Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Google priorities

Much has been made over the years about Google's little doodles.  Missing D-Day anniversaries or never mentioning anything about America's history.  Christmas or Easter distilled to little Easter eggs or a small elf in the corner, if that.  Other key days of significance to the West or America downplayed in kind, or ignored altogether.

When individuals are celebrated, nine times out of ten they are someone who is not European or Anglo-American, celebrating even the most obscure accomplishments you can imagine.  Or, in this case, celebrating nothing particular at all, just celebrating because:

Wow.  I like falafel as much as the next person.  But given what Google routinely ignores or downplays, are we sure this is something that deserves preeminent focus?  Certainly on this day in history, something else was worth posting more than a celebration of falafel.

It's a reminder that Google is firmly entrenched in the modern Left.  And the modern Left is decidedly anti-God, anti-Christ, anti-West and anti-American.  To that end, those things associated with such subjects are at best diminished, at worst outright ignored.  Likewise, anything not associated with those, no matter how trivial, are open for recognition and celebration. 

Of course I could be wrong, and Google will have hot dog or hamburger doodles, next to a celebration of various Founding Fathers and Christian saints.  Given Google's track record, however, I'm not holding my breath.

It's also worth noting that this not only impacts what doodles Google feels inclined to post, but likely impacts other aspects of Google's business decision making process.  Think on that for a few. 

Monday, June 17, 2019

A happy Fathers Day present

My wife and I went to a local winery that has become a sort of hangout for us.  Friday night, we went there for an Alzheimer's fundraiser.  Since my Dad had that, and my Mom has moderate onset dementia, this is an issue we more or less support. I'll be honest, I'm not always happy with blank checks for research, since you never know how they are doing it.  But that doesn't seem to be a big thing with most religious leaders anymore, so who am I to buck the system?

In any event, the fundraiser and the fun and just hanging at a place where more are learning your name, was a worthy cause.  So we planned it ahead of time.  Our boys made sure they were all able to step in and watch our youngest and take care of my Mom.  One is taking summer classes, the other is trying to find new employment (having had to quit his restaurant job due to his food allergy, which is not related to the vaccines he got right before his allergy developed).  Our other son just finished the better part of his first week of Police boot camp (or so we call it).  Nonetheless, they blocked their Friday to be together and tend to things.

When we got home, our budding police officer went to bed, since he had early rise the next day for scenario and weapons training.  Our youngest wanted to wait until we got home before he went to bed, and it being summer, that was fine.  Our oldest reported that they made some tailgate vittles for everyone, and made sure my Mom got her fill.  They also made sure she got her medications before going to bed.

They watched Guardians of the Galaxy with the young one (not my preference for a nine year old, but I'll let it slide).  They then played a game of Monopoly.  They do have to learn the art of playing on a curve when playing with one so young.  You don't want to let them win, but you don't want to take advantage either.  You play at 'basic levels'.  But the thought was there.

Finally - and this was the big part - they let us know that they still did Bible study and prayer time before breaking up and sending our third boy off to bed.  We try to do that every night.  Often the time spirals into an hour long discussion about everything from the latest Marvel movie, to the history of slavery or politics or the historicity of Scripture or moral theology or the ethical vacuum in today's discourse.  Even when all the boys aren't there, we do it with those who are.  So it was nice to hear, on their own, they made sure Bible study and prayer were done in due course.

For Father's Day, the boys didn't try to outdo last year, since that would necessitate buying another dog.   So they settled for a cool retro-game for the PS4 (my youngest's idea), as well as some books, goodies, and an ordered copy of Peter Jackson's They Shall Not Grow Old (I'm anxious to see that).  A steak dinner is planned, but we didn't try to push that into an already event-filled weekend.  As soon as the weather breaks, my former (but still awesome) gourmet will grill me some nice medium-wells and accompanying yummies.

I've often told the boys that the test of their character will come when they are out on their own.  Any kid with brains demonstrates good character when their parents are in the room.  It's what they do when the cats are away that's the proof.  If this weekend is even a minor indicator, I'd say we at least have a little bit of room to breath easily.  My kids are far from perfect.   They're not completely out on their own yet either.  All things considered, however, and times being what they are, I'd say they're not bad at all.  And that makes for a pretty nifty Father's Day present.

