Monday, November 29, 2021

The Rivalry returns

Close friends and bitter rivals: When the press named it The Game
It was late November during my freshman year of college.  The branch campus I went to had its annual Beat Michigan party.  It was cleverly named Much Fishcigan.  Get it?  Oh, they were clever weren't they?  I went because a girl I liked named Kathy was going to be there.  I was only vaguely aware of the game itself.  Turns out we lost.  Among the reasons we lost was a shock 77 yard touchdown pass by a young Michigan quarterback named Jim Harbaugh. 

Well, this year coach Jim Harbaugh was back, and he gave a dose of humiliation to the old Buckeyes juggernaut, ending an almost twenty year drought for the Maize and Blue.  For the last two decades, Michigan won only two games of the storied rivalry.  One of those years included a transition season following the great Tattoo-Gate scandal that left us without a coach and stripped of our previous year's accomplishments. 

Because of that, the 'Rivalry", once considered one of the greatest rivalries in all of sports, was beginning to wane.  Many Michigan fans I knew adopted the 'we're too cool to care about football rivalries' attitude.  OSU fans were even getting a bit bored.  This was a long cry from the days of the 1970s, when coaching legends Woody Hayes and his protégé Bo Schembechler took the ages old rivalry to heights few rivalries have ever experienced.  After that, the national press nicknamed it simply "The Game." 

There is a lot to unpack in the mentality and culture behind the rivalry and why things went south for Michigan.  Perhaps some other time.  But this year, the football gods were definitely for the Blue.  Ours was a pass heavy offensive, almost unstoppable.  Then it snowed, essentially neutering the passing game.  Michigan was a run heavy offense and that worked fine snow or no snow.

Plus, we were a young team.  Last year the game was canceled.  We were coming off one of the strongest programs in the country.  Filled to the brim with veteran players, we imagined it was going to be yet one more win against that Team up North.  But Harbaugh canceled, citing Covid cases.  Most of us knew it was bunk, since the numbers before and after didn't suggest they were worse off than any other program that year.  Most of us guessed he was simply trying to avoid another loss. 

But last year did set us up for problems.  This year we began with an almost rooky lineup.  Our freshman quarterback would lead a team in which many had never played before, and few had played the big games in the big lights.  Despite this, after an embarrassing loss to Oregon, we came back and soon dominated the field.  We didn't just win against top teams, we obliterated them.  But in many cases, those games had situations that favored us:  home field advantages, the right teams at the right time.

Then came Michigan.  Harbaugh took a page from Oregon's playbook, with help from the weather.  He gave the ball to his star running back Haskins, who our defense could not stop.  He then watched us and coach Ryan Day implode.  At the end, I said Michigan didn't play at some historic level, it played like a competent late season team.  Unfortunately, OSU played like an incompetent early season team, and it cost us.  It cost us the first legitimate loss to Michigan in two decades.  It cost coach Day, a man who up until now had never lost to a Big 10 team; a string of firsts where losses are concerned.  And it handed Buckeye nation a slice of humble pie.

Mostly, however, it's given OSU a new rage induced call to beat Michigan next year.  Most Buckeyes were upset about the canceled game last year.  Some even petitioned for the game to be played at OSU this season, as it would have been last year.  That at least would have helped our novice team.  That didn't happen.  Somehow there is a feeling that Harbaugh gamed the system and came out winning.  I think a lot of us know how that feels when a system is gamed, you know it, you lose, but there's no way to really prove the charge.

Next year it should be fun.  Already Michigan is acting like the rivalry has always been the biggest thing in the world, and rightfully gloating over their earned victory.  Whatever happened last year, Michigan out played us plain and simple. But now the bitterness of the rivalry is back in a way it hasn't been for years, if not decades (for before the 00s, under coach Cooper, it was OSU who couldn't beat Michigan for over a decade).  We'll see what happens.  But in a crazy world of crazy change, it's nice to see something go back to the olden days. 

A new chapter in the great rivalry?  Only time will tell.

A fine Thanksgiving reflection

Courtesy of John C. Wright.  

A great failure among conservatives, traditional Americans, and orthodox Christians is missing just how terrible the intellectual and educational rot is in our schools and colleges.  What Mr. Wright lays out is the story of what happened and reflections on why it happened.  In my son's college, it's very simple: the white race is a pox upon humanity that came to the lands of the Indigenous Peoples for the sole purpose of genocide, racism and slavery.  All indigenous people being pure and sinless.  

The proof?  No proof is needed for what is obviously true.  To ask for proof that could counter the Leftist narrative, from what my sons have said, is to all but admit you're a white supremacist racist.  Everything Mr. Wright put onto his post would be viewed the way Joe McCarthy would view communist propaganda.  

What to do about this, I don't know.  When all you have is facts, truth, reality and data against a movement that has taught generations to mock and ignore the same, I'm not sure where to go next.  We  have the weight of evidence on our side.  But the other side has trained thirty years of students to be nothing but trolls, caring not a rip for right or wrong, truth or error, good or bad, except that they get to be awesome and get what they want because they're awesome. 

If anyone has a solution, I'd be happy to hear it.  We often bemoan the monopoly that the anti-Western Left has in our media, pop culture and educational institutions.  But it has had this for decades, and has trained entire generations to no longer need such propaganda organs to sway them.  Those generations are fully prepared to use the tools of unreality, untruth, amorality and arrogance to continue to fight the fight if the media and school systems were to fail tomorrow. 

Sunday, November 28, 2021

A minor correction


If a team took four overtimes to win a game, it didn't trounce anyone by any definition of the word trounce. 

Saturday, November 27, 2021

CNN says there is nothing more frighting than an angry white man

Really.  That's its racist headline.  Pure racism.  If you believe that now, you/'d have believed what Nazis said about Jews in the 1930s, or the KKK says about blacks.  It's pure, unadulterated racism plain and simple.  

CNN reminds you that the Left, with its increasingly out of the closet love affair with Marx and communism, cares nothing about race or racism.  If it's convenient for the agenda to invoke Nazi-like hatred of whites, then Nazi-like hatred of whites it is.  If it was building up whites as the Aryan master race, then so be it if it would be convenient for the cause.

Likewise, CNN doesn't appear to give a flying flip about thousands of blacks killed in black on black violence, or anything really.  If a hundred blacks were lynched tomorrow, it's doubtful that the Left would give a rip.  Unless, of course, it was convenient to do so.

In the same vein, the working class and lower income Americans being devastated by Covid lockdowns last year, or inflation rates today, are of no concern.  Find any major news outlet not conservative that seems to care.  I've not seen them.  Most of them are assuring me that while prices are rising, it's really no big deal.  Overall things are looking great!  Please ignore the poor. 

