Tuesday, November 2, 2021

The NPR hit piece on Texas Representative Matt Krause

It's the usual we've seen so often.  A lawmaker is trying to sideline books that are used to build a case against the Christian Western tradition and the American democratic experiment.  Books that push radically leftwing and liberal ideologies, heavy on debauchery and decadence, narcissism and nihilism, are also in the crosshairs.  Of course he's a baddy for that.  

If he were trying to topple statues of abolitionists, Founding Fathers, or ban the latest books, movies or television shows called offensive by a growing number of people who see whites the way Germans saw Jews in the 1930s, he would be praised and adored.  That's the old liberal 'we start every game with game winning points' tactic.  If you're not with us, you're already Nazi.  If you're with us, there is no wrong you can do. 

For my part, I'm OK with not trying to limit books in schools, within reason.  A book that actually said Hitler was a good guy would have no place in my library, just like a book showing adolescents the glories of gay sex, group sex, or any sex for that matter.  But as for books that advocate CRT, global warming, or other leftwing agendas?  Bring them on.  Just make sure they allow other sides to be given fair say - which is all post-war liberals ever said they wanted in the first place. 


  1. "Just make sure they allow other sides to be given fair say - which is all post-war liberals ever said they wanted in the first place."

    It's incrementalism. There is no fairness, fair play or fair say. Add filth to the library and call it leveling the playing field with the other books like Western Civilization. Now, start displaying those books in a more prominent way over the Western civ books. Okay....now place Western Civ on a shelf hard to get to. Okay...at least they are still attainable and available though less seen and sought. Time of year to clean the library of certain books. Well, now it looks as if the books on Western Civ are rarely taken out so now we must remove them to make space for more popular books.

    1. You're right there. But like liberals of old, we're now in the outer darkness, so just asking our side to be heard is a step in the right direction. It would be a concern if we were still teaching actual reality and truth and we were giving this bilge a fair hearing. As it is, they're moving forward with the assumption that leftwing dogma alone must be indoctrinated. So claiming the right to at least hear other views is quite an uphill victory.


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