continued railing against the Church in a manner almost in lockstep with perhaps the greatest heresy to challenge the Faith since Arianism, even if technically there's nothing wrong with what he's saying.

As an aside.  My boys asked, when they heard this, if Pope Francis was calling on Gays to forgive Catholics.  I don't know.  I've not heard.  Perhaps he has.  If so, the press hasn't reported it.  If not, then I wonder why.  

Why is Trump's support plummeting?

Easy.  Because the media is doing to him what it did to Romney and McCain in the last two election cycles.  During the primaries, no matter how outraged journalists were at what Trump said, the presentation was always the same: Trump the unstoppable.  Even when they asked if his latest escapade would finally derail him, the conversation was inevitably wrapped up in a narrative of Trump, who the others simply cannot stop.

Fast forward to now.  For the last three weeks, the coverage has changed.  Oh, they're still covering Trump.  But now it's Trump the defeated, Trump the loser, Trump falling behind, Trump unable to keep up, Trump losing his own party.  The 'feel' of the stories is different.  Now it's almost the inevitability of Trump's loss to Hillary.  Almost as if to say, "Can't we just concede the inevitable?"

Meanwhile Hillary has, as far as I know, done nothing wrong.  If there are still scandals or hearings or news suggesting she's in trouble, I've not heard of it.  Perhaps it's been mentioned in passing, or tucked in behind the Want Ads and the Grocery Ads.  But on the whole, it's been a triumph after triumph for Hillary.  A far cry from those hazy days last year when it looked like Joe Biden might run, and you had the press surprisingly jumping on one Hillary scandal after another.

The same thing happened with McCain, and more flagrantly, with Romney.  And, to a point, it happened with Bernie Sanders.  It's not hard to see the role that the media played in ensuring that no matter how many victories Bernie had, he was still the loser.  In 2012, during the primaries, if Romney did anything wrong, we never heard it.  Even if he was at the head of the polls, we only heard about the next Republican in line who was put under the microscope.  It wasn't until Romney clinched the nomination that we suddenly heard story after story, unpacking every minute detail of Romney, his past, his Mormonism, his wealth, his gaffes.

Don't think, for a minute, propaganda doesn't work.  It always has to a point.  With mass media, a new level of effectiveness was achieved.  We have the two candidates the national media wanted us to have, when the dust settled and certain things - like Biden's refusal to run - were factored in.  Now guess which one the media wants to win.  And watch and see the different approach the media will take.  Assuming Trump really wants to win and isn't some plant or just doing it as a publicity stunt, I'm afraid that he's in for the biggest uphill battle of his life.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

In which Catholics and Christians judge the heart and soul of fellow Christians

Including vulgar insults and judging the spiritual integrity of Christians who they disagree with politically or socially.  And all on the Facebook page of a man who used to obliterate Traditionalist Catholics because of that group's supposed tendency of insulting fellow Catholics and judging the spiritual integrity of other Christians.

A homily worth the read

Courtesy of Archbishop Thomas Wenski.  This is a nice little rebuttal of the disgraceful attempt to avoid the obvious about the Orlando shooter in order to cling to the preconstructed narratives of the modern Left.  He is right about painting all of Islam with broad strokes.  Catholics were none to happy about those who tried to use the priest abuse scandal in order to besmirch the entire Church.  Though attempts to suggest Islam is just Catholicism without the Virgin Mary aren't helpful either.  And I don't think Archbishop Wenski is doing that.  He's simply calling a spade a spade.  We live in an age where anti-Christian persecution is on the rise around the world.  In some places, it takes the form of physical persecution.  In others, such as the Dying West, it is more subtle, but no less threatening.  Read it, you'll be glad to hear the voice of someone not trying to fit the square peg of historic Christianity into the round hole of post-modern heresy and tyranny.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Getting to know the modern unpeople

Who are these modern unpeople?  Increasingly they are those people whose lives and testimonies do not validate the Leftist narrative.  So, for example, they are the other 24,000 Americans who are murdered or commit suicide each year, but not by gunfire.  Thus you never hear about them.  Some people are actually shocked to hear that statistic.  They have heard the 33,000 figure so often they just assume that those are the only fatalities through violence we have in a year.  These are some of the unpeople.  They are the three people murdered by knife that nobody talked about while we heard about nothing other than the other three people murdered by the same man, but with a gun.

