Monday, November 8, 2021

A blogging sabbatical

I'll be stepping away this coming week, owing to many things that developed over the last week.  A rough week it was.  Nothing horrifying, just things that demand time and attention.  With a new quarter for homeschool and ever changing fortunes on the home front, it will take more time than I'll have even for my rather lickety-split approach to blogging. 

Plus, I'll be kicking around blogging and social media in general.  As I've quoted my sons many times, the Internet has a lot of good, but a lot bad.  Social media, on the other hand, is mostly bad with only a little good.  Except Twitter, Twitter is of the Devil, to wit:

Now, Mr. Dailey, once big on St. Blogs, Chesterton and frequently quoted contributor to all things Catholic, knows full well what happened in Virginia.  He's not stupid, and he's informed enough to know a major scandal that broke out was Terry Mcauliffe hunkering down on pushing parents out of school boards.  Worse, this hunkering down occurred even as a school board was accused of covering up the rape of two girls because it might hinder transgender agendas.  We all know that's what the cover up was about.

So no, Mr. Dailey, it's not imaginary.  It's real.  Yet Mr. Dailey takes the hard left partisan hackery approach of simply not giving a damn.  Two raped girls and it doesn't even exist, much less matter. What camps in the German woods?  There is blind partisanship, then there is evil. 

It's almost wrong to single out Mr. Dailey, however, since this sort of apologetics for the manifold evils of modernity has become the norm across much of the former Catholic blogosphere.  As my oldest son said, it's enough to make you sympathize with those Germans who draped the Swastika over the altar.  Not only is it defending evil, but they attack anyone out here trying to stand up to the grave evils and mortal sins advocated by this godless paganism that has run amuck in our culture.

With that said all appeals to reason and good will are over.  What can we do but fuss on a daily basis?  To not do anything will be as complicit in the coming storms as those who did nothing 80 years ago.  Yet simply bashing one's head on the computer screen and having to wade into such hellpit sites of evil, lies, slander and all the fixings needed to defend that which is clearly of the demonic is tiresome.  If not being a near occasion of sin. 

So I'll be kicking things around.  I won't stop blogging or even make the pledge.  I already have a couple times, and just when I was ready to walk away, some new level of evil crazy happened and drew me back.  Nonetheless, I'll think things through and ponder just how I want to move forward, what I want to focus on, and how I want to approach things, now that we see the world and its designs for what they are.  The world has had its Suribachi moment, it now sees mop up as the next course of action.  What to do next will be my focus. 

I'll be back next week, all things equal.  Till then, God bless and I'll see everyone then.  I might comment on other blogs, but it'll be next week before I'm back here.  TTFN. 

Oh, as for me, I stand behind the much reviled Archbishop Gomez, for he would have us reach out to the World for Christ, rather than put Christ into the closet in order to make way for the World. . And that is my Catholic Church, not the Church that bows and cowers before the latest dictates of the secular World. 


  1. I'll offer the proposition in re Dailey that there is and always has been less there than meets the eye. What you get is an unfiltered rendition of the day's talking points. I had to sit on my phone and listen to a PhD neuroscientist defend the abuse of Gen. Michael Flynn. That man has about 20 IQ points on Sean P. Dailey, but is no wiser.

    1. In hindsight that's a fair observation. Back in the day, I seem to remember him being held in higher regard for his contributions. But when I look at others who have followed him to the Left, and what they must say and how they must say it, the corruption could come from what they're aligning with.


    Another example of a school system suffused with mediocrity and petty malice.


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