Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Preemptive race-baiting

Just in case, courtesy of that merry ol'leftwing rag The Guardian.  Turns out Glenn Youngkin might just win the Virginia governor's race because - wait for it - white backlash.  

Ah, memories.  I remember in 1994 when the GOP stampeded into the majority in both houses of Congress.  How was this stunning loss explained?  Across the national press there was one and one reason only that the Democrats lost their decades long majority: The Angry White Male!  (cue Darth Vader March music at this point).

It was the first nakedly racist and sexist spin I'd ever seen fully endorsed by our news media.  It was so nakedly bigoted and partisan that it stunned a nation still assuming not only was the media an unbiased source of information, but that it's wrong to make sweeping generalities about people based on race and gender.  

Overnight, everything liberal America had taught me in schools, television, movies, books and even music came crashing down.  In one simple mantra - the Angry White Male! (with accompanying scary music and sound effects) - we were able to experience the same bigoted fear baiting that no doubt was used against the black man in the Jim Crow South, or the Jew in 1930s Germany.  And this was done by those who had so loudly and proudly condemned the same tactics for all of my life. 

Yet it became canonized as part of the Liberal History of America. It became as true for the emerging Left as John 3:16 is for orthodox Christians.  Why did the Democrats lose?  Because of evil skin color/gender, that's why.  And across the leftwing board, everyone - Christian liberals included - lapped it up like a thirsty dog.  


  1. What's wrong with white backlash?

    1. I think the key word is 'white'. Backlash can be good, based on the right skin color. Such is modern thinking.

    2. The term "white backlash," can mean many things, some good others bad. Just like "Black Backlash," or "Asian Backlash, " or whatever. The mistake the media makes is the assumption that all white Backlashes are motivated by racism, an accusation akin to calling MLK a Black Supremacist


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