Ready to hear the live music as the fundraiser begins to pack in the people

My adorable wife enjoying a drink with me after the fundraiser

The boys pick up the game the next day (our future police officer (bottom right) won)

The boys get together for our son's 'end of first week of boot camp' celebration

His choice: Cajun crawfish boil and fixens

For no other reason than I love our deck: It's our own little tree-house 

2 of the gifts the boys bought for me for Father's Day; the steak dinner is forthcoming

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Memphis mayhem and Black Lives Madness

Riots and destruction and assaults continue apace in Memphis.

Note now that we're not dealing with cases where an unarmed and non-belligerent citizen has been killed as a result of violations of police procedure.  We're dealing with cases where the ones shot have openly assaulted the police, have resisted arrest, have tried to harm the police, have even brandished weapons and attempted to attack the police.  In some cases those same individuals have committed violent crimes and assaulted innocent citizens or establishments.

Yet what happens?  If the one shot is black, no matter what the police ethnicity, mobs descend on the scene, sometimes bringing violence and destruction to police and innocent bystanders as they do so.

This is not - repeat, Not! - lawful, decent, moral, or Christian.  The idea that 'those people types are default scum, attack!' is as antithetical to anything close to the common good as I can imagine.  In fact, it's merely going back to a Jim Crow mentality, where laws and justice and fairness apply merely based on ethnic identity or some other demographic label, and seeking truth and evidence is no longer needed before executing the accused.

It's as if America is in full reverse, going backward at breakneck speed, with those pushing the peddle to the floor making sure it's new group identities that get it in the neck.  And in response, Christian leaders are at best silent, at worst complicit in another round of human tragedy in the making.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

An age of myth and legends in Catholic history

No, I'm not talking about the historicity of the Scriptures, or the miraculous witness of the Saints, or even the age of martyrs and heroes of the Faith.  I'm talking about that imaginary time when supporters of Pope Francis insist they and those with concerns about Pope Francis sat down and discussed these critiques with great love and open respect.  Truth be told, I'll be damned if I can think of when there was such a time.

Almost out of the gate, Pope Francis shocked the non-progressive Faithful and delighted liberals around the world with his ill-timed 'who am I to judge' regarding homosexuality. At a time when the sexual revolution, of which acceptance of non-heterosexuality is merely one part, has led to the deaths of more victims than those of Stalin and Hitler combined, as well as at least as many lives ruined and shattered, not to mention abortion in America alone on a genocidal scale that has terminated the population equal to some 80% of the world's countries,  there were valid reasons to criticize such a flippant response.  That would be like saying, "Oh, that.  Well, other than that I don't think German Jews in the 1940s had much to complain about!'

As soon as the first critics of his response stepped forward, however, they were blasted by supporters of the Latest Pope as homophobes and bigots, gay haters, pope haters, reactionaries and idiots.  I remember that well, because I was shocked at Pope Francis's response and stunned at his defenders' immediate attack against anyone expressing concern.  It's not gotten any better.  In fact, the more his supporters have stepped up to defend Pope Francis no matter what, the worst the rhetoric has become.  I mentioned the reaming of the once respected Taylor Marshall here.

Now, Scott Eric Alt has waded into the latest attempt to get Pope Francis to meet those with concerns halfway.  Just read it.  Nothing I could comment on would do justice to his post.  I'm not a talented enough writer to find words that can compare to the scorn and contempt he employs.

You can tell a tree by the fruit it bears, or so Jesus said (assuming we don't need to change what the Bible says He said about that, too).  If people must resort to such 'Screw you, I'll Raca and Fool the hell out of anyone who dares question the pope' as a first resort, then there's likely a problem.  Fact is, we know that Pope Francis tacks to the Left, is a child of Marxist inspired Latin American Liberation Theology, and has no problem asking who he is to judge, followed by lobbing endless judgement at others, usually 'those Catholics over there' and having values opposed to the modern Left.

I feel that has given rise to a clique made up of those who support Pope Francis, believing in their minds that they must not be 'those Catholics over there' who are the problem.  And when something challenges this, such as the idea that Pope Francis could be wrong about something*, they come out with all barrels blazing.  Or that's just a guess on my part.  Whatever the reason, it stinks, and tends to make me far more sympathetic to the critics of Pope Francis, essentially given Pope Francis's own reaction to his critics, than I might otherwise be.

*It is worth noting that some of his supporters have called him out once or twice, usually over the issue of the Abuse Scandal.  Likewise, I remember Mark Shea breaking ranks with him when Mark supported the decision of two hospitals in England letting infants die against their parents' wishes.  But on the whole, dissension is very rare, and most often attacked ruthlessly, as the link above demonstrates.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Leftist racism suffers a setback

As a jury awards 11 million dollars in damages to a victim of the Left's racist witch hunts, in this case courtesy of Ohio's own Oberlin College. The story is here.  I remember it well.

