Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Liberals and conservatives and the infamous Fact Checkers

When I consider the reaction conservatives have to what is humorously known as modern fact checkers, and compare it to the reactions of liberals, I think of this scene from the movie Amadeus:

Ah, a classic.  I wonder why that movie has fallen off the radar in recent decades.  In the 80s it was one of the most celebrated and influential movies of its time - bringing back both period costume pieces and kicking off a post-disco classical music renaissance.  Eh. 

Anyway, my point is that Mozart is appalled at such a nakedly stupid and false statement as 'there are only so many notes that an ear can hear in an evening.'  The emperor, looking for validation, turns to Mozart's rival (in the movie) Salieri.  A trained composer and musical genius in his own right, he knows darn well that the idea of too many notes per evening is garbage.  But in an effort to both suck up and stick it to Mozart, he goes along with the stupid.  Much to Mozart's outrage.  Note Salieri's smug smile as Mozart rants.  Salieri knows it's bunk, but he won, and the power of the emperor is on his side in this.

That's conservatives versus liberals when we see the joke-a-minute farce fest that is modern fact checkers.  Unless it really happens to be that liberals and Democrats are almost always right and honest, versus conservatives and Republicans who are almost always wrong and liars, I feel there is more to the fact checkers than bare naked facts. 

I get the gut feeling that, like Salieri, liberals know it too.  Including liberal Christians.  But the nice thing about aligning with a movement that almost flaunts amoral duplicity as a core value?  You get to indulge as well. Even if you aren't actually lying or spreading the lies you can look on smugly as conservatives rant and rave and know there is nothing they can do.  

After all, like Salieri in the film, liberals know they have the power of vast global corporate interests, billion dollar entertainment outlets, pols and judges, world leaders, the military and even a growing number of religious institutions and leaders at their back.  And when that's the case, you can be smug all day - until the final reckoning that is. 

Christopher Lamb and Salieri both know when to sneer

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