Thursday, October 11, 2018

Because the one thing Americans don't have is common sense

We don't.  Common sense is nowhere to be seen, and it's been gone for quite awhile.  Exhibit A.  When suicide among teens, along with drug use, depression and other mental illness is sweeping like a pandemic across America, some towns are taking evasive action.  They're banning teenagers from going out Trick or Treating.

WTF?  So kids going back and enjoying a little nostalgia, harmless fun and socializing without smartphones is a threat.  Nope.  Better they stay home on their smartphones, looking at porn, taking drugs, having sex, or just dying. 

This has been going on for decades, BTW.  When I was young you began having neighborhoods take down basketball hoops because they were eyesores, or closing up open lots to keep kids from hanging around and doing things like play baseball or kickball. 

This is what comes from people who have college educations and yet forget that intelligence gleaned from academics is only one part of what we call smart. 

But then, common sense says things like abstinence is a valid option for avoiding AIDS, there is such a thing as boys and girls, sex and childbirth are more than coincidentally related, and Socialism has failed miserably every time it's been tried.  It also teaches such things as 'don't support destruction of due process since it might come back to haunt you.' 

We certainly can't have that kind of thinking, so we settle for plowing into our current social problems among teens by taking the bold step of hauling kids dressed like ghosts or superheroes to jail for not staying home on their smartphones where they belong.  Dumb nation.  Our kids don't deserve what they are going to get as a result of the last several generations of idiot adults.


  1. Wow, the law actually exists, and the way the news story implied!

    It looks like it's related to the hoodlum inclined populations, but dang.

    1. Yep. As usual, why deal with the trouble makers when we can punish the good ones.

  2. You think that falls under "Barn Door Fallacy"?

    1. Same thing happened at Ohio State university. About three decades ago, a bunch of idiot drunks decided to go and jump in Mirror Lake (one of the university's most cherished locations) during the late fall/winter months (I think around the Michigan game). That became an overnight 'tradition.' A bunch of drunk people diving into freezing water that was about two feet deep. What could possibly go wrong, but the inevitable. Finally, the logical outcome occurred and one of them sadly died. So what did the university do? Obviously banned the practice, but then gutted the lake and turned it into a 'natural water area'. Now it looks like a garden next to a swamp. Because just telling people not to do the obvious wasn't enough.


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