Thursday, October 4, 2018

The way the Left and the News Media handle debate


That's how they want the American public to react to anyone who doesn't conform to the Left.


  1. Three liberal ( i.e. not Post Modern Neo Marxist like you see on college campuses and protesting Bret Kavanaugh) academics submitted a bunch of hoax papers to a group of "Grievance Studies" peer reviewed journals and have gotten 7 published so far. They did this to show that the programs, are not fit academic study.
    One of the papers entitled “Our Struggle is My Struggle: Solidarity Feminism as an Intersectional Reply to Neoliberal and Choice Feminism" includes 3000 word section from Mein Kampf reworked using Feminist jargon. It was published by a feminist journal.

    1. I've seen that, and have been looking for referecnes. I've not found the MSM discussing it, so have had to search to find things. I think it's safe to say we're seeing the same thing we saw a hundred years ago, we're just seeing different nameplates being used.


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