Sunday, November 7, 2021

The War on Christmas is cool again!

 Says so right here:

That's, of course, nothing that Christians haven't been fighting against for decades.  Then suddenly, around the later GW Bush years, it became cool to mock such concerns.

Worried about being told you can't say Christmas? Worried about the hyper-commercialism aggressively pushing Christ out of the picture?  Worried that some are letting the very paganized secular message of greed and consumerism blur the Gospel message?   Bah.  Loser. 

I recall when Russ Moore, who once called all Conservative to unite that we may prevail in the culture wars, published an article washing his hands of the whole silly obsession.  War on Christmas?  Humbug.  You're not going to get a cushy seat in the West Wing with that attitude. So concern about how the secular world mishandles and manhandles this time of year became a favorite target by not just those left of center, but by those 'former conservative, but much better now' believers. 

Well, I'm glad to see we can care again.  I get the purpose of the Twitter post.  All this talk of not-Biden's fault supply chain disruptions mixed with not-to-worry-about-it inflation has led some reporters to speak of a ruined holiday season. 

FWIW, I've heard no Christians actually saying Christmas can be ruined in such a way.  Most I know subscribe to the Grinch/Charlie Brown attitude that Christmas doesn't come from a store.  That maybe, just maybe, it means a little bit more.

So Deacon Greydanus must mean those secularists, those on the Left, the media and others who are making it all about not-Biden's fault supply chain issues.  Nice to have him back.  Perhaps 'War on Christmas' is a bit over the top.  I prefer 'War against God.'  But at least he's back, and there's one more voice to remind us when the World says get Christ out of the way because it's all about give me, give me, give me, get, get, get, Christians need to stand up and make clear it's no such thing. 


  1. As ever it's hard not to detect a bit of sleight of hand here.

    For the Christian (and Jews with Hanukkah) since the holiday is anchored on God, of course supply chain issues cannot disrupt the season. If a few dozen of us were marooned on a lonely island with nothing to our names, we could all still celebrate it because the key to it is beyond this mere earth.

    The real problem is where do you go when it is unmoored from Christianity? Once you remove Christ from Christmas, what is left? Even at best, you're left with a kind of charity and generosity out of cultural habit. Then what?

    What atheists don't seem to realize or think about, is that virtue is easy on the cheap. When you're fabulously rich and wealthy, then it's a lot "easier" to be generous. But when things start getting tight? When you have to sell one kid in order to feed the others? Where is your generosity and charity then? It's like Jordan B Peterson said: You can't yank out the foundations and expect the moral structure to just float on its own in the air. Without the foundations of God, how long is the secular spirit of Christmas going to last? Especially now that its other support structures are being hammered?

    Well, we'll see. In the meantime, I know me and my family will have a plenty merry Christmas. Dave, I hope you and yours do as well. You'll have to show us some of the board games y'all play.

    1. Obviously his main purpose is to deflect. But remember, one of the anchors of the modern Left is the demand to only care about human misery and suffering when it can be exploited to advance the cause of the modern Left. If it's two years ago? Then it's a disgrace that Trump is letting beautiful families not be able to spend this cherished time with their beautiful families. Now? Not so much, so go back to the old 'let's keep Christ in Christmas people' that would be mocked two years ago just the same.

  2. Christmas can't be ruined by our supply chain crisis.

    But lives can be. Especially those who are most vulnerable.

    Pity the Deacon can't see that in his urge to score a minor point.

    1. It's been said to watch him go down into pits he himself once would have condemned. That's the price of aligning with the Left I notice. To hate what you once loved, practice what you once condemned, and excuse or ignore that which you once hated.


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