Saturday, September 4, 2021

RIP Willard Scott

Willard Scott has passed.   Mr. Scott was one of those people who were a part of the Story of Dave.  That is, the world in which I grew up, came to understand things, and generally moved form childhood to adulthood.   It's all those things, images, events, movies, songs, books, classes, games, parks, walks with parents, and television weathermen that make the world the one I know.  

In Willard's case, beyond my knowing of him as the first Ronald McDonald, he was often the butt of jokes from the Letterman generation, especially because of his famous Smuckers shout out to elderly citizens breaking that 100th birthday mark.  I now see that sort of humor as one of the defects of my generation. 

But he was Mr. parade announcer, weatherman, and fellow with a perpetual smile.  No doubt behind the scenes he had his moments.  But in hindsight, he's the type of fixture in my cultural memories that I'm glad was there.  When I consider many others I looked up to back in the day, what they really represented, or what they became, I think it's nice that a Willard Scott was there, paying attention to the elderly, making people feel good, and generally doing what he could to make people feel a little happier in the day. 

Say what you will, that's not a bad way to spend a life.  Thanks for the memories and the smiles and the Senior Citizen shout outs Mr. Scott.  May God bless you and those you leave behind. 


  1. One of the few normal people to stay normal with fame and fortune. I used to view him frequently during my high school years.

  2. I agree Catherine. When you saw Scott you didn't see the suave, debonair and chic newscaster who made sure every hair was in place and an artificial smile plastered on his face. He had the face, personality and demeanor that would have made you buy him a beer while talkin about our grand babies. I'm sure there will be some who will come up with something from his past that he's said or did to diminish him in some way. Even God doesn't dredge up the past when we repent. Neither should we of others.


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