The Left, not liberalism but the Left, is altogether evil.  It is the demonic incarnate.  If you don't see that, you're a fool, a coward, or you're on the side of the evil.  Know the enemy people, and you'll see it's really the Enemy as always.  

Friday, November 26, 2021

I am not impressed by Sister Josita Colbert's letter

You can read it here

I'm actually bothered that she can't see the problems with Black Lives Matter. Never mind the demonstrably false premise of the movement.  Never mind the myriad positions it takes that are contrary to the teachings of the Faith.  Never mind that BLM has effectively made the call to care for all lives a racist phrase to be condemned (well done idiots who let that happen).

No, I'm bothered by the fact that Archbishop points out a reality - that BLM is an alternate religion for people, as so often political and manmade movements can be.  That's obvious.  I'm bothered that there appears to be no way but by BLM to deal with justice, to hear Sister Colbert talk.  

I'm mostly bothered, however, that Catholics always used to strut like peacocks under the banner of 'we're so above getting dragged into political and worldly inventions like that.'  Not like them ignorant Evangelical right wing Christians who seem to forget that such worldly ideas as Democracy, Capitalism, the Republican Party and even our Constitution are just worldly things and nowhere near Divine revelation. 

Well then hell, it would be nice for Catholics to be able to say we don't need to follow a human concocted, up to its earlobes in problems, movement like BLM and still care for things like justice, equality and human life.  It would be nice if we said Jesus can actually do it, even if we don't fall into lockstep behind BLM, #MeToo, LGBTQ, or even liberal Democrats. 

I'm just going to say it, and get pissed at me if you want.  But perhaps its time for some Catholics who happen to be black to be Catholics first, instead of black first.  For that is a major underpinning of the modern Left, that we are first and foremost the latest sanctioned demographic identifier, everything else is dead last.  Except our religious identities, which must always be set under the latest identifier the Left deems worthy. 

It pains me to discover that the National Black Clergy Caucus declared the Catholic Church a racist institution in 1968.  I'm sure atheists and Satanists and everyone else  at war with the Gospel will rejoice at such news.  Today, every 'they were all evil, but not us' goes  a long way toward assuring young people that religion has always been as stupid and as evil as they're taught in school and pop culture.  Every 'but this time we're really right' is just met with yawns and giggles.  They know better.  

There is no God or eternity, science has shown that.  Religion is just made up rules and fairy tales used for evil and wickedness.  And each time we insist the last 2000 years of the Church were a problem, but now we're getting it right, we're just convincing youngsters the World is right, best to sleep in this Sunday. 

So assuming we all still  believe what my family and I lost almost everything to come into communion with, let's be a sport.  Let's be Catholics first before anything else.  Let's not say those Christians over there are bad for putting political movements ahead of Christ, but we're right to do so because our politics and the Gospel are one.  And let's not say a slick and easy alliance with the Accusing One manifest in one of a million charges against the Church will work this time, unless our goal is to see the Church continue to gush believers by the millions with fewer and fewer coming through the doors.  

Thursday, November 25, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving!

In the old "Three yards and a cloud of dust" approach, the press is today all turkey and gravy.  Mount Rushmore floats and pilgrim floats at the parade are celebrated.  The traditional trappings of an old American Thanksgiving, with a few embellishes and changes, are all the rage.

Since the press has set aside it's push to abolish the holiday, no doubt waiting until next year to move the ball forward another three yards, I'll post my own traditional post.  From a happier time, when a liberal vehicle meant to extol liberalism still reminded us that there is a world of difference between fundamentalism and terrorism.  

Enjoy, and have a blessed and thanks laden holiday as we remember the story of people whose grit and devotion might do us some good to remember. 

Happy Birthday Thanksgiving!

You could be forgiven for missing the fact that this was the 400th Anniversary of the first Thanksgiving celebration in the new Plymouth colony.  That's because most news stories have been about the call for Thanksgiving to be abolished, it legacy of genocide and white supremacy and imperialism erased.  Indians, we're told, were perfect, too good for Jesus, and completely innocent of sin and wrongdoing.  You'd think something so stupid would be an SNL skit, but it's real.  It's taught in our colleges, and reported in our news.

Those of us who are going to be in the Christian diaspora will have to cling to our traditions despite living in Babylon.  We're about to find out what being a Christian in ancient Rome pre-Constantine was like.  That's because I don't think it's going to stop at banning a holiday turkey with stuffing/  And unlike the historical United States with groups such as Amish or even Indians on reservations, this will not be a passive aggressor.  It will not stop until all have bowed a knee to the new State and its blasphemes.  

Meantime, we will still celebrate of course.  And we will continue to do so no matter what.  Like most historical figures the Left seeks to destroy, the pilgrims were better than we are.  We who are the reason everything is being destroyed.  People with the pilgrims' resolve, their courage and their fortitude would not allow this to happen.  Perhaps it's knowing this that so many are willing to watch their legacy be erased.  After all, there's nothing more damning for a failure to confront than a success.  

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Tragic update

Donald McClarey posted the sad news that another victim has died from the Wisconsin Christmas parade attack.   My heart breaks for that child and the family.  Only God could possibly bring peace to their hearts in such a time. 

We live in a dark and evil age.  We live in a country becoming more evil than it has ever been, because of those trying to convince us it was ever and only evil to begin with.  The powers that be belong to the forces of darkness.  There will be many more innocents who die because of their evils.  And because of the unwillingness of those who should resist to do so.  

These half dozen victims of our cowardliness and our leaders' complicity with the forces of evil are going to be six among many I fear.  And in typical form, there will be many who confessed Christ who will  look away, mention nothing, and hope whatever is going on in those strange camps in the woods won't impact them.  Find me a New Prolife Catholic on the Internet who has mentioned this story at all, and I'll happily retract my claim. 

Thanksgiving in the land of Tír na nÓg,

I've always been of the impression that the 1997 mega hit Titanic is not as bad as its biggest haters suggest, but nowhere near as good as the millions of fans and Oscar voters proclaim.  Like most things Cameron, it was a mile wide and an inch deep.  The advanced effects techniques make the sinking appear more realistic and was worth the price of admission.  And while Cameron mauls some historical figures to buttress his 'evil rich vs. heroic poor' template, there are some performances that stand out.

One is Victor Garber's portrayal of architect Thomas Andrews, which is the best of the bunch.  Even if the characters of the crew are at times played false by Cameron, the actors do a wonderful job, thinking of Ewan Stewart and Bernard Hill as First Officer Murdoch and Captain Smith respectfully.  In fact, so stand out was a young Ioan Gruffudd as 5th Officer Lowe that his small part nabbed him the lead in the blockbuster BBC miniseries Hornblower.  

