Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Tragic update

Donald McClarey posted the sad news that another victim has died from the Wisconsin Christmas parade attack.   My heart breaks for that child and the family.  Only God could possibly bring peace to their hearts in such a time. 

We live in a dark and evil age.  We live in a country becoming more evil than it has ever been, because of those trying to convince us it was ever and only evil to begin with.  The powers that be belong to the forces of darkness.  There will be many more innocents who die because of their evils.  And because of the unwillingness of those who should resist to do so.  

These half dozen victims of our cowardliness and our leaders' complicity with the forces of evil are going to be six among many I fear.  And in typical form, there will be many who confessed Christ who will  look away, mention nothing, and hope whatever is going on in those strange camps in the woods won't impact them.  Find me a New Prolife Catholic on the Internet who has mentioned this story at all, and I'll happily retract my claim. 

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