Monday, October 1, 2018

My heart goes out to law enforcement

Two more police officers have been killed in the line of duty.  This happens quite a lot now.  I'm sure it isn't as bad as the year of death in 2016.  In that horrible year, thanks to the Left's propaganda organ and our illustrious president Obama stoking racial and identity based resentment, we had a rash of police killings across the country.  A veritable spike in the murder of police officers.  This culminated in a black man declaring his desire to kill whites because of his hatred of white people, and cops because of his hatred of cops.  This he did with cold precision, ending the lives of five officers.

That last event did prompt a few days of discussion and coverage among the propaganda organ.  Though it was restrained.  Most journalists conceded that it's bad to kill five police officers and want to kill white people.  Though they did give fair time to those who insisted while it might be bad, we should understand that it was at least partially justifiable.

A disgrace, and it shows the racism and bigotry of the Left, oozing down from the Left's highest positions of power.   Just as the Democrats were the party of the KKK, Jim Crow and segregation, they still are the party of racism and bigotry.  They simply have a new demographic to discriminate against.  Same with the press and Hollywood.  If they produced articles and films that advocated the racism of old, they're still doing it today.  I have no doubt that if most who go along with the racism today lived a hundred years ago, they'd be in black face and be showing all blacks as Buckwheat.

This is why I do sort of wish my third son might go in a different direction than police work.  He's great with numbers and stats, and I've said accounting can be a very lucrative profession.  But he wants to help people.  Not just in a 'save those in a burning building' way.  He wants to protect those who need protection, and use his considerable bulk and prodigious strength to make sure they are safe.

Lord protect him and all who risk their lives for those in need of protection

That the propaganda ministry and the political Left has helped convince people that due to his badge and his skin color, it's safe to assume he's a racist murderer, just goes to show why it's right to declare Joseph Goebbels the patron saint of modern mass media.  Or perhaps patron saint of the Left in general. 


  1. Law enforcement needs numbers and stats work too, though.

    Good luck to your son, I have hope that he will be a fine officer especially if he holds to his father's example.

    1. Thank ye. He actually thinks on being with the K-9 unit. He's excellent with animals since he has no natural fear of anything. Plus he loves animals across the board.


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