Friday, November 5, 2021

African diaspora?

 Yep.  Apparently that's a thing:

Naturally it refers primarily to those Africans brought to the New World through the Transatlantic Slave Trade.  No mention of the much more robust Islamic Slave trade that dwarfed that of Europe, and continued in parts of the Islamic world well into the late 20th Century.  Or any other part of the vast slave  trade that was so common across the African continent for millennia. 

I'm fine with repenting of the sins of the past, so long as we don't go overboard or use such actions to buttress our own self-righteousness, or use it to ignore the sins of the present.  Much worse is if we condemn the sins of the past and then turn around and excuse or embrace the sins of the present, ahem.

Heck, I've often said, on one level, I might be open to reparations for past wrongs.  But it would have to be done in the Christian vein, not simply a tool to tear apart the Christian Western tradition or American experiment.  Nor would I stand for it invoking ancestral blood guilt of all whites guilty of the sins of all whites, therefore people deserving to squirm and pay the price today due to skin color.

Oh, and lest anyone fall for that stupid, evil, racist and false notion that only whites are racist so therefore only European slavery was racist and that's really what makes slavery bad, consider this little gem:

Therefore, the Negro nations are, as a rule, submissive to slavery, because Negroes have little that is essentially human and possess attributes that are quite similar to those of dumb animals, as we have stated.

That's from Ibn Khaldûn, a 14th Century Islamic scholar, musing on the reasons given in the Islamic world to justify the vast Islamic slave forays into Africa.  You know, that slave trade that defined so much of African history centuries before the first Europeans showed up to cause mischief.  Put in the mouth of a European, I have little trouble believing Ms. Purvis would label such a sentiment as racist. 

Again, multiculturalism is one of the key weapons for destroying the Western Tradition, Christian values and teachings, and the American experiment.  The stupidly false - and unChristian - idea that only the Christian West and America ever sinned, and anything any other culture did was just fine, smacks against the Gospel and common sense and historical reality all at the same time. 

I should mention that if the Catholic Church endorses such a wrong-headed and race based view, or allows blacks to make themselves black first and Catholic distant second, then expect future generations of Catholics to have to repent of our ignorance and evil just as much as modern Catholics feel inclined to do the same for that cloud of witnesses who came before our time.  


  1. Reparations are dumb. Taking money from someone and giving it to someone else just because one person's ancestors did something unjust is stupid.
    And that's not even getting Into the fact that not every white person has slave-owners in their family tree.

    1. Reparations as presented are certainly dumb, and rest on this modern racist 'you've seen one white person, you've seen all the Nazis' mentality. That's not to say the Government making some gesture or trying to do something would be automatically bad. But every approach I see is one that greats problems, not heals them.

  2. It has nothing to do with slavery. Any thought to this whole reparation charade reveals this. History shows that practically no ethnic group or race ever escaped being enslaved by someone somewhere in history. So why reparations for American slavery in particular? Because on the whole Americans are ripe for picking and accepting blame for what ever fault was exacted on others in its 250 year history. Americans want to atone for their sins so badly and made to feel that way that they will do anything to make it so. From paying out exorbitant sums of money to people only because they are black skin to hating oneself with a constant mea culpa while on our knees simply because they are told to do so and because they are white. Racial pandemic. A way to control the white boogie man and hold power over him.

    1. Oh, the whole thing is to destroy the Christian Western tradition as well as America. It has little to do with caring about slaves or their posterity. It does have to do with teaching people that slavery isn't always bad, nor is human sacrifice, nor is censorship. All things which so many who support reparations appear to be warming to.


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