Another memorable performance was barely nodded to, and not historically real at all.  But it's a touching, sad scene, as a mother consoles her two children who are doomed to sink with the ship.  She tells them of the land of Tír na nÓg, the land of eternal youth and beauty, even as the waters begin to fill the decks,  It's one of the better scenes, belonging to the montage of those about to be swept away by that tragic event. 

Well, sometimes as I prepare for another round of old traditions with the family, I think of that scene.  I imagine that's sort of what I'm doing with our boys. I feel like I'm telling them yarns of old pilgrims, or fun times of yore, or old flag waving and fireworks, or even babes in a manger, when all around us the waters of the West's downfall are pouring in. 

Things are happening fast now.  Resistance has failed as we're learning a lot of those we thought were in positions of resistance have long ago abandoned their charge. Perhaps they lost faith in the end.  Or maybe they're just cowards.  Or perhaps it's a combination.  After generations of being assailed by the opposition and the Enemy, their faith wavered.  Not entirely, but enough to cause a loss of courage and fortitude when the hour came.  So we're seeing those we thought comfortably ready to do battle hand over their swords and raise the white flag. 

Whatever the reason, there is barely resistance as the storm that will destroy the values, principles, freedoms and even lives that we've come to take for granted gathers force.  And it isn't stopping.  Almost every day from one of a thousand quarters comes an attack on anything to do with the Christian heritage and values of the West and the American Experiment.  Any moral stance, truth claim, understanding of reality is attacked, and those who would have proclaimed them last week will happily lay down arms and surrender today. 

In my son's school, culturally and academically, he is beset with calls to lay down resistance and bow a knee to the Leftist State.  The values we cherish?  The Bible?  Settled science, pure myth and fiction.  Boys and girls? Are you crazy?  Celebrate Thanksgiving or July 4th?  What are you, some Nazi who revels in white supremacist genocide? 

It makes me think of that Russian official asking the constable in Fiddler on the Roof of his view of the Jewish citizens of Anatevka. I can just hear the powers of our society staring people down and asking, "Do you like these troublemakers, these white Christians?"  Even if they're white or Christian, the resounding answer is always, "Of course not!"  

And almost every day, you see more and more jumping ship and swimming to the good ship godless paganism. Every day it seems someone feels inclined to buckle somewhere.  Some premise of the million premises of the Left used to destroy life, freedom and the Christian world view is embraced and celebrated by those who should know better. 

How much longer these traditions will be a part of our culture is up for grabs, but I'm betting I'll live to see them pass, along with the morals and foundations for culture they represented.  The new culture is one that celebrates ancient pagan societies, not despite the fact that they practiced infanticide, human sacrifice and genocide, but because they did.  

After all, the great accomplishments of our godless age is ttwo world wars, nuclear warfare, the aborting of pregnancies by the hundreds of millions, lifestyle driven pandemics that have claimed lives in the tens of millions, all while depression, drug addiction, drug dependency, random crime, random mass killings, and suicide rates are soaring.  And yet it's winning.  The side that has brought us into such an age is seizing the day. 

I don't know who future ages will despise the most.  The forces that convinced us terror and oppression, slaughter and debauchery are fine as long as everyone else suffers?  Or the ones who saw this for what it is, but appeared powerless to stop it.  

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

USA Today says we should use Thanksgiving to teach how evil white people are

Right here.  Of course the Thanksgiving myth was a lie, that much is obvious.  Indians were perfect, once more that's obvious.  And white people were a vicious, brutal, murderous, racist lot.  Again, let's follow the science people.  

This isn't unique.  As this story shows, in colleges across America communism is openly glorified while the communist take on American history is embraced.  In an odd twist, the only professor my son has had who spoke openly against communism was one of his economics professors.  Otherwise either the evils of the West and America are exclusively taught, or in some classes socialism and even communism proudly endorsed.  This isn't just in classes, but in the college campuses and culture as a whole. 

Things are happening fast now.  The year 2020 was a turning point.  The Left seized upon the crazy to not only teach people to grovel before the Machine, but it seized communist inspired hatred of America and desire to destroy the Western Democracies and has all but sanctified it.  

How long Thanksgiving will last is up for grabs.  But then how long the Constitution and our principles of law and freedom will last is also anyone's guess.  Americans are willing to follow this development.  Most probably don't want it to happen, but will stand by while it does.  The ones with the power and influence in our nation clearly want it.  And many Americans will rally behind the destruction of all freedoms when it is called for. 

Oh, and it's fine to say communist.  I'm sure some might quibble or point out this or that difference.  But given the growing number of Americans and influential outlets extoling the virtues of socialism, Marxism or even full out communism, that sort of quibbling will only ensure those Americans and outlets will get what they want. 

Monday, November 22, 2021

Never forget that humans are capable of monstrous evil

Example, in response to the terrible killing of innocent people at the Christmas parade in Wisconsin:

From the former social media director for the county Democrats. 

No, I won't make it about those terrible leftists.  She "resigned" right after this and some other hellishly evil posts.  The Wisconsin Dems released another post mourning the deaths and denouncing this demonic tirade.  

All sides are capable of such evil.  To insist otherwise is to be the best friend evil can have.  You only worry when one side begins to get a pass because the powers that be are aligned with that side.  Or when one side begins to insist it isn't capable of such sinful acts.  Or when this sort of evil becomes the rule rather than the exception for more than a fringe of society.  Then by all means worry. 

Prayers for the victims in WIsconsin

I don't always rush out and post a prayer for victims of tragedy or violence unless it is particularly egregious.  If I tried I would get nothing done but posting about such sad stories that happen all too often. But sometimes when a tragedy like this takes place, in the setting and context of merry makers just wanting to escape the lunacy of the age, it hits particularly hard.

We don't know the facts yet.  We may never know.  If the facts can be used by the media then they will be plastered on every headline and signpost in America. If not, we'll have to dig through the grocery ads to find out anything.  

What we do know is that people who gathered to indulge in some old fashioned Americana enjoyment of the Christmas season were hurt and killed.  People who simply thought they would go and let loose, watch the little ones soak up what is left of traditional forms of enjoyment, and relax in an age of stress are now gone.   

For them, those they leave behind, and all those hurt and injured I now pray.  I pray God give those who lost loved ones strength in the upcoming days and months. I pray God receive those who died into his loving arms.  And I pray that God cover the minds and hearts of all who are impacted by this with the peace of Christ. 

I underestimated the rot

Fast on the heals of my post about some pretty bad Scriptural messaging, I was reminded of this.  Yes, once again it's professional Catholic apologist and endorsed teacher of Catholic social teaching Mark Shea.  And what's he saying?  That Satanism is no big deal since, you know, it isn't - this being our modern age.  

