Monday, October 8, 2018

Columbus wimps out on Columbus

Ohio is a sea of red with three blue icebergs floating around.  Columbus being one of them.  Here, the city of Columbus dodges the Columbus Day purge by insisting it was impossible to have both Columbus Day and Veterans Day honored.  So Columbus Day has to go.

Of course we know it's BS, as is much that comes from the Left.  It's also based on the anti-Western/anti-American purge that elevates any other culture, no matter what that culture actually did in its past, well beyond that of America. 

As we push for a police state that honors the destruction of innocent people to further abortion, debauchery, assisted suicide and euthanasia, it gets more and more difficult to say that Columbus, and the ensuing arrival of Christian civilization, did any good at all.  The fact that they set in motion the events that would lead to a nation of equality, democracy, dignity of the human person and the sanctity of life might just become the main reasons they want his name removed when all is said and done.

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