Monday, November 1, 2021

The only thing worse than staging a deceitful stunt at a political rally

Is doubling down when you were caught in the lie.  The hard left anti-Trump group The Lincoln Project now joins the hallowed halls of Project Veritas as 'liars for the truth.'  Now, Project Veritas was heavily maligned in Catholic circles when it was discovered they sent 'actors' into abortion settings to get information.  That was undercover work and all undercover work, it turned out, is lying.  And we all know lying in any form is of Satan, and far more of a big deal than 60 million abortions.  

So I have no doubt that the Lincoln Project, much beloved and cited by New Prolife Catholics everywhere because of the group's anti-Trump rhetoric, will now be hammered by those Catholics because of this dishonest ploy.  After all, doing something in order to falsely attack someone's character - as this clearly was meant to do - is merely a form of dishonesty and lying.  

Or, we might suddenly learn that it wasn't dishonest at all, that's just old pre-post-modern thinking.  In post-modern world, where gender doesn't exist and it's racist not to judge someone by their skin color, deliberately acting a different part in order to malign a politician might not be dishonest at all because of course it isn't.  The joys of the post-modern era. 

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