Thursday, October 18, 2018

Faithful Catholics respond to the witches cursing Brett Kavanaugh

Here.  Masses to be said and prayers to be offered on October 20th, the day that radical feminists witches will gather to cast hexes upon Kavanaugh in the hopes that he suffers.  Was a time when Christians across the board would respond with outrage and solidarity against such demonic evil.

As it is, the response from New Prolife Christians as well as post-Evangelical Protestants has so far been:

[this space has been purposefully left blank] 

But then, most of those either avoided coming to Kavanaugh's aid, lest the forces of progress be offended, or openly joined the lynch mob.  It makes you wonder if they even believe in such silly old notions of the power of darkness and demonic evil as anything other than a club to wield while defending progressive narratives.

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