Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Count me skeptical

But all of a sudden, weeks out of a midterm election that was seeing the Blue Wave diminish, we have a sudden spate of attacks against left wing politicians and activists.  Out of the blue, protesters disrupt Nancy Pelosi in a public event, calling her a communist.  Then George Soros received an explosive deviceNow the Clintons and Obama received the same.

What's wrong with this?  It makes no sense, that's what's wrong with it.  One of the things that has garnered a certain level of sympathy for Conservatives has been the almost weekly stories of Republicans and conservative politicians being assailed in public, threatened, attacked and assaulted.  We had actual poison sent to Republican offices, and multiple verified claims of Republicans assaulted in public.  In most cases where Republicans were swarmed and shouted at in public places, you had groups like Antifa proudly taking responsibility.  Or you had the culprits arrested and often identified with the political Left.

During all of this, the Leftist brand was suffering.  Sure, it might not make people vote for Republicans or against Democrats, but it sure wasn't helping Democrats.  And only last week, people began questioning if there would be a Blue Wave at all, if the Democrats might only get one House in Congress or - horrors! - they might fail to get either.

Then, all of a sudden, for no logical reason in the world, anonymous sources begin lashing out against - Democrats!  Of course the press is all over this.  Suddenly, Democrats are in fear for their lives.  No doubt Right Wing extremists are charging forth in their typical Nazi ways!

Should it be investigated?  Sure.  Should these be treated as serious threats by the authorities?  Of course.  Is there a logical or sane reason it should happen?  No.  Does that mean there are no insane people on the Right who would nonetheless do such a thing?  Of course not.

Nevertheless, thinking people with more than half a brain must be somewhat suspicious.  After all, these tactics were, at best, not helping the Democrats and at worst were helping the Republicans.  Now, with two weeks to go, when the Blue Wave is appearing to break up, you have the exact same thing that was hurting Democrats, coming from anonymous sources, now happening to Democrats?  At some point, unless proof is offered otherwise, sanity and common sense and basic appeal to the easiest solution will suggest this is meant by someone other than conservative activists to frame the opposition, and nothing more.

UPDATE: So even as we speak, one Democratic or Liberal news organization after another is reporting getting similar explosive devices.  Scratch 'Insane loony' off the list.  This is obviously well planned, thought out, and well funded.  Anyone able to pull this off without being caught the day it happened is not insane.  Which then brings the question:  Why would anyone not insane or loony do this is they are Republicans/Trump supporters?  The optics have been overwhelming bad for the Left over the last months of assaults and confrontations aimed at Republicans.  The death threats, the poison envelopes, the physical attacks have all, at best, not helped the Democrats.  At worse it has helped the Republicans.  So why would someone not insane and able to pull off such a well funded and coordinated threat do so?  What would he hope to accomplish?  To take away from the bad press the Left was getting?  To make it look like Republicans are just as bad?  To give the press the chance to link terrorism to the Right?   Who on the Right, sane enough for such a coordinated attack, think that would help?


  1. Yeah... the targets make little sense. Except for Soros. In his case? Yeah I'd bet that he really was attacked as described probably by a right-wing person. But these others?

    Ok, let's think about this like a game for a moment: Assuming an outcome where your efforts take out the target - what do you gain? Sure there will be less Obama & Clinton stories on the news, but neither of them are running for office. Likewise with the news media. I mean antifa's attack on the GOP headquarters at least makes sense from a tactical perspective, you would hinder the opposition's ability to function. These? These attacks would accomplish nothing - not even in giving your side improved optics.

    And while I do grow weary of those who scream "false flag" at everything, I will point out that nowadays it's extremely easy to do them. Especially since with the news and social media on the internet meaning any such incidents could be spread around the world and it won't be until your grandchildren grow up that your lie is ever corrected (if it ever does).

    1. Well, False Flag does have a historical precedence. Plus, as for the attacks, like my son pointed out, to what end? The bombs sent to the Clintons and Obamas went to their mailboxes. Like they get their own mail. They have people who have people who have people who get their mail. The same with most other organizations. The timing of it just doesn't make sense. Only some freakishly insane person would do this if he was to the Right. And the vastness of it, and the coordination, suggests a well thought out and planned event.


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