Friday, November 19, 2021

Racism and sexism on full display at The New York Times

Nowhere better can you see modern bigotry and race hate on display more flagrantly than this piece at the New York Times.  The Times, which has amassed a respectable number of pieces over the last few years extolling the virtues of communist states over America, makes its own requisite hatred of white men, if not whites in general, more than clear. 

Again, if people who embrace the latest manifestation of bigotry and prejudice today lived 80 years ago in Germany, the likelihood is that they would have embraced the same then.  The point of studying the past is to avoid the sins of the past, not insist those sins only belong to the past and when you repeat them now, you're right since you're the right type of person hating the right type of people for the right reasons. 

Oh, and the same is true for those who think they're off the hook because the ones they hate are in their own particular demographic. That keeps the racism and bigotry, and adds a dash of Quisling for flavor, and nothing more. 


  1. It says something about our world that a trial about a white kid shooting 3 white men is all about race.

    (Praying for Rittenhouse's acquittal.)

    1. I'm gonna wager that Blow doesn't have any other tools in his kit.

      He's had an unusual career. He's a communications major who was able for 15 years to find work on the production end of newspaper and magazine publishing. So, he had a real trade of sorts, learned on the job, presumably. Then the Sulzbergers hire him away from National Geographic and hand him a column. He's actually never worked as a reporter, nor does he have much in the way of liberal education. It shows.

      The editorial page of The TImes was always embarrassingly poor when you put it side-by-side with that of the Graham-Greenfield era Washington Post.

      This sort of commentary amounts to the establishment asserting its prerogatives, which they fancy they delegate to the likes of Blow and Blow fancies he has by inherent right. Eventually people will talk back or tell him to get f*cked. He's not going to like it when they do, because he has an empty toolkit.

  2. My sons said don't call America dumb, because that's an insult to the word dumb.


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