But it's more than that.  The modern unperson is anyone and everyone whose life, existence, experiences, viewpoints, demographics, values, beliefs or suffering doesn't help that precious narrative.

So the woman who is pro-life, or worse, thinks it might not have been a good idea for women to rush into the workplace and leave their children to be raised by the state.  How often do you hear about her?  It's the families of 9/11 victims who thought Bush was right.  It's the African American who votes Republican, or who acknowledges that segregation was terrible, but it's over now and time to move on.  It's the same African American who thinks not all Southerners are racist or that not everyone in the Confederacy needs to be lumped together.  Again, how often is he a guest commentator on liberal news outlets?

It can be the person with same sex attraction who speaks of being cured, or at least bears witness to a life joined with a member of the opposite sex in marriage and living a fulfilled life.  It can be the Native American who doesn't care about the Washington Redskins, or the Muslim who is not a terrorist but who nonetheless believes all the world must submit to the rule of Allah.

In short, it is anyone who can't be used to advance liberalism.  It is everyone who can do anything in the world short of end death and taxes, and they will simply be ignored unless they bear witness to the Left.  So, for purposes of this post, we are looking at those unpeople who have used firearms to thwart violent, potentially horrific, crimes.  Of course it happens all the time.  The more I speak to people, the more stories I hear about someone who foiled a crime or rescued a victim because the individual was armed.  Or, sometimes, I hear from the potential victims who were rescued by an armed civilian.  I've mentioned two instances I know of before.

Sure, it can be dangerous.  And I'm all for training or other measures to ensure that people so armed know what they are doing.  But I'm stunned by how many people, people who should know better, people I fear do know better, act as if there is no such thing as a person who stopped a crime with a gun.  I've seen people say it's a lie.  Really?  In the history of our nation, among the 300 million people alive today, you don't think there's a single case where someone might have used a gun to save the innocent?

Apparently not.  Apparently they are so deep into the tank of their same-think they really believe there is nothing in the world that could exist to suggest they're wrong.  Or, dare I say, suggest the narrative of the Left might be less than perfect.  Instead of admitting it, and then stepping forward with this or that tweak to make things better, they act as if there is no such thing.  Exploiting the fact that crimes prevented are often crimes never reported, they have stats on their side.  And rather than admit their own narratives could be wrong by virtue of witnesses and testimonies, they once again invoke their inner Orwell and decide to take another step toward living up to his dystopian vision.  They simply act as if such people, such examples, such heroics and bravery don't exist.

For a good take down, read this article.  John R. Lott, Jr. at the National Review unpacks the facts, lists some examples, and brings out of the closet an entire swath of our population that the Left would desperately like  to keep in the closet until the end of time.

Friday, June 24, 2016

A free predication about the Brexit vote

Courtesy of my sons:  The media, anxious to keep one of Obama's political subordinates in the White House, will blame any negative news about terrorism, the economy, or anything else on the Brexit vote.  The economy begins to slow going into the election?  Why, that's because of the Brexit vote (that Trump supported).  Uptick in terrorist attacks or breakdowns in security?  Why, that's because of the Brexit vote (that Trump supported).  And general destabilization across Europe or floundering stability here at home?  It can only be because of the Brexit vote (that Trump supported).  All of this assumes, of course, that they can't blame Conservatives, Christians, Americans in general, or Republicans.

I have no clue if they're right.  I cautioned them about trying to inject our own political partisanship and wrangling into the mix.  Believe it or not, the sun does't rise and set on the media's prefabricated template of Red State/Blue State politics.  Nonetheless, I had to chuckle.  I'll laugh even louder if it turns out to be true.

