Monday, October 22, 2018

Pittsburgh school officials declare Chick fil A an enemy of the State

Here.  Yep.  The Left would happily abolish the Constitution and pass a single law making it a criminal offense to openly advocate non-Leftist values.  That Chick fil A sponsors this as part of encouraging healthier children is irrelevant.  The Left doesn't give a damn about those children and their health or anyone helping them to be healthy.

Children, like women and minorities, are simply useful fools tools for the Left to achieve total power.  When no longer useful, they can return to the sweatshops, the back alleys and the plantations where they belong.  Which is why they would happily punish a company that sponsors healthy children.  Obeisance before the Leftist altar is the only acceptable sacrifice for the Leftist police state.

BTW, I realize that I loaded this with a lot of hyperbole and exaggerations and yet - and yet - it just doesn't seem so far removed from the reality as it might have seemed even ten years ago.  That alone should speak volumes.

Oh, and Rod Dreher posts a letter from a reader that explains why we are becoming a Leftist police state.  Our indoctrination camps, that once were schools, have been preening our young'uns to become thralls of the State for a couple generations now.  Upon arriving at colleges today, they've learned that only by complete fealty to the Leftist State will they be rewarded.  One need only see the collapse of other civilizations into tyranny and totalitarianism to understand what is plainly happening in our own nation today.


  1. This is something a few of us were talking about before. That the news etc is all a standardized test nowadays.

    1. Brilliant observation, and so true. It reminds me of the main reason we homeschool. When my son objected for being told he could retake the standardized test that he outscored most of the grade on, but failed in some strange metric, he cited his all-As in school. He was told his classroom work didn't matter. It was his test scores that mattered. What we are seeing is likely the result of that stellar approach to education.


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