What is awesome is that those Satanists are doing the good work of caring about the poor, and that's all that matters.  Sell your soul to Satan if you must, but it's far better to pledge fealty to the Prince of Darkness and help the poor (no doubt, again, from a purely non-politically partisan lens) than it is to follow Christ and not help the poor or feed the hungry or allow the migrant to live with you.  

Which, of course, many conservatives actually do. Over the years I saw plenty of conservative Christians invested in helping the poor, feeding the hungry and caring for the widow and the orphan, even if outside of the parameters of leftwing policies and economic narratives.  One of the big LIES of the age is that conservatives are less charitable than liberals.  I'm unaware of a reputable study that would back that up, and my own experience suggests otherwise.  

Beware.  The linked to piece is what's known as deplorable hermeneutics.  It goes beyond partisanship by a long shot. Yes, our faith without works is dead.  Yes, the gentile or the unbeliever or even the sinner is sometimes shown in positive Scriptural light next to religious hypocrites or corrupt leaders who believe their self-righteousness entitles them to the praise of God. 

But that's hell and gone from suggesting we can flip the bird to the Gospel of Christ, throw your alliance behind Lucifer, and earn your way to heaven by how many care packages you give to a local charity.  That is beyond borderline heresy to suggest we get to heaven by our good works, our actual loyalty to the Lord  or Satan be damned.  It certainly belittles the reality of the satanic and demonic. 

For what it's worth, the idea that Satanists - who my own son has called 'edgy atheists' - are doing nothing realistically bad by being Satanists smacks of a very secular, atheistic understanding of Creation and the principalities and powers of this present darkness.  It sounds more Hollywood than Holy Ground.  It almost suggests that spiritual warfare has no bearing on things at all, but only our material lives and material actions in an otherwise material world.  

If that is the case, then people worshipping Satan would be no more bothersome than people practicing witchcraft.  Which is a very modernist spin on the reality of the Invisible of Creation. Perhaps  they can't conjure demons or place real hexes on people, but they are nonetheless aligned with and confess fealty to the forces of Darkness.  That has real implications for the religiously inclined who believe the Invisible of Creation is more than a word thrown into the Creed to take up space. 

Again, I've not heard teaching in the name of Christianity this bad since Waco. That he continues to be a paid apologist with praise from Catholic leaders, parishes and institutions says all you need to know about the dire straights in which at least a section of the modern Church finds itself.  And I post this for the same reason I frequently warned my Evangelical denominations to avoid people like Fred Phelps. Such warnings are not obsessions, they are obligations on the part of those who are trying to be live out the Truth of the Gospel.

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the  heavenly places.  Ephesians 6.12

Saturday, November 20, 2021

What is so bad about Critical Race Theory?

What's bad is that it's a leftist term that the Left sought to mandate that got turned on its head.  Conservatives were successful at showing it for what it is: an anti-American agenda with strong whiffs of old Soviet era lessons about the scourge of Capitalist Imperialist Americans, but with racism. 

The Left's ability to weaponize slogans and acronyms is well known.  BLM and #MeToo,  LGBTQetc., White Privilege and Homophobia.  And the Left can tarnish a group or label as well as anyone.  Remember when Teabagger became acceptable parlance, and it always meant white racist?  Or when MAGA was turned from a slogan to a white supremacist identifier?  Heck, consider the word 'White' itself.  It's used now entirely as a negative, a slur, an insult.  Why, I just saw a cosmetic company proudly announce it would no longer use the word 'White' to describe its products, even ones that deal with things like whitening (which term would also no longer be used). 

That's power.  That's serious Big Brother level newspeak.  And with a monopoly in the press, pop culture and public and higher education (plus some help from our friends in Church leadership), the modern Left has been able to seize or ignore, dismiss or inflate a host of words, phrases, slogans and other verbal tricks to build up and destroy, defend or attack, and most of all advance the leftwing agenda.

But somehow, Critical Race Theory was seized by those it was meant to attack and used against the designs of the Left.  Those designs are to teach an entire generation that beyond our nation being a 400 year old genocidal, racist Nazi state, that anything to emerge from it, white people, or the Christian West is ipso facto colonialist racist White Supremacist evil. Things like presumption of innocence or burden of proof, free speech, religious liberty, the Golden Rule - why the list is endless of things born of this evil that are in serious need of elimination.  

Nonetheless, the ball was dropped.  It was fumbled on the five yard line and the opposition picked it up and ran.  The ones it was to target and the things it was supposed to demonize turned around and did a pick-six.  And now the Left's wrath knows no bounds.  Expect accusations of racism to fly like bullets in a Matrix movie, and leftists to double down on America as the country that inspired Nazi Germany to evil and therefore must be burned.  All who don't call down hellfire on the American Experiment will be racists, just as all who fail to bow before the liberal gospel are racist. 

Friday, November 19, 2021

If we stop making professional athelets and celebraties who hate us rich

Perhaps they'll go away.  

Here is a collection of white hating, anti-Western athletes supporting death and violence - as long as the death and violence goes to tearing down the Western Tradition.   And here is a spate of millionaire celebrities doing the same.   The excuse for voicing the hatred is the Rittenhouse verdict.  But the hatred is there whatever the verdict would have been.  They would merely have had to find another excuse. 

Again, the global oligarchy is becoming brazen about its hatred of white people, little people, and working thralls.  Yet like slaves in front of a whip, we trot off to pour money into the latest product and keep making them rich.  There may come a day when we learn.  I don't think that day is near. 

Racism and sexism on full display at The New York Times

Nowhere better can you see modern bigotry and race hate on display more flagrantly than this piece at the New York Times.  The Times, which has amassed a respectable number of pieces over the last few years extolling the virtues of communist states over America, makes its own requisite hatred of white men, if not whites in general, more than clear. 

Again, if people who embrace the latest manifestation of bigotry and prejudice today lived 80 years ago in Germany, the likelihood is that they would have embraced the same then.  The point of studying the past is to avoid the sins of the past, not insist those sins only belong to the past and when you repeat them now, you're right since you're the right type of person hating the right type of people for the right reasons. 

Oh, and the same is true for those who think they're off the hook because the ones they hate are in their own particular demographic. That keeps the racism and bigotry, and adds a dash of Quisling for flavor, and nothing more. 

Wednesday, November 17, 2021


The Federal Government is launching an investigation against Southlake Carole Schools..  That was one of the districts that erupted against the Left's CRT/America as Racist Nation agendas and ended up filling the district's elected offices with decidedly non-leftist advocates. 

Now the Feds are stepping in to look at Civil Rights violations. Why do I have a feeling this is about the parents who oppose the Left's agendas being indoctrinated in our schools, and not so much about anything else?  Is it just me? 

