Monday, October 1, 2018

Meanwhile the Leftist press goes after Kavanaugh's daughters

Rod Dreher exposes the deplorable wickedness.  This isn't new.  Leftist rags exploited dead children from the Oklahoma City bombing in order to attack conservative talk radio.  They dragged Sarah Palin's children through the dirt, attacking her special needs child, making sex jokes about her underage daughter, digging up any dirt on her family that they could.  They went after GW Bush's daughters in the same way. 

The Left is officially the movement of Evil; an ideology in service to the Father of Lies.  There is no evil to which it will not sink.  This sad and deplorable attack on his daughter will be championed by, or ignored by, Christians who have pledged their allegiance to the Left.  Mark my words.  There will be no condemnation of this.  Likewise, they will use the same excuse they did for Sarah Palin.  Having mentioned her family, they were now fair game.  Having mentioned his daughter's prayers, they and his family are now fair game.

The party of evil continues unabated. 


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