Thursday, November 11, 2021

A Veterans Day Tribute

 I break my sabbatical to post this:

An elderly French couple putting flowers on the body of a dead American solider during WWII.  This is one of the most haunting pictures in any history book I've ever read in the history of history books I've read.  A picture that has always stayed with me.  Something about it just says this is what Veterans Day is all about. 

My sons say that kids today are taught that freedom, prosperity and equality are dead easy, and all societies through the ages are better at it than America.   This isn't some unintended side effect of what they're taught.  It's what they're taught. 

But that's obviously wrong, and believing it is wrong is a defining characteristic of conservatism.  Fact is, most societies aren't free, preposterous, equal or any such thing.  And those things we've enjoyed for generations were bought at a price.  Hopefully we'll realize this before it's too late and beyond the cost of any price to turn things around. 

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