Turning to a different gospel

From Mark Shea in reference to an observation by Rebecca Weiss: 

My reply:

Jesus did not tell the rich young man to deal with the evil in his own heart before dealing with the evils in society. He told him to go and sell all he had, give it to the poor, and then follow him. (Unsurprisingly, this is a saying that conservative American MAGA antichrist religion takes enormous pains to minimize, downplay, deny, avoid, and piously reject with precisely the “work on yourself first” stuff that, in fact, does not exist in the gospel.)

Speaking of other gospels with no bearing on the Gospel we are to follow. 

No, Jesus does not specifically say go and work out all your problems before doing His will, since He doesn't seem to put working out our own problems and doing His will as two conflicting commands.  Likewise, Christ did not say 'I have not come to call sinners to repentance, but rather to inspire them to fix the socio-economic problems of the Roman Empire as first priority."

If I had ever heard anyone make the argument they rebut then perhaps I could see it.  But I've heard this preached on many times in all three major Christian traditions - Protestant, Catholic and Orthodox - and in my limited experience, I have never heard a single individual suggest the narrative's lesson is that we should avoid helping others until we become pure and perfect.  Despite Mark's insistence to the contrary, I've just not heard it, and until this, it had never entered my mind as a possible interpretation of this text. Heck, I've never heard a person make the argument that we should focus on making ourselves pure before helping others no matter what biblical passage was in question. 

I would suggest to Ms. Weiss and Mr. Shea that if they think the Gospel call is for us to not concern ourselves with the evils in our own hearts as we continue to sin and sin boldly, so much as fixing the socio-economic and political problems of the world (no doubt from a political unbiased perspective), it might be time to go back to RCIA. For the rest of us, when you see people twisting the teachings of the Faith the way Perchik did to fit his Marxist ideology in Fiddler on the Roof, it's a good bet you should avoid listening to them where issues like salvation and our eternal destinies are concerned.  Just saying. 

Oh, and just for the record, I'm being charitable here. I'm hoping they're not rebutting the Christian teaching that our ultimate problems in the world are our separation from God and the sin of our hearts.  I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt and assuming they aren't embracing the very secular and anti-religious idea that society's problems are all about failure to adhere to infallible policies and political solutions as put forth by particular political activism and ideology.  I'm leaving my take as it being merely their disastrously bad exegesis of Scripture. 

Monday, November 15, 2021

Before the Judgment Seat of God

So yesterday we had a visiting priest from the Pontifical College Josephinum.  He's been there before.  A jovial fellow, he came into the priesthood later in life.  Therefore, he had quite a record of real world living, if you get my drift.  He's not afraid to point that out.

But he always points it out as a reminder that real world living is not what we were made for.  We were made to love God with all we are, and to love our neighbor as ourselves.  Not love in the Kinsey and Dr. Spock sort of way.  That is, love for the sake of getting what we want out of someone, or love meaning we let them play in the traffic because we don't want to hurt their feelings by telling them no. 

Actual agape love is what we're for.  That's the unconditional divine love, often translated charity in older biblical translations, that one years in St. Paul's famous 'discourse on love' in his letter to the Corinthians.  Real love, pure love, divine love.  Not the junk we have today in our society.

Of course, there is a catch.  For all of God's love, there comes a day of reckoning.  A day in which we account for the gifts God has freely given.  And that's what yesterday's homily was about.  In a manner that wouldn't shame a fundamentalist tent revival, the priest reminded us that some day we will die, and then the judgment.

And he emphasized it does no good to appeal to the Supreme Court for what we can do.  The World is frequently wrong.  We're called to do God's will based on what is clearly taught by way of God's own revelation.  And if we choose not to, we will stand before God on the Day of Judgment and have to account for our choice. 

Yes, we have the Sacraments.  We have Confession and Last Rights (he emphasized this, and the need for regular confession).  But at the end, Christ will come like a thief.  We ourselves may die slowly and with time to spare and prepare, or not.  The point is, to ask every day if I am prepared to meet my Maker.  And to live every day to make sure the answer is yes.  Because on that day, there is no blame, there is no finger pointing, there is no corporate guilt of others, there is us before the Throne of God. 

Wow.  The actual Gospel preached.  Yes, he said this with a smile, and managed to make it sound almost disarming.  But the words had power.  It reminded me how far we sometimes are from our faith nowadays.  More politics than anything.  Sometimes social issues and agendas.  Often personal opinions.  All of which have their place of course.  But sometimes I think even if we believe we're fighting the World, we're only doing it on the World's terms, not the Faith's.

I contrasted that homily to what I hear so often from so many Church leaders, including our pope.  I think that priest, too, was aware of the recent debacle with President Biden and Pope Francis.  I think he made it more than clear we're not given the right to declare ourselves good Catholics while rejecting the revelation of God, and we do so at eternal risk.  For that is what it is.  And we either believe that, or there's no sense wasting time waking up on a Sunday morning when we could roll over and get some extra sleep. 

Thursday, November 11, 2021

A Veterans Day Tribute

 I break my sabbatical to post this:

An elderly French couple putting flowers on the body of a dead American solider during WWII.  This is one of the most haunting pictures in any history book I've ever read in the history of history books I've read.  A picture that has always stayed with me.  Something about it just says this is what Veterans Day is all about. 

My sons say that kids today are taught that freedom, prosperity and equality are dead easy, and all societies through the ages are better at it than America.   This isn't some unintended side effect of what they're taught.  It's what they're taught. 

But that's obviously wrong, and believing it is wrong is a defining characteristic of conservatism.  Fact is, most societies aren't free, preposterous, equal or any such thing.  And those things we've enjoyed for generations were bought at a price.  Hopefully we'll realize this before it's too late and beyond the cost of any price to turn things around. 

Monday, November 8, 2021

A blogging sabbatical

I'll be stepping away this coming week, owing to many things that developed over the last week.  A rough week it was.  Nothing horrifying, just things that demand time and attention.  With a new quarter for homeschool and ever changing fortunes on the home front, it will take more time than I'll have even for my rather lickety-split approach to blogging. 

Plus, I'll be kicking around blogging and social media in general.  As I've quoted my sons many times, the Internet has a lot of good, but a lot bad.  Social media, on the other hand, is mostly bad with only a little good.  Except Twitter, Twitter is of the Devil, to wit:

Now, Mr. Dailey, once big on St. Blogs, Chesterton and frequently quoted contributor to all things Catholic, knows full well what happened in Virginia.  He's not stupid, and he's informed enough to know a major scandal that broke out was Terry Mcauliffe hunkering down on pushing parents out of school boards.  Worse, this hunkering down occurred even as a school board was accused of covering up the rape of two girls because it might hinder transgender agendas.  We all know that's what the cover up was about.