We've seen this many times over the last dozen years or so.  Two black men come into a Starbucks and violate company policy by using the facilities without purchasing anything.  A manager does what she is supposed to do.  But she has the wrong skin color.  She is white.  Outrage ensues, the press swoops in, makes it a 24/7 puff headline, digs into the manager's past through any means possible, exposes all flaws or failings, destroys the life, Starbucks bows before the Leftist State, apologizes for the wrong skin colored manager treating the wrong skin colors the wrong way.

And months later we find out that it was Starbucks policy at the time after all, and the manager was in the right.

It's happened dozens of times.  Even to the point that ethnic minorities (that is, not white) increasingly become more belligerent, knowing they can do almost anything short of murder (at least for now), and the Social Media lynch mobs, aided and abetted by the Press, will certainly make them into the victims if who they are against is the wrong skin color (that is, white).

I saw this in the jobs I worked before having to come home and tend to my Mom.  The last job I was a manger on a team with about 120 employees (all who made the same salary regardless of gender, BTW, except for a half dozen who made more due to experience - all of whom save one were women,  but that's for another story).

When it came to discipline, the company was clear - don't.  If you must discipline an employee, then you have to jump through a thousand hoops, file a million papers, and had best have several witnesses.  And without saying it, but making it nonetheless clear, we were sure that this applied double if the employee was a minority and we, the managers, were white.

One day, a fellow manager (himself African American), was standing by the windows looking down on the parking lot.  I went up to him and asked what he was looking at.  He pointed to one of the employees on his team, a young African American man probably in his mid 20s.  The young man was walking toward his car.  I asked what was wrong.  The manager said that the young fellow was going home.  I asked why.  He said he didn't know.  The young man just sent him an email saying, "Three O'Clock, time to go!', and left.  And the manager said he knew it would do no good to call him out.  The company made it clear that anything short of murder, and it doesn't want to risk the inevitable lawsuit.

But in the case of Oberlin, justice prevailed, and racism took a step backwards.  A group of young black men entered a bakery, and one attempted to shoplift.  When the owner's white son intervened, the black men who were actually committing the crime screamed 'RACIST!'   How did we know it was racism?  Easy, the racist notion that you can always tell a racist by the color of his skin.  Students and others involved with Oberlin College immediately responded, like a jackass responding to a whip.  Demonstrations were staged, protests occurred, the college fully supported the protests as various individuals from the college lobbed endless accusations of Nazi/Racist against the bakery.  Business was hurt, the usual trauma one can imagine occurred.  Except, in this case, goodness and truth and justice and equality prevailed.

This is as racist as Dred Scott America.  The idea that you can always tell racists by their white skin, that all whites are ipso facto racist and bear the blood guilt of all past whites who were nothing but racists, unless they were also homophobes, transphobes, misogynists, and all around bigots, is straight out of the Mein Kampf playbook.  They might as well declare Joseph Goebbels their patron saint, for there is little between them and him but the ethnic targets in question.

As I've said, the good news is that most sane human beings are not part of this madness, evil, bigotry and discrimination (see the manager I referenced above for an example).  The bad news is that our institutions of education and higher learning are hotbeds of it, and are training new generations overnight to embrace a new form of bigotry that mirrors old forms that took centuries to develop.  So up and coming youngsters in these oppressed groups are learning to hate, to judge, to condemn, even to attack when need be, since they're sure their miseries and sorrows are all the result of the grand White Privilege conspiracy to keep the minority down.  This is what the forces of goodness and rightness must combat.

Monday, June 10, 2019

Off to Police boot camp

Our third boy is off this week to what we call his first Police boot camp.  He is enrolled in a pre-academy training program for young people discerning law enforcement as a vocation.  Rumor has it that this is a pretty tough and demanding week.  My heart goes out of course.  Thanks to the press, Hollywood and the Left, many see the police as half-baked gestapo killers just itching to murder them some helpless innocents, especially if they are minorities.

No matter what my son does - and we're still happy with him going into accounting or sales or anything else - I'm thankful for what I've learned through this time about law enforcement from law enforcement's point of view.  I know growing up the son of a railroad engineer, it was interesting to find out so much about a career that almost everyone knew but few understood. 

