Saturday, November 20, 2021

What is so bad about Critical Race Theory?

What's bad is that it's a leftist term that the Left sought to mandate that got turned on its head.  Conservatives were successful at showing it for what it is: an anti-American agenda with strong whiffs of old Soviet era lessons about the scourge of Capitalist Imperialist Americans, but with racism. 

The Left's ability to weaponize slogans and acronyms is well known.  BLM and #MeToo,  LGBTQetc., White Privilege and Homophobia.  And the Left can tarnish a group or label as well as anyone.  Remember when Teabagger became acceptable parlance, and it always meant white racist?  Or when MAGA was turned from a slogan to a white supremacist identifier?  Heck, consider the word 'White' itself.  It's used now entirely as a negative, a slur, an insult.  Why, I just saw a cosmetic company proudly announce it would no longer use the word 'White' to describe its products, even ones that deal with things like whitening (which term would also no longer be used). 

That's power.  That's serious Big Brother level newspeak.  And with a monopoly in the press, pop culture and public and higher education (plus some help from our friends in Church leadership), the modern Left has been able to seize or ignore, dismiss or inflate a host of words, phrases, slogans and other verbal tricks to build up and destroy, defend or attack, and most of all advance the leftwing agenda.

But somehow, Critical Race Theory was seized by those it was meant to attack and used against the designs of the Left.  Those designs are to teach an entire generation that beyond our nation being a 400 year old genocidal, racist Nazi state, that anything to emerge from it, white people, or the Christian West is ipso facto colonialist racist White Supremacist evil. Things like presumption of innocence or burden of proof, free speech, religious liberty, the Golden Rule - why the list is endless of things born of this evil that are in serious need of elimination.  

Nonetheless, the ball was dropped.  It was fumbled on the five yard line and the opposition picked it up and ran.  The ones it was to target and the things it was supposed to demonize turned around and did a pick-six.  And now the Left's wrath knows no bounds.  Expect accusations of racism to fly like bullets in a Matrix movie, and leftists to double down on America as the country that inspired Nazi Germany to evil and therefore must be burned.  All who don't call down hellfire on the American Experiment will be racists, just as all who fail to bow before the liberal gospel are racist. 

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