Thursday, September 9, 2021

Hospital Reflections: Where are the white families?

As a general rule, we don't watch television.  If we watch, it's old shows from days gone by.  Andy Griffith is a family favorite. Other shows are liked or not by different members of the family.  But we don't watch much in any event.   Football games, the Olympics, certain specials here or there through the year is most we do.  If you put a gun to my head and demanded I name five current television shows, you'd be speaking to a dead man.

Nonetheless, when you're sitting in a hospital room with a wife who is resting and sleeping most of the time, reading only goes so far.  Especially since in hospital rooms there's no such thing as peace and quiet.  So between reading materials, I found myself sometimes turning on the television. 

Most of what I watched when my wife was up was Food Network, since at this point she's not to get to riled up.  I can think of nothing less stimulating than Food Network.  Plus some of the shows are fun.  We watched a couple other stations, just to see what is going on in the modern world of television.  There were a couple stations that played older shows and we watched those as well. 

But I noticed something.  In the world of marketing, advertising and corporate America, white families simply don't exist at this stage in the game.  In those days of watching various networks and seeing endless dozens of commercials, I saw not one that featured a family portrayed by actors that was white.  The closest was one white dad doing housework for his white kids.  And one featured two white kids with two white dads.  Otherwise?  Not a single Ward and June in that batch.

There were other combinations.  Black families ruled, and I'd guess half of the ads featured all black families.  Mixed racial families were also common.  In fact, apparently white people no longer marry white people, thus says Madison Avenue.  Asian families, Hispanic, Middle Eastern were also featured in different commercials..  But not a single white family of all the ones I saw.

This does not, of course, count local commercials where a business owned by a white family was featured.  Nor does it count any products sponsored by a celebrity who happens to be white.  It's commercials that feature 'a family' portrayed by actors.  

Apparently the research that marketers and advertisers use in formulating their ad campaigns concluded having all white families is not good for the product's promotion.  There would be no other reason.  It's not a coincidence.  No way. That was on purpose.  Let that sink in.  Imagine what we are told about the reason blacks didn't feature in American movies or American advertising back in the day.  Why didn't they?  Because racism.  Now think of today. 

The great sleight of hand of the Left has been to convince everyone - including the celebrated Catholic Church - that the best remedy for racism is racism done right.  From the highest ecclesiastical leaders to global agencies, international governments, and almost every major institution here at home, that trick has been completely embraced.  So much so that commercials featuring gay dads, lesbians and even a transgender papa are understood as what Americans want, along with families of any and ethnic group imaginable.  But white families need not apply.  Again, let that sink in.  Then consider the logical and predictable ramifications

As a bonus, here's a story that has hit the Internet waves because it's so racist stupid. Apparently a fair young pop star named Olivia Rodrigo muses on the fact that she once thought only white girls could be pop stars.  No, she's not 118 years old.  She appears quite young.  Young enough that such obviously white pop stars as Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner, Gladys Knight, Janet Jackson, Gloria Estefan, Diana Ross, and endless others (these right off the top of my head) were already old matriarchs of the pop world by the time she came along.

See what is happening?  In addition to promoting the 'Eew, ick, yuck, a white person!' mentality, it's also incumbent upon the new Left to eradicate the history of any non-whites who challenge the 'Only white people ever' narrative.  That's where eliminating American Indian sports names or African American spokeswomen from products gets you - the elimination of those people.  

So we have this blind stupidity by Ms. Rodrigo.  Was she really that thick that she missed entire swaths of the entertainment industry to conclude that? Or does she know that ignoring the undesirables is demanded by the Leftist State, and so she regurgitates the appropriate talking points?  Only time will tell.  But beyond the dearth of white families in commercials, expect less and less time to be spent celebrating the various ethnic minorities who achieved great things against overwhelming odds and real prejudice in the months and years to come. 


  1. They talked about Olivia's comments on a recent Federalist podcast too and brought up pop stars from just within her lifetime. Like Beyoncé. Or Maria Carey.

    It's a form of gaslighting using recently bias. Everything in the past was bad and all white-supremacist. Therefore the 2000s were just like the 1940s - no matter how much evidence there is to the contrary. Sometimes I've wanted to slap people I hang out with because they'll say something nearly similar and I'm like, "I know you're old enough to know better."

    We are probably due for a rereading of Screwtape's words on time:

    "But we want a man hag-ridden by the Future — haunted by visions of an imminent heaven or hell upon earth — ready to break the Enemy’s commands in the present if by so doing we make him think he can attain the one or avert the other — dependent for his faith on the success or failure of schemes whose end he will not live to see. We want a whole race perpetually in pursuit of the rainbow’s end, never honest, nor kind, nor happy now, but always using as mere fuel wherewith to heap the altar of the future every real gift which is offered them in the Present."

    1. Yep. White is evil. Anything done by whites is evil. All whites ever are evil. Nobody non white even existed until now. And not a single thing has improved since the Dark Ages where minorities are concerned. It's so obviously BS - and yet it's picked up on by everyone: media, pop culture, colleges, and even churches.

  2. Mr. Sailer ruminates on the utility of advertising.

    1. I've often wondered if people pay attention to online ads. I know, however, that normal ads have worked like a charm over the years. Where's the beef anyone?

  3. "In fact, apparently white people no longer marry white people, thus says Madison Avenue." Maybe the truth is that white people (at least white people under the age of 70) don't watch TV. The only reason I can think of to watch TV is live sports, and the cost of sports is now too high -- I don't mean the cost in money, but the pinch of incense that must be offered up to the gods of the Left.

    1. I don't know. From the white people I know, there are quite a few who not only watch TV, but watch far more than I ever watched when I watched the most TV I ever watched. I fear it's as I said. The same reason you wouldn't have advertisements featuring blacks in the Jim Crow South, or featuring Jews in 1930s Germany. It's an ethnic group that our country is being primed to despise on sight. That it's driven by white liberals is the only curve ball.

    2. It's a good thing your own Ohio never had any of that, huh?

      Anyhow, I don't doubt the evil intent; my question is why they don't consider it bad business. There were lots of blacks in Mississippi in the 1950's, but they didn't have the money. Jews have been a minority pretty much everywhere until 1948. Morality aside, money may be made by catering to the errors of the majority and/or wealthy class. However, in the USA, whites still are the majority and still have the most money. This makes it harder to understand from a business perspective. On the other hand, even 30 years ago, the commercials on BET would have looked different from the ones on TBS, because it appealed to a different audience. And it is true that streaming is killing TV. I don't know, but I have to wonder if white audiences have adopted streaming more quickly.

    3. I'm sure it's many things, but money as well. Remember, even now, the biggest drivers of the 'the white race must be eradicated' movement are themselves white liberals. There are a lot of white liberals who are happy to see less white in the world. Add to that the growing trend among non-whites of coming clean with serious 'a pox on their house' attitudes toward whites, and that's a sizeable hunk of the market right there. Plus, products aimed at younger generations are seriously catering to the preferences. Young people my sons' age have been taught to despise everything to do with America, whites, Europe, and Christianity. The less they see of any of those things, the happier they are.


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