Just in this short time, I've had my eyes opened about a career I knew was misrepresented, but I had no idea how much.  It's my prayer that this week goes well, that he learns and does well and all are kept safe, and whether he loves it or it's living hell, he uses it to discern just how he can bring his gifts of confidence, strength and a big heart (three sizes too big) to a world that needs all three. 

I also pray for all of those in law enforcement.  Resisting arrest is becoming more common - something we also have learned.  That would be because of demagoguery like the link above.  Pray for all who protect us and who are there when we need them, that they don't do the wrong thing, even in the face of so much that is wrong.  And I pray that God keep them safe and protected them even as they protect us and work to keep us safe.

Send off cook out with the boys; the guest of honor is to the right, examining his knee

Friday, June 7, 2019

San Mateo County goes Soviet on Chick fil A

Chick fil A is fast becoming ground zero for the fight against tyranny in our time.  In the name of post-heterosexual sex, another local government has set its sights on banning and segregating the popular chicken sandwich chain.  True, there is only one individual behind it, but he's a biggie in that particular office, and I'm not seeing anything suggesting that any of his coworkers are fighting back.

This will continue.  The Left wants it gone, all of it: Christianity, Christ, the Christian God, the Christian Faith, the Christian West, the American Experiment, the Bill of Rights - all of it, gone.  As long as those who would resist bicker among themselves, or cower in the corners and hope it goes away, the Left will win victory after victory.

Don't get me wrong, I believe there is always hope, but there is also always shadow; that long defeat Tolkien wrote of.  In our time, the great Evil is that heresy wrapped in blasphemy promising debauchery and delivering tyranny and slaughter that we somewhat limply call 'The Left.'  If a better name could be found, I'd use it.  But for now, recognizing the threat is enough.  If, that is, we do something about it.

Oh, and lest you think compromise and acquiescence is the key, since not everyone on the Left says they want such tyranny, just remember one important thing.  When the first politicians spoke of banning Chick fil A several years ago, there was almost universal backlash, including from the LGBTQ community.  Now it's that same LGBTQ community calling for the banning and censoring to happen.  Remember, history is just studying carnage and missed signs sitting in that sad valley below all those slippery slopes.

Thursday, June 6, 2019

A fitting end to the anniversary of that day of days

I fear they belong to a different age, a different nation, and a different world.  Nonetheless, for all they gave, words are not able to express our thanks.


Real heroes from a bygone age fighting actual threats to freedom and mankind.  There is plenty to think about, but now we remember those who sacrificed all, not just 75 years ago, but in wars and battlefields through the centuries.

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.  John 15:13

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

The skinning of Taylor Marshall

Let me be on record that I have no opinion about Dr. Marshall one way or the other.  I believe he came into the Catholic Church the same year I did.  Having a PhD and being from the Episcopal tradition, he found a sort of fast track into that dying vocation of 'former Protestant Clergy making a living as former Protestant Clergy.'  Things were already changing by then, and I always saw his career like that scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark where Indiana Jones grabs his whip from under the closing door just in the nick of time.

I read some of his articles over the years.  As a general rule, he seemed to be a likable fellow, good family, and sensible.  Most other Catholic bloggers and apologists typically gave him kudos and thumbs up, even setting him against other more traditional Catholics as the type of person traditional Catholics should aspire to be like.

But that was then.  One thing about the era of Pope Francis, we've had the emergence of an almost Protestant level of animosity and divisions within the people of the Catholic Church.  Oddly, I don't remember this when I became Catholic.  Despite the fact that most Catholics were decidedly left of center, most disregarded the Church's teachings on a host of social and even theological issues, and the harshest critics of the previous popes that I knew were those left leaning Catholics, it didn't seem to be a big deal with the more conservative Catholics I read.  A few more traditional Catholics raised Cain, but most said those critics were merely wrong, called them out if the rhetoric became too vulgar or hateful, and then moved along.  Which was good for this Evangelical coming into the Catholic Church.  After all, I wouldn't have wanted to see too much zealous defense against a pope's critics.

Since Catholics questioned the wisdom of Pope Francis's famous 'who am I to judge' reaction to homosexuality in the era of AIDS and abortion, it's been all out war.  Oddly, some of those who had no problem (and still have no problem) trashing former popes like Pope John Paul II or Pope Benedict XVI, are among the loudest accusers, calling those who dare question Pope Francis the worst type of Catholics. If there was ever some mythical time where those with questions or concerns about Pope Francis were treated with respect and open ears, I never noticed it. From the start, they were attacked and demeaned and ripped to pieces for their doubts.

