Wednesday, October 17, 2018

The emergent Left is evil

It is to liberalism what the neo-Nazis and white supremacists are to conservatism.  It peddles in racism, sexism, bigotry; spews hatred and contempt; it apologizes for evil, assaults and violence; and does so in order to prop up a political revolution that promises unending slaughter and death for debauchery and narcissism in return for a police state tyranny.

Which leads us to Stephen Colbert, the emergent Left's most prominent mouthpiece.  Faithful Catholic that he is, he never fails to be outside of even the most partisan news organizations when it comes to jockeying for the emergent Left.  When almost all pundits and news anchors were lamenting the suffering of both Dr. Ford's and Brett Kavanaugh's families, Colbert openly mocked Kavanaugh's supposed outrage, utterly ignoring any impact the circus had on his wife and children.

Now, as conservatives are mobbed and intimidated and even attacked for merely stepping outside their home or eating at a restaurant, Colbert makes sure he does his part to minimize the problem and mock those who might be the next targets of some crazed leftist zealot.  If any are hurt or, worse, killed by such extremist violence, their blood is on the hands of the likes of Colbert.  It's a standard that has been applied to conservatives, so it has to be true for him.

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