Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales blasts Donald Trump's lies

I'll let the irony of that sink in.  The founder of Wikipedia, the existence of which is at the vanguard of the post-Truth era, has little room to speak. Wikipedia, whose very name is synonymous with bias, error and falsehoods, is the last place from which criticisms of Trump can be launched.  In fact, it's the popularity of this 'we're so tired of worrying about facts' resource that allowed many who voted for Trump to hold their noses to his myriad false statements.  If they were forced to live in a wikiworld sans truth, then they were at least going to get the inaccuracies and falsehoods to work for them.

Bonus: A little piece I penned a few years ago about the danger in trusting Wikipedia.  And seasonal, too.

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