That alone is enough to make me wonder what's so different.  Why was the basic reaction to progressive Catholics ripping into Pope John Paul II one of 'You're wrong, but let's just love each other and move along because Catholic' while many of the same Catholics wade into Pope Francis's critics like soldiers landing at Normandy?  It's not the tenor or tone of his critics. I heard plenty of crazy, mean, even hateful attacks by Catholics aimed at the former popes in their day.

Since the beginning with 'who am I to judge', any and all criticisms, from the crazy and extreme to the measured and thoughtful, have been blasted out of the water.  They have been called reactionaries, Francis haters, alt-right Catholics, traitors, heretics, bigots, sexists, homophobes, and even conservatives!  No matter how humble and meek those with questions about Pope Francis have been, they've continually been lumped into the same pile with the worst of Francis's critics and blasted away.

Why the difference?  What makes the era of Pope Francis one where, with few exceptions (and those usually around his handling of the abuse crisis), no deviation or dissension is allowed or tolerated.  Despite what Francis's defenders say, there has not been a case where critics of Francis, no matter how balanced they have been, have not been put into the cross-hairs and figuratively shot to pieces.

And that's just the case with Dr. Marshall.  For all I know, his book is trash.  Many books are.  It boggles the mind how many trees have had to die for some of the books that are out there.   But it's not just his book that's being blasted and impugned.  It's him.  A man who once was considered quite the swell guy is now thrown onto the trash heap of 'deplorables' onto which all who question or criticize Pope Francis seem to be thrown.

Since I doubt Dr. Marshall has suddenly become some horrible, foaming at the mouth, alt-right reactionary pope hating heretic Nazi wannabe, I have to assume something else has changed.  And since I find it hard to believe that every Catholic, every priest, and every bishop who has questioned Pope Francis deserves the same sneering contempt and hatred, I have to look outside of the accused and wonder what is different.  What about the era of Pope Francis has caused this?  Is it Pope Francis himself?  He does have a tendency or two that could explain it.  Or is it something that Pope Francis represents?   I don't know.  I just know something is different.

Monday, June 3, 2019

The only strange thing about slavery in Western Civilization

Is that it was Western Civilization that decided to end slavery because it was intrinsically evil.  Around the world, from the dawn of civilization, virtually every culture and every civilization had slavery in some form or another.  In some cases, various forms of slavery were practiced.  That would continue well into the 20th century, where the last nation to outlaw slavery did so in the 1950s.

Today, slavery in a new form abounds, under the euphemism 'human trafficking.'  That it is mostly the groundwork for much of our modern commercial and tech industries (making all those goodies we crave that much cheaper), as well as the global sex industry (both prostitution and pornography), we tend not to sound the alarm bells too loudly.

Walter Williams breaks down why the modern Left's obsession with slavery doesn't seem to match the historical record of slavery, much less our reactions in face of the latest incarnation of the practice.  In fact, you might say that the modern Left's obsession with slavery makes you wonder just how much the Left actually dislikes slavery unless it can be used as a weapon with which to bludgeon the very civilization that alone in the world decided slavery was a grave evil.

Saturday, June 1, 2019

I dare you to forget this

If you listen to it through to the end:

I'm the last person in the world to know anything about contemporary music.  The most recent popular release I own is Santana's Supernatural.  But this strange tune crossed my plate last night, and I've not been able to get it out of my head since.  The odd video and eclectic appearance of the group, called The Dead South, doesn't help in pushing it out of my memory.  I'm no bluegrass fan, but I can tell its obvious influence, and there's a little bit of Dylan in those lyrics, albeit with modern explicitness, if I'm not mistaken.

Good luck.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Zach Goldberg nails the New York Time's propaganda for the Left

And its subsequent racist reporting.  Thanks for doing the hard work and long hours.  Rod Dreher comments on this here.  Rod also brings up another interesting study from a couple decades ago that found that while the National Press was over-obsessed with the rise of the Religious Right in the GOP, it failed to document the same rise in the Secular Left's influence within the Democratic Party.  Any sane American should be worried.  Only today's racists and bigots would dismiss this as irrelevant.

Pravda couldn't have said it better

There are many reasons for such clear and naked bias: agendas, propaganda, collusion with political and social movements.  There is also a more forgivable reason.  We all know the old saying 'if a dog bites a man it's not news, but if a man bites a dog it's news.'  That's true.  But say you are educated by a system, and subsequently become employed in an industry, that universally accepts the idea that 'men shouldn't bite dogs' is simply an age old bigoted notion imposed on the world by centuries of caninephobia.  You are now part of a system that believes, whether for convenience or sincere belief, that men biting dogs is the most natural thing in the world.  Won't that logically skew how you will see what is and isn't news? 

