Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Time to be honest


Some years ago, I posted this post, in which I mused on this strange phenomenon that is Pope Francis. Given the events of the last week, I see no reason to take that back.  It appears being a Catholic faithful to actual Church teaching is entirely up for grabs.  Nice if you do, if you don't, eh.  But standing in the way of particular political and socio-economic narratives and policies regarding issues like economic injustice, global warming, immigration reform and racial justice will get the hammer dropped on you every time.   Therefore I was right.  There is no need to change Church teaching if you've made fealty to Church teaching part of the optional rules for being Catholic. 


  1. Pope Francis has become Machiavellian… “cunning, scheming, and unscrupulous, especially in politics”.
    I sincerely believe this of the Pope. Yes, he called abortion murder then went on talking to dismiss it as deserving of pastoral mercy and compassion. That is Machiavellian. He used silence about the baby murder of abortion to give Biden permission to continue to receive Communion when that is against everything the Catholic Church stands for. He has fooled many people who spend ink trying to figure out if PF really said what Biden asserts. It doesn’t matter, the Pope silence about abortion before and after the meeting exposes his duplicity.
    Pope Francis is trying to slyly rewrite God’s law, it is Machiavellian.

    1. Either he's the more careless and ignorant pope in modern times, or he's crazy like a fox. I'm inclined to think its the latter, since he doesn't come across as stupid.


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