So no, Mr. Dailey, it's not imaginary.  It's real.  Yet Mr. Dailey takes the hard left partisan hackery approach of simply not giving a damn.  Two raped girls and it doesn't even exist, much less matter. What camps in the German woods?  There is blind partisanship, then there is evil. 

It's almost wrong to single out Mr. Dailey, however, since this sort of apologetics for the manifold evils of modernity has become the norm across much of the former Catholic blogosphere.  As my oldest son said, it's enough to make you sympathize with those Germans who draped the Swastika over the altar.  Not only is it defending evil, but they attack anyone out here trying to stand up to the grave evils and mortal sins advocated by this godless paganism that has run amuck in our culture.

With that said all appeals to reason and good will are over.  What can we do but fuss on a daily basis?  To not do anything will be as complicit in the coming storms as those who did nothing 80 years ago.  Yet simply bashing one's head on the computer screen and having to wade into such hellpit sites of evil, lies, slander and all the fixings needed to defend that which is clearly of the demonic is tiresome.  If not being a near occasion of sin. 

So I'll be kicking things around.  I won't stop blogging or even make the pledge.  I already have a couple times, and just when I was ready to walk away, some new level of evil crazy happened and drew me back.  Nonetheless, I'll think things through and ponder just how I want to move forward, what I want to focus on, and how I want to approach things, now that we see the world and its designs for what they are.  The world has had its Suribachi moment, it now sees mop up as the next course of action.  What to do next will be my focus. 

I'll be back next week, all things equal.  Till then, God bless and I'll see everyone then.  I might comment on other blogs, but it'll be next week before I'm back here.  TTFN. 

Oh, as for me, I stand behind the much reviled Archbishop Gomez, for he would have us reach out to the World for Christ, rather than put Christ into the closet in order to make way for the World. . And that is my Catholic Church, not the Church that bows and cowers before the latest dictates of the secular World. 

Sunday, November 7, 2021

The War on Christmas is cool again!

 Says so right here:

That's, of course, nothing that Christians haven't been fighting against for decades.  Then suddenly, around the later GW Bush years, it became cool to mock such concerns.

Worried about being told you can't say Christmas? Worried about the hyper-commercialism aggressively pushing Christ out of the picture?  Worried that some are letting the very paganized secular message of greed and consumerism blur the Gospel message?   Bah.  Loser. 

I recall when Russ Moore, who once called all Conservative to unite that we may prevail in the culture wars, published an article washing his hands of the whole silly obsession.  War on Christmas?  Humbug.  You're not going to get a cushy seat in the West Wing with that attitude. So concern about how the secular world mishandles and manhandles this time of year became a favorite target by not just those left of center, but by those 'former conservative, but much better now' believers. 

Well, I'm glad to see we can care again.  I get the purpose of the Twitter post.  All this talk of not-Biden's fault supply chain disruptions mixed with not-to-worry-about-it inflation has led some reporters to speak of a ruined holiday season. 

FWIW, I've heard no Christians actually saying Christmas can be ruined in such a way.  Most I know subscribe to the Grinch/Charlie Brown attitude that Christmas doesn't come from a store.  That maybe, just maybe, it means a little bit more.

So Deacon Greydanus must mean those secularists, those on the Left, the media and others who are making it all about not-Biden's fault supply chain issues.  Nice to have him back.  Perhaps 'War on Christmas' is a bit over the top.  I prefer 'War against God.'  But at least he's back, and there's one more voice to remind us when the World says get Christ out of the way because it's all about give me, give me, give me, get, get, get, Christians need to stand up and make clear it's no such thing. 

Please find me the racist

As in, what he said that was racist.  McDonald's CEO Chris Kempczinksi commented on two of the many murders among young people in Chicago:

"With both, the parents failed those kids which I know is something you can’t say. Even harder to fix," Kempczinski texted Lightfoot.

"Thanks, Chris. Great to see you in person. Such a great work space, and your folks were terrific. I said to Joe I would be happy reach out to the operator to offer support. He and his team members have got to be traumatized. Terrible tragedy. Thanks again, Chris," Lightfoot responded. 

So, what was racist?  The assumption that parents, who have recently been told they could be terrorists or that they in fact can't have say in their kids' educations, are therefore responsible for something?  I'm not seeing it.  Perhaps he shouldn't have spoken to these two particular cases without knowing the details.  But racist?  By the way, clearly he was right in saying this is something you're not allowed to do, however many thousands of America's youth die in the meantime. 

Though I think it's safe to say that as a society, we've been grooming parents to fail their kids for many generations.  Ever since we decided Dr. Benjamin Spock was right to tell us everything we ever knew about raising kids was wrong.

Seventy years later, and suicide is now one of the leading causes of death for children as young as ten years old.  We have debates about arming teachers because of the penchant for mass murdering fellow students that has arisen in the last several decades.  Drug use and dependency among young Americans is at all time highs, along with suicide rates.

It's almost like we shouldn't have listened to a sawdust for brains ideologue and should have trusted in some ages old wisdom when it comes to things like parenting, morality, personal responsibility and being mature adults.  Heck, it might even be that we abandoned God and his revealed wisdom for how to act as human beings.  

Nah, that would be like saying we've been wrong all these years.  And there's no end to the youth of America we're willing to let die rather than admit to such a thing. 

Saturday, November 6, 2021

There are two kinds of people today

There are those who oppose Critical Race Theory.  

And there are those who oppose those who oppose Critical Race Theory.

I can't say the second group is made up of those who support Critical Race Theory.  Why?  Because among those who oppose those who oppose CRT, there seems to be no consensus.  Some say there is no such thing as CRT.  Some say there is, but it's only in colleges and nobody is wanting it to be taught in schools.  Others that it absolutely should be taught in schools.  Still there are others who seem to have no idea except they know all who oppose CRT do so because they are white racists. 

So I say there are two groups.  Those opposed to CRT.  And those opposed to those who oppose CRT.  And for me, if nothing else, that's more than enough to throw my hat in with those opposed to CRT since at least they're more or less in agreement about why they oppose it.  As oppose to the other group that can't even agree if there is such a thing or you're a racist. 



First because it's head up a donkey's butt stupid.  The idea that parents upset about teaching kids to judge based on skin color  must be descended from people who threw rocks at black kids, because obviously skin color, makes a German rhetoric from the 1930s seem sane by comparison.   The thought that some, like my mom, would be outraged at this and yet was an open advocate for black rights in the 1950s, seems absolutely lost on Greydanus and this level of partisan hackery. Ancestor blood guilt - the latest fad among the Left. 