It's also interesting that when we look back at racism in America's history, what do we look at?  Inevitably we look at school lessons, movies and theater, newspaper articles and advertisements, and even early radio shows.  If those things were so about promoting racism in those days, what miraculous sanctification do we believe they went through to have put such errors behind them, and now that they're obsessing with the original sin of whiteness, and the inherent evil of the Christian West and its bastard child America, they are any more credible?  Apart from the dogma of Progress, I can't think of a reason not to be suspicious of these messengers whose forebears were the promoters of so much of what we condemn today.

Nonetheless, in centuries to come, I think historians will look back on the last century and a half or so and admit the disastrous impact that mass media, mass communications and nationalized education had on the horrors and terrors that we all so roundly condemn.

He said Groot?

Heh.  Since I know it's Babylon Bee, I know it's all for a good laugh, albeit with a point to make.  But if it wasn't for that, in today's world of madness, I would believe it.  Such is the world we've built for our posterity.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Taylor Swift is shocked that women have babies

And there's nothing more sexist than pointing it out.  Such is the bat crazy lunatic insanity of the post-modern world.  The headline boasts that she refused to answer such a sexist question.  Swift handled it gracefully, yet firmly, so the story says.

The sexist question?  If, upon turning thirty, she might have a baby and settle down.  Of course in our era of monogods, where everyone is a god of their reality focused on themselves, the idea that anyone might do anything for anyone else is anathema.  Likewise, the idea that women are the ones who have the babies, and that women might wish to do so, is an affront to modern science.  And our best and brightest are sure technology can soon be implemented that will undo this misogynistic notion that women are the ones who have babies.

It is likely that no generation in history is as moronic as ours.  The ghosts of the ancients and the medievals will rise up and condemn us as fools and idiots on the Day of Judgement.  And we'll deserve every bit of it.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Racist Denial Bingo and the unbelievable idiocy and duplicity of the Left

So I saw this pop up again:

It's supposed to be a slam-dunk smack down of those who dare question the Leftist narrative regarding Black Lives Matter.  I've seen it several times.  Back when I still went to Mark Shea's sites, I saw him post it more than once.  It's like a child who thinks they slam-dunked you by denying it was their hand in the cookie jar since cookie jars don't have hands.  It's stupid, but the child thinks it's brilliant.

Anyway, here's an updated version I did to clarify why so much of it is stupid, jack-ass, moronic, whatever you want to call it.  And that's at its best. Some of it is pure rotten to the core evil.  Here is the updated version:

The colors mean different things.  First, those without colored borders on all sides are the ones that, if someone actually said such a thing, would be stupid to say. Or wrong.  Or pointless. In this case, the chart is correct.  For instance, tossing out the term "Thug" doesn't help.  Not that I've heard people say all of the things with the black borders, but I've heard variations on some, and never felt they helped the case.  Those I've not heard in respect to this topic I've heard discussed elsewhere, so I'll assume they could have been used.  And no, I don't think they help or are of much use.

The Green outlines are facts.  They are true.  They should be facts that are so horrific that they would bring our nation to a screeching halt, or at least engender some nod of assent because we acknowledge it's obviously true police risk their lives, or that abortion and black on black crime hurt the black community more than anything else in our nation.  That some - including Christians - would mock such truths casts serious doubt on just how much they give a damn about black lives unless they can exploit those lives for political gain.

The Blue outlines are what I call the Horse Sense squares.  They are obviously true, and up to a couple decades ago, the vast majority of Americans would have said wait for an unedited video to be examined before joining a lynch mob and destroying neighborhoods, or that personal responsibility is a thing.  Funny how Christians who post this stupid meme join in mocking things that are pretty Christian, if not common decency and wisdom.

The Yellow outlines are those things that, depending on the context and the subject at hand, could be valid arguments.  For instance, recently in our neck of the woods, we had a bunch of BLM protesters wanting a cop to be charged for shooting an armed assailant who was holding a civilian at gunpoint.  I mean, if the black assailant who was shot was threatening the life of a civilian, and you're still on the assailant's side, it's a bit tough to argue that you're not wanting some form of special privilege.  Or in another case, the word of a man admitted to have committed a felony with children in his van is taken over that of the police who said he tried to kill them.  Why?  You do the math.  Likewise, a survey of the number of racist, antisemitic, sexist and bigoted actions and statements coming from Democrats and/or Leftist pundits is certainly a discussion worth having.  Nonetheless, these may be able to be had apart from the BLM issue, so they could be right and still not speak to the topic at hand (armies of white racist police gunning down millions of hapless and innocent black Americans).

