Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Update: Prayers answered

OK, so here's the update. It's been quite a whirlwind, and I'll  try to post when I can.  I'll also unpack the rather interesting ways in which this event developed. But for now, CliffsNotes version.

My wife is home.  She did have a heart attack, albeit a mild one.   That is good.   It's still a heart attack of course.  Like the cardiologist said, a Category One tornado is still a tornado.  A year from now, if this didn't happen now, it likely would have been far more devastating.   

She will have to go through cardiac therapy.  Naturally she's on a boatload of meds now.  Fortunately my sons were able to step up and hold the fort and take care of my mom while I was at the hospital (more on that, too).  They've adjusted things to make sure one or the other is around to help in the upcoming weeks and months. 

Not sure what's next.  I remember when my dad had his heart.  Things changed after that.  Of course he was also diagnosed with diabetes at the same time.  Something my wife does not have.  Since we have been exercising and our diet has never been terribly unhealthy, she likely helped mitigate the impact. 

So that's a brief update.  Prayers worked.  It could have been much, much worse.  As it is, they're hoping therapy and medications will get her back on track with no need for anything more intrusive.  Please keep the prayers going and as things unfold, I'll be back. 


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