Second, it's despicable because it insists we ignore the ugly truth that many - and I mean many - who are upset about this racist movement called Critical Race Theory (that does and doesn't exist at any given movement) are not white.  They are blacks and other minorities who don't want their kids to be taught to see themselves as hapless victims awaiting brave white crusaders to step in and save the day. 

And it's not just those conservative blacks who never seem to matter in the equation.  Some blacks and other minorities who were protesting at a local school district a couple weeks ago didn't sound conservative at all.  From some of what they said when interviewed by local news outlets, they sounded like pro-BLM and pro-Democrat all the way. They simply resent their kids being boxed up in swift group labels as the good deacon Greyadnus is clearly willing to do. 

Or perhaps they see their kids ignored since the above stupid Twitter post demands we invoke the unperson of disobedient blacks, just like we unperson the disobedient women who blaspheme the gospel of pro-abortion feminism.  The idea that this, like so many issues, cuts across group identities seems almost abhorrent to those on the Left. 

At some point he's gong to have to come back from the edge of the pit, or he's going to fall in.  I remember him from many years ago. I was never a fan of his post-modern approach to movies.  But he was never like this, nor would he ever have passed along such a stupid, false and sin laden Twitter post.  The poison that is the Left. 

Oh, and I wouldn't recommend going to the article the Twitter post references.  It's not for the squeamish or the virtuous and honorable and truth seeker for that matter. 

Friday, November 5, 2021

African diaspora?

 Yep.  Apparently that's a thing:

Naturally it refers primarily to those Africans brought to the New World through the Transatlantic Slave Trade.  No mention of the much more robust Islamic Slave trade that dwarfed that of Europe, and continued in parts of the Islamic world well into the late 20th Century.  Or any other part of the vast slave  trade that was so common across the African continent for millennia. 

I'm fine with repenting of the sins of the past, so long as we don't go overboard or use such actions to buttress our own self-righteousness, or use it to ignore the sins of the present.  Much worse is if we condemn the sins of the past and then turn around and excuse or embrace the sins of the present, ahem.

Heck, I've often said, on one level, I might be open to reparations for past wrongs.  But it would have to be done in the Christian vein, not simply a tool to tear apart the Christian Western tradition or American experiment.  Nor would I stand for it invoking ancestral blood guilt of all whites guilty of the sins of all whites, therefore people deserving to squirm and pay the price today due to skin color.

Oh, and lest anyone fall for that stupid, evil, racist and false notion that only whites are racist so therefore only European slavery was racist and that's really what makes slavery bad, consider this little gem:

Therefore, the Negro nations are, as a rule, submissive to slavery, because Negroes have little that is essentially human and possess attributes that are quite similar to those of dumb animals, as we have stated.

That's from Ibn Khaldûn, a 14th Century Islamic scholar, musing on the reasons given in the Islamic world to justify the vast Islamic slave forays into Africa.  You know, that slave trade that defined so much of African history centuries before the first Europeans showed up to cause mischief.  Put in the mouth of a European, I have little trouble believing Ms. Purvis would label such a sentiment as racist. 

Again, multiculturalism is one of the key weapons for destroying the Western Tradition, Christian values and teachings, and the American experiment.  The stupidly false - and unChristian - idea that only the Christian West and America ever sinned, and anything any other culture did was just fine, smacks against the Gospel and common sense and historical reality all at the same time. 

I should mention that if the Catholic Church endorses such a wrong-headed and race based view, or allows blacks to make themselves black first and Catholic distant second, then expect future generations of Catholics to have to repent of our ignorance and evil just as much as modern Catholics feel inclined to do the same for that cloud of witnesses who came before our time.  

Some Halloween Haunts

Some of the best weather for years.  It would make Schultz proud
Ah, Halloween.  Years ago it was quite a thing.  For the three oldest, Halloween was simply one of many checkpoints along the way to that holiday of all holidays, Christmas.  But we made a big go of it and had many fun times.  

Even though they were ready to hang up the Tricks or Treats as they got older, they stayed with it.  This was to make sure their youngest, nine years younger than our third son, would have a sense of belonging to the same stories and traditions as the other three.  To that end, they did yeoman's work making sure that, to the best of their ability, he got to take part in things the way they did growing up.

It was always a tad different, I'll admit.  When we first did our 'Ghost Run' at a local cemetery, it was purely improvised to fill in time before a local football game.  Even as it became a tradition, it was with three young pre-teen boys who ate up the ambiance of cemeteries under grey October skies during the Halloween season.  

They tried to keep up the same 'excitement' for their brother's sake, but it wasn't always easy.  As any adult with kids will tell you, one mark of being a parent is wondering how you had so much fun as a child with such simple pleasures.  I always knew the older three were doing their best to put on the show of excitement.  Sometimes I think their youngest brother could also tell.

As the years went on, it became tougher for them all to be around on the same days.  A couple of times work or other social schedules beckoned, though they did their best to set aside time whenever possible.   Three years ago they were planning on moving onward and out in order to transfer colleges.  The plan was for them to move in together to reduce expenses.  Nonetheless, they promised they would still make time for their younger brother if at all possible.

Then came Covid, and that changed things.  Their plans to move out got derailed.  Since then, they've hunkered down and decided they will move out when have to, rather than just move out to move out.  The money they save being enough to set them up for a decent nest egg and rainy day fund in these troubled times. 

Being home at this age, however, doesn't make it any more likely to be around.  Due to social lives, increased work demands, promotions, moving upward into higher levels of college coursework, all conspire to keep them gone more than around.  In many ways, the home is a glorified bed and breakfast for them.  Though they try to spend at least one day with the family and one with their brother, it's not always all of them.  So at any given time, we get it might not be this time they can pull it off.

Despite all of the change, this year they did it again.  They moved a few mountains, cashed in a few favors, and made sure they were here to go out with their youngest for old times' sake. Our youngest has made friends with the brothers of our second oldest's girlfriend (who also accompanied them around the neighborhood this year for Tricks or Treats).  We managed to get things in, if not in abbreviated manners and sometimes with tight schedules tugging at our elbows. 

But it was fun.  Given his basic attitude, I guess he won't go out next year even if the chance is there.  My mom, of course, must stay indoors at this time.  My son's girlfriend's dad actually came over and sat with me to hand out candy.  A good family, and a good girl - a father could wish for worse for his son. 

So, in the spirit of old blog posts when I used to have such updated at various times of the year, here's a quick pictorial zip through our Halloween festivities.  Much has changed, but in it all, the family is here, the boys are still close, and I'd call that a net win for these crazy times.

They had a day off at the beginning of the month.  They decided 85 degrees just didn't strike that autumnal feel.  Even though we found a path only my second son had walked, we pledged to come back again on Halloween, weather permitting. 

