Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Our miiltary now serves the Leftist State

This rather glowing report by CBNC tells how General Milley, who has already made his disdain for blasphemers of the Left well known, worked a coordinated effort to go behind President Trump's back and make his own outreach to Communist China on behalf of the political Left.  CNBC apparently approves of the tactics.  

Last year there were several photos of police and military officials 'taking a knee' during the BLM riots. That is, accept the leftwing narrative of America as four hundred year old genocidal racist Nazi state.  It didn't help the police escape the Left's wrath,  and part of me wants to say serves them right.  

But the conservative view of 'Boy, some day this could be a civil war and the military will never come against us' had best be retired pronto.  Fact is, the Left runs the nation  now.  The ability to resist is already mightily compromised.  Most I know make it by keeping their heads down, unless they're in a professional situation that allows them to be open about their views.

When my wife's jobs makes white employees apologize for their white privilege, she deals with it.  What's she going to do, lose her job?  We'd be out on the street.  What would conservatives do, take care of us and pay our bills?  No.  She knows it.  So do I.  So do most today.  This has happened and conservatives can and will likely do nothing.  In the coming years, expect more and more conservatives to see the light and follow the path of so many former conservatives trying to find their place in this new Order. 

If you think we're a free country in the traditional sense, meet me in St. Louis, I have a Brooklyn Bridge to sell you.  If you think it won't get worse and there won't be a time when the military and police will be called upon to deal with dissenters who haven't renounced their non-leftist views, make that ten bridges.  

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