Finally, the Orange are arguments that would be worth mocking, if anyone used them.  As it is, to this day, I've heard nobody use such arguments as 'blacks commit all the crimes' or 'we have to indiscriminately kill black people to keep crime down'.  I mean, those are just stupid.  Again, I've heard nobody say anything close. That's the old 'preemptively shove words into the mouths of a vaguely defined group of people, then preemptively attack them for such a stupid thing that nobody said.'

That's the chart as I see it.  Mostly wrong, a bit of evil, lots of stupid partisan hackery, with only a couple points that have any worth at all.  I'm going with the All Lives Matter response.  If you are against saying All Lives Matter, it's time to do some serious rethinking about where you are in the currents of the world's history,

Of course one way you can Bingo all of my objections is to do what many on the Left do, and that's move straight to judging the hearts and souls of all who dissent from the Left's truth claims.  So sure, personal responsibility is a thing.  But since I dare question BLM, and since BLM is as true as the Gospel, it must mean I'm a vile racist right wing Nazi who hates blacks and that's why I object!  You can tell by my skin color!  The 'screw you Jesus, I'll judge anyone based on their skin color if they blaspheme the true Gospel of the Leftist State' is always a good go to when all else fails.  It appears a good approach to defending the Left that is all the rage - even among Christians.

Monday, May 27, 2019

On this Memorial Day

We remember the fallen.  We don't exploit them for our political gain.  We don't ignore those who can't be exploited for political gain.  We remember all who gave the last full measure of devotion.  We don't do this so I could have a country centered around me, that exists solely for my benefit and in order to destroy my fellow Americans who are the true enemy.  We remember those who fell so that we could all live in peace and freedom and seek to build a more perfect union, always aware of our own failures and our own shortcomings. 

There is great evil in our land today.  A hellish evil that spreads lies and sows divisions.  An evil that has seized many of our institutions of power and influence.  It embraces bigotry, racism and sexism while purporting to oppose the same.  It promises decadence and narcissism but seeks to deliverer oppression.  It is a threat to the very foundations of democratic society, justice, truth and freedom that it says it defends.  It is a movement that would keep our eyes focused on the hundreds, while standing on the corpses of its tens of millions. 

Those within that movement are not the enemy.  Not yet.  Even one so deluded and shameful as in the link above is not quite there.  Those who embrace the heresies, blasphemies, lies and madness that one must embrace to follow this movement should not be seen as enemies themselves.  Only the movement itself should be seen that way; a movement which is a heresy wrapped in blasphemy promising debauchery and delivering only tyranny.

Those blinded by, or duped into being within, this demonic revolt against God and mankind and liberty are still our fellow Americans who must be shown the light of the Gospel, and the message of freedom.  On this Memorial Day as much as ever, we remember those who died so that we could keep our country from falling into the hands of anything that seeks to destroy it.  We do the fallen honor when we remember heroes abroad and domestic, and remind ourselves that we have our freedoms so that we can rise to the heights, not sink to the depths.

To honor and remember

Friday, May 24, 2019

A post on Memorial Day movies and memories

Here is an old post I did on movies we watch around Memorial Day.  We don't do it as much together anymore as the boys are moving on with their myriad obligations in life.  They'll still try to make some time this weekend to be together.  But the full weekend off is pretty much a thing of the past.  So how many we will see?  Hard to tell.  But we'll at least get to the cemetery (weather permitting) and do some remembrance of what the holiday is all about. 

I realize for having put aside blogging, I've done a lot of it.  I said I would put it aside unless something crazy or important comes up.  Given the growing chorus of those on the Left openly declaring their desire to make war on the Christian Faith, Christians, white people, men, heterosexuals, Americans, the Christian West, and the United States, our liberties and our freedoms, it's almost impossible to go a day without seeing something that rises to the occasion of crazy or important.

Nonetheless, not this weekend.  With what time we have, we'll be busy.  When the boys are all together, we'll definitely try to cram in what we can.  It will be next week before we are back.  Here are a few post of Memorial Days gone by, just for the memories.