Before Halloween, one evening when the boys were home we decided to go back to the cemetery where our "Ghost Runs" began all those years ago.  The tree is a favorite and you can't miss it.  The rest of the cemetery has many proper spooky locales.

As fortune had it, all sons had a day off the Thursday before Halloween.  That allowed us to pile in the van with my mom and drive back to my old stomping grounds an hour or so away.  The orchard has its own cider press and presses the cider fresh right there.  It's worth noting that orchard was where I went to my very first school field trip in kindergarten so many ages ago.  

After the orchard, we stopped by old Rivercliff Cemetery, near where I lived when I was a lad.  We've done that quite a lot in our Autumn festivities.  I've seen many cemeteries in my day, but never one with so many locales that scream 'Gothic' like it does.

Even after all these years, you stumble onto something you've never seen.  I'll admit I was at that cemetery many, many times over the years.  Yet I had never seen that culvert before.  The boys said it had a perfectly Tolkienish look about it.  If you told me a barrow-wight lived there, I'd believe you. 

The boys investigate a shed behind the cemetery's main mausoleum.  They noticed it had been moved, and were a bit curious.  Given the history of erosion there, I told them that, like many things, the explanation was probably rather mundane. 

The town I grew up in.  I didn't realize how Bradbury-ish it looked.  Upon coming to the hilltop I expected to see the lightning rod salesman strolling by under those autumn clouds. 

Halloween proper.  Large, billowy clouds and another walk through the longer path in the woods on a crisp October day.   I simply asked them to stop and turn for a picture and they gave me an impromptu album cover. 

Ready to Tricks or Treats.  Our youngest was talked into going out by his new friends. The others invested lightly in costumes, my second boy and his girlfriend dressing like musicians of various backgrounds. Our youngest did a hasty Sherlock Holmes, taking the hat and coat from my oldest who, for many years, was our resident sleuth.  Or second oldest was content to control the pooch. 

A seasonal favorite that catches more than one reveler's attention each year.  That's courtesy of our second oldest, who started carving turnips in the manner of our ancestors from Ireland.  That's old school Halloween. 

All decked out and ready to go.  We started with the table and outdoor candy bowl last year owing to Covid.  It worked well enough that we did it again this year. We used the Jack-o'-Lanterns to keep people from wandering around the yard.  You'd be surprised how people can't take a hint. 

The four boys' each designed and carved their own (the youngest with a little carving help from dad).  From top left to bottom right: Our oldest, second oldest, third oldest, youngest. 

Not to be left out, my mom designed her own face on a pumpkin.  Alas, there was no way in this world we could carve it, so we put it with the candy (which was empty by the end of the night), and will carve it out for pumpkin seeds by the end of the season. Pumpkin seeds to go with our pastries, pumpkin donuts, apple cider and other goodies on Halloween Night - and I mean go, as in usually gone by the time we watch the final Halloween silent movies and specials that night. 

The gang ready for another outing on a fine Fall evening.  Again, maybe last time going out until grandkids - or not. We'll see.  We assumed last time last year.  My wife went out, but it tired her and she came home after about an hour.  I usually don't post pics of anyone outside the family.  Nonetheless, while I wouldn't say my second son and his girlfriend are ready to pick out curtains or anything, they've  been dating for quite awhile and have crossed that line to looking at longer term plans.  Plus, her younger brothers and our youngest have become friends.  

Again, it was a fun night.  A bit melancholy, as I remember years gone by with the boys being younger and perhaps a bit more wide-eyed.  I remember my mom and dad coming down and my sister and her husband, even her granddaughter and my boys' neighborhood school friends.  Mom and my sister would go out with my wife and the kiddos.  I always pass out the candy. The joint was hopping back then, and the table of treats went fast.  Our handfuls of candy per kid were legendary.  

Now it's us, with the boys picking up new friends or acquaintances, but not so much in the neighborhood to take part in these things.  My sister has moved away, her husband from that time having passed away, as did dad.  Mom is simply no longer able to go out.  My wife was barely able to now.  And they're getting older, as we all are.  Such is life.  But the trick is, enjoy it when it's happening, for every day is the stuff of future memory.  And some day, it will be the memories we have. 

Thursday, November 4, 2021

What bothers me most about the White hating Rutgers professor

Isn't that she's simply being human as human history goes, and that's yearning for a day when 'those people' get it in the neck.   It's that she sounds like this:

"Like, the thing I want to say to you is we got to take these motherf---kers out. But, like, we can't say that, right? We can't say, like, I don't believe in a project of violence. I truly don't," Cooper said.

I've heard discourse in middle school lockers rooms that sounded more lucid than that.  This is what America's institutions of higher education are trotting out to teach our young adults?  Rambo was more articulate than her.  And this is a professor at Rutgers.  A professor. 

Whatever you want to call it - I call it The Left - is a poison on all that is good in the world.  It leads to dumb.  It leads to the least.  It leads to the animal.  It leads to ugly.  It leads to ignorance. It leads to pride.  It leads to hate.  It leads to hypocrisy.  The amount of things associated with sin and evil that are defined by and demanded by The Left are legion, for they are many.

Nothing shows this more than the above professor, her hate filled race rants, and the clunky, pubescent level of rhetoric she employs to ramrod her bitterness and rage.  Well done American education.  Well done. 

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

I cannot say how awesome these Halloween costumes were


Preemptive race-baiting

Just in case, courtesy of that merry ol'leftwing rag The Guardian.  Turns out Glenn Youngkin might just win the Virginia governor's race because - wait for it - white backlash.  

Ah, memories.  I remember in 1994 when the GOP stampeded into the majority in both houses of Congress.  How was this stunning loss explained?  Across the national press there was one and one reason only that the Democrats lost their decades long majority: The Angry White Male!  (cue Darth Vader March music at this point).

It was the first nakedly racist and sexist spin I'd ever seen fully endorsed by our news media.  It was so nakedly bigoted and partisan that it stunned a nation still assuming not only was the media an unbiased source of information, but that it's wrong to make sweeping generalities about people based on race and gender.  

Overnight, everything liberal America had taught me in schools, television, movies, books and even music came crashing down.  In one simple mantra - the Angry White Male! (with accompanying scary music and sound effects) - we were able to experience the same bigoted fear baiting that no doubt was used against the black man in the Jim Crow South, or the Jew in 1930s Germany.  And this was done by those who had so loudly and proudly condemned the same tactics for all of my life. 

Yet it became canonized as part of the Liberal History of America. It became as true for the emerging Left as John 3:16 is for orthodox Christians.  Why did the Democrats lose?  Because of evil skin color/gender, that's why.  And across the leftwing board, everyone - Christian liberals included - lapped it up like a thirsty dog.