Friday, November 26, 2021

I am not impressed by Sister Josita Colbert's letter

You can read it here

I'm actually bothered that she can't see the problems with Black Lives Matter. Never mind the demonstrably false premise of the movement.  Never mind the myriad positions it takes that are contrary to the teachings of the Faith.  Never mind that BLM has effectively made the call to care for all lives a racist phrase to be condemned (well done idiots who let that happen).

No, I'm bothered by the fact that Archbishop points out a reality - that BLM is an alternate religion for people, as so often political and manmade movements can be.  That's obvious.  I'm bothered that there appears to be no way but by BLM to deal with justice, to hear Sister Colbert talk.  

I'm mostly bothered, however, that Catholics always used to strut like peacocks under the banner of 'we're so above getting dragged into political and worldly inventions like that.'  Not like them ignorant Evangelical right wing Christians who seem to forget that such worldly ideas as Democracy, Capitalism, the Republican Party and even our Constitution are just worldly things and nowhere near Divine revelation. 

Well then hell, it would be nice for Catholics to be able to say we don't need to follow a human concocted, up to its earlobes in problems, movement like BLM and still care for things like justice, equality and human life.  It would be nice if we said Jesus can actually do it, even if we don't fall into lockstep behind BLM, #MeToo, LGBTQ, or even liberal Democrats. 

I'm just going to say it, and get pissed at me if you want.  But perhaps its time for some Catholics who happen to be black to be Catholics first, instead of black first.  For that is a major underpinning of the modern Left, that we are first and foremost the latest sanctioned demographic identifier, everything else is dead last.  Except our religious identities, which must always be set under the latest identifier the Left deems worthy. 

It pains me to discover that the National Black Clergy Caucus declared the Catholic Church a racist institution in 1968.  I'm sure atheists and Satanists and everyone else  at war with the Gospel will rejoice at such news.  Today, every 'they were all evil, but not us' goes  a long way toward assuring young people that religion has always been as stupid and as evil as they're taught in school and pop culture.  Every 'but this time we're really right' is just met with yawns and giggles.  They know better.  

There is no God or eternity, science has shown that.  Religion is just made up rules and fairy tales used for evil and wickedness.  And each time we insist the last 2000 years of the Church were a problem, but now we're getting it right, we're just convincing youngsters the World is right, best to sleep in this Sunday. 

So assuming we all still  believe what my family and I lost almost everything to come into communion with, let's be a sport.  Let's be Catholics first before anything else.  Let's not say those Christians over there are bad for putting political movements ahead of Christ, but we're right to do so because our politics and the Gospel are one.  And let's not say a slick and easy alliance with the Accusing One manifest in one of a million charges against the Church will work this time, unless our goal is to see the Church continue to gush believers by the millions with fewer and fewer coming through the doors.  


  1. Ah. Guess who praised it.

    For extra irony, John McWhorter has been arguing that wokeism is a new religion ( and he's certainly no religious fellow given a snide remark he made on Bill Maher.

    1. It doesn't surprise me a bit about Mark. The Catholic Left and the secular Left are now barely distinguishable. They're beyond what the worst examples of the old Religious Right ever were.

      But yes, the thing called The Left is a new religion, a new world order. And it expects its adherents to worship along its lines just as any religion would expect. That's what I'm trying to say to Dale at TAC, that it isn't a case of denying the sins of the past, it's tackling them on our terms, rather than accepting the World's terms at this stage for any reason at all.

  2. I am in complete agreement Mr. Griffey. The faith is supposed to come before everything and every time any Catholic fails to live the faith and instead serves some worldly goal at odds with the faith is a scandal.

    1. That is so true. I try to keep that in mind myself. It's just when it becomes flagrant and, worse, endorsed, that we have the big problems.


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