Some takes on the Brexit Vote

I'm not British, more's the pity.   Though I am a bit of an anglophile, that tends to stop where my celebration of the United States begins.  Plus, I've always been a bit more Roman than Saxon if you take my meaning, so there.

Nonetheless, I can't ignore the impact of this vote.  Nor can I speak intelligently to the results or the causes.  I'm not British.  It's like listening to Brits try to explain the complexities of the American Electoral College.  It wouldn't be pretty.   Which is why I haven't commented on it up until now.  I figure anyone who has said nothing about the topic until after the vote shouldn't be listened to, unless it's a call for all of us to start listening and paying attention.  

It's enough that those forces who seem to dream of a single world order governed by the principles of pseudo-Marxist inspired socialist secular liberalism are disappointed.  That doesn't mean they're wrong and the other side is right.  But when financial chaos, upticks in terrorist attacks, dropping the ball on immigration, and only seeming to come together to advance the culture of death and the end of religious liberty is the track record, I'm at least willing to consider the idea that another approach might have been worthwhile.

Here are a few takes sent to me by a friend and reader who has lived in different places in Europe, including old GB.  Take them for what they're worth:

The Week
PJ Media
PJ Media Link#2
The Telegraph

I adore stories like this

It reminds you that we treat bad news the way we treat place crashes and mass shootings.  That is, we focus on it way out of proportion of the day to day good that happens.  Not that we shouldn't focus on bad things mind you.  But we should never forget the good that happens when people are left to do what people are capable of doing.  A little reminder that deep down inside of everyone is still that divine spark of eternal goodness.  I won't say what happened, read it for yourself.  It should bring a smile to say the least.

In other news, US Bishops are shocked the Obama administration upholds limits on Religious Liberty

That's right, the Bishops have said that it's shocking the Obama administration refused to go after California for mandating abortion coverage.  For reasons not quite clear to your humble host, the Bishops continue to embrace almost every policy ideal, strategy, and narrative of the liberal Democratic party, and yet are gobsmacked when the Left turns against them.

And furthermore, they seem to trust Obama and his administration in so many areas like immigration, health care, gun control, economic regulations, civil rights, and just about everything that doesn't include issues below the waste line.  Meanwhile, the Obama administration can keep on shooting fish in a barrel when it comes to advancing its agendas with the Catholic Seal of Approval.  Even now, while the Obama administration makes it clear it's all about imposing liberalism on the rights of religion, the Church in other areas falls behind and cheers on the administration in areas like immigration and gun control, believing that Obama can only be honest and straightforward in those areas.

Exactly at what point is face palm a valid reaction?  Either the Bishops are incredibly naive (polite word there), or they subscribe the the post-modern Golden Rule of 'Screw unto others as long as you don't screw unto us.'  The problem with that, of course, is that by giving the government the right to shaft all those other not-us type of people, we empower the same government to eventually turn the screws on us.

The United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union

Not really anything to do with religion or much to comment on.  Quite frankly, it's impossible to know what impact it will have down the road.  I'm sure it will be something.  It's just interesting that those rascally Brits are at it again.  Throughout the history of Europe, England has always been just one step off and to the side.  Even the history of the Church in the West can be divided between the Church and the West, and the Church in England.  So worth the watch, but for long term effects, we'll have to see.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Donald Trump's speech

The one he gave yesterday that has been eviscerated by the media as, armed with tweezers and a microscope, journalists set out to find anything and everything that is wrong with what he said.*  Nonetheless, he laid out a strong case against Hillary Clinton, which isn't hard to do.  The fact that you have Donald Trump, one of the most disastrously unelectable candidates in political history, barely outside the margin of error shows that you have serious problems if you're Clinton.  Donald McClarey unpacks the speech and some good observations to go along with it.  

*It's worth noting that the three articles on fact checking Trump were the top three results I got when I Google Searched "Fact Checking Hillary".  Again, it's not like the media is biased or anything.