Tuesday, November 23, 2021

USA Today says we should use Thanksgiving to teach how evil white people are

Right here.  Of course the Thanksgiving myth was a lie, that much is obvious.  Indians were perfect, once more that's obvious.  And white people were a vicious, brutal, murderous, racist lot.  Again, let's follow the science people.  

This isn't unique.  As this story shows, in colleges across America communism is openly glorified while the communist take on American history is embraced.  In an odd twist, the only professor my son has had who spoke openly against communism was one of his economics professors.  Otherwise either the evils of the West and America are exclusively taught, or in some classes socialism and even communism proudly endorsed.  This isn't just in classes, but in the college campuses and culture as a whole. 

Things are happening fast now.  The year 2020 was a turning point.  The Left seized upon the crazy to not only teach people to grovel before the Machine, but it seized communist inspired hatred of America and desire to destroy the Western Democracies and has all but sanctified it.  

How long Thanksgiving will last is up for grabs.  But then how long the Constitution and our principles of law and freedom will last is also anyone's guess.  Americans are willing to follow this development.  Most probably don't want it to happen, but will stand by while it does.  The ones with the power and influence in our nation clearly want it.  And many Americans will rally behind the destruction of all freedoms when it is called for. 

Oh, and it's fine to say communist.  I'm sure some might quibble or point out this or that difference.  But given the growing number of Americans and influential outlets extoling the virtues of socialism, Marxism or even full out communism, that sort of quibbling will only ensure those Americans and outlets will get what they want. 


  1. Most of the comments to the piece are refreshingly anti-woke:


    1. There is plenty of resistance, but all major national and international outlets are behind the revolution. That's the problem. On local news outlets there is some balance. But you could be forgiven for not knowing this is the 400th Anniversary of the first Thanksgiving. I've not heard a single story mention it.

  2. The truth about Thanksgiving is simple: two groups of humans gathered to share food and cement a military alliance. A fairly common event throughout human history, that one just happened to become a major part of popular culture and evolve into a holiday

    1. To be honest, yep. I never thought that was a problem. But that's not what they're saying now. American Indian activists would have us believe that there wasn't an indigenous person who couldn't die for the sins of humanity, unlike all whites who were Nazis. Compared to how we teach history today, Looney Tunes was quite accurate.


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