Saturday, November 6, 2021

There are two kinds of people today

There are those who oppose Critical Race Theory.  

And there are those who oppose those who oppose Critical Race Theory.

I can't say the second group is made up of those who support Critical Race Theory.  Why?  Because among those who oppose those who oppose CRT, there seems to be no consensus.  Some say there is no such thing as CRT.  Some say there is, but it's only in colleges and nobody is wanting it to be taught in schools.  Others that it absolutely should be taught in schools.  Still there are others who seem to have no idea except they know all who oppose CRT do so because they are white racists. 

So I say there are two groups.  Those opposed to CRT.  And those opposed to those who oppose CRT.  And for me, if nothing else, that's more than enough to throw my hat in with those opposed to CRT since at least they're more or less in agreement about why they oppose it.  As oppose to the other group that can't even agree if there is such a thing or you're a racist. 


  1. This is really no different than the leftist narrative on "Political Correctness," "Cancel Culture," "Normalizing Homosexuality for Children," etc. They say "it doesn't exist" but what they really mean is "you can't complain about it." If you support it they will be glad to admit it exists, but if you don't support it they will deny it up and down until they can no longer do so.

    I first noticed this phenomenon back when I still occasionally watched MovieBob. He had a video on political correctness. He spent a long time talking about how political correctness was a big myth cooked up by the right, and that no one has ever really endorsed it. Eventually, after a long period of calling the right conspiracy theorists, he said that what ACTUALLY happened was that every correct thinking individual realized that many terms (like "policeman," "chinaman" or "black") where horribly offensive and they all agreed to change what they said, and that anyone who didn't agree is a bigot who deserves to be punished for their bigoted language. Now you might notice that what he is describing is EXACTLY what people have claimed that the PC movement is, but he insisted that this wasn't REALLY political correctness but "just being a decent person." His claim was basically "PC doesn't exist because you think it's a BAD thing, and it isn't."

    Once I noticed that there, I saw the same play being used over and over and over again. CRT is just the most recent incarnation of the same dishonest rhetoric.

    1. One of the greatest tricks of the modern left has been to talk about of both sides of the mouth for all to see - and get away with it. After all, as I say, back in the day liberals were all about removing all impediments to free expression of speech no matter what, at the very same time they were demanding we change how we speak about a host of issues and terms, like police person instead of policeman. Same with CRT does and doesn't exist, should be taught and is not being pushed to be taught, whenever is convenient. Having a supportive media doesn't hurt of course.


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