In the meantime, consider the blind foolishness of the modern Left, and why it is emerging as the preeminent threat to mankind and liberty in our time, as you gaze on this image:

Where, or where, is Michael Flynn of TOF when we need him?  See you next week.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Lord save us from the snowflake generation

To clarify, snowflakes are not people who get offended because someone pissed on them and said they ought to die, they suck, they should be wiped off the planet, or because someone used racist, bigoted, or other such language.  Nor are snowflakes anyone who says they disagree with someone else.

No, a snowflake is someone like this: a person needing counseling because the Game of Thrones finale didn't go as they imagined it would.  That, my friends, is a snowflake.  I don't blame them, of course.  They are the result of our clinical counseling culture, our modern education systems, and our pop culture of entitlement and narcissism (beneficial for the free market and entertainment industries). 

Their fanaticism and zeal and lusting for the slaughter of those who dare question their divine supremacy is also beneficial to the modern progressive revolution. But I fear the paybacks are going to be hell.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

American racism done right

So we had this horrible story, about a raging black woman who, in a fit of anger, pushes an elderly white man off a bus.  Sadly for the man, he sustained injuries from which he was unable to recover.  He died shortly afterwards, the woman being charged in the assault.

And yet, not one story have I found from media outlets suggesting even once that this could be a hate crime.  Truth be told, I've found few stories in mainstream outlets covering it more than once.

That, my friends, is racism socially sanctioned.  Had this been a white person (esp. a man) pushing a black person (esp. a woman) to her death, you bet your bottom dollar it would be around the clock coverage.  It immediately would be assumed to be a hate crime, pending investigation.  Charges of racism and America's vile racist past would be floated.  You might even have protests and vigils popping up in Las Vegas or around the country. Perhaps join the growing movement to eradicate the memory of our white racist founders would gain steam.  And finally we'd find out it was all Trump's fault.

As it is, I've barely heard about it.  No vigils.  No headline news.  In fact, few national outlets covered it at all.  No condemnations really.  Certainly no suggestions of racism, bigotry or hate on the part of the accused.  Just a few stories and a couple social media posts.  And one old man who died violently. And that is all.

That is socially constructed racism in action.  This is the old Hollywood movie that has brave white explorers climbing a mountain with African porters close behind.  Suddenly, one of the porters slips and falls to his death.  The white explorers then scream out in terror: "Oh no!  There go the medical supplies!"  It didn't happen that often in movies, even in the early 30s.  But it was there.  Racism did exist in America, even if not in the cardboard, one dimensional way described by the Left.

But all we're seeing now is the same exact racism, but with different nameplates.  The Left has spent many long years convincing us not to care unless it impacts us.   If others die of AIDS, terrorism, fall through the cracks due to globalization, it's just the sacrifice we have to make.

Likewise, we've been taught to quickly see if we can exploit human death and suffering, or if we should just shrug our shoulders and move on.  The most egregious of this in recent months being the sad case of young Jazmine Barnes, whose death at the hands of a white man in a pickup truck was round the clock news for four days until the perpetrators turned out to be two black men involved in drugs.  Almost overnight every major news outlet and left wing publication dropped the story like a hot potato.

But we've been watching yet another development.  This is one that opponents of the concept of 'hate crimes' warned would happen if we went that direction.  Inevitably, we would begin saying a woman kidnapped, raped and tortured was really wronged if it was done for racist reasons.  And yet, even in the early days, we began noticing that the door to hate crime charges often only swung in certain directions.  So if the woman was white and the rapists black, can anyone ever really know?  But if she was black and the rapist white, then who needs and investigation?  Obvious it is a hate crime. So now, today, we literally will have some mock the notion that we should care about suffering or even death, if those doing so are not part of the designated demographics that matter.

Sure, news agencies may pick up this story some more if there are developments.  But how will they cover it?  In a series of disgraceful episodes, cases of white Trump supporters kidnapped, tortured, killed or even five police officers murdered by a black man hellbent on murdering white people were addressed almost with a pro/con attitude.  That is not how Ferguson, Baltimore or the Charleston shootings were addressed.  Nor was it how Tuscon was addressed.  It was how the Washington congressional shooting was addressed.  Likewise, the coverage between the Sri Lanka church bombings and the New Zealand mosque shooting couldn't have been more different.

But enough of this.  Who are we fooling?  Whether the Left really thinks all whites are racists or gives a damn about blacks or even mass shootings is anyone's guess.  What is patently obvious is that how the Left/Press covers such stories is radically inconsistent, and whether intentional or not, it is beginning to ingrain in our society - as well as our dear religious leaders - a whole new era of bigotry, prejudice, discrimination and apathy about human suffering unless it ends up impacting ... them.