Monday, November 22, 2021

Prayers for the victims in WIsconsin

I don't always rush out and post a prayer for victims of tragedy or violence unless it is particularly egregious.  If I tried I would get nothing done but posting about such sad stories that happen all too often. But sometimes when a tragedy like this takes place, in the setting and context of merry makers just wanting to escape the lunacy of the age, it hits particularly hard.

We don't know the facts yet.  We may never know.  If the facts can be used by the media then they will be plastered on every headline and signpost in America. If not, we'll have to dig through the grocery ads to find out anything.  

What we do know is that people who gathered to indulge in some old fashioned Americana enjoyment of the Christmas season were hurt and killed.  People who simply thought they would go and let loose, watch the little ones soak up what is left of traditional forms of enjoyment, and relax in an age of stress are now gone.   

For them, those they leave behind, and all those hurt and injured I now pray.  I pray God give those who lost loved ones strength in the upcoming days and months. I pray God receive those who died into his loving arms.  And I pray that God cover the minds and hearts of all who are impacted by this with the peace of Christ. 

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