Friday, September 24, 2021

I hate to admit when Joy Reid is correct

But when you're right, you're right.  And she's right

I'm sure we've all watched with dread and sadness the unfolding story of young Gabby Petito.  A tragic tale.  Allowed to travel with her boyfriend across country and it ends as things sometimes do in this broken world.  May God receive her in His loving arms and cover the hearts and minds of her loved ones.

But Ms. Reid is right.  The only reason I know about her is because she fits the checklist that determines 99% of the national media stories surrounding missing persons, and that's: 1) young, 2) blonde, 3) pretty, 4) white.  And sometimes 5) rich.   If you see a coast to coast national media frenzy coverage over a missing person, you can bet your bottom dollar the missing person fills four, if not all five, of those qualifications.   

Younger children will sometimes fall away from that that list, based on circumstances.  But teens and older?  I don't even have to hear the details.  If I hear on a national news outlet 'missing person' I can almost be assured it's a young, beautiful, blonde woman. On the rarest of occasions a beautiful brunet will make the grade.  Apparently red heads are never missing.  

It's just a fact.  I and others have seen this tendency for years.  I'm glad for the families of said missing persons that the national press is so willing to mobilize on their behalf.  But I also get sad thinking of all those missing persons who  don't fit the checklist and who are therefore ignored by the press. 

I'm sorry, but it's true.  And it shows something that we should all admit.  If you accept systemic racism - let's assume for a minute - then it's time to be honest about who's at fault.  It isn't old dead people from an age of horse and buggy transportation.  Nor is it that coworker or classmate sitting next to you trying to scrape by.

The blame is at the feet of those who have been running the systems for about two generations now. If the reason we only hear about blonde white girls is because they are blonde, pretty and white, it is the media moguls and news organizations running the systems who make that decision.  I'm sure there are many out there who would like to hear about others who are missing.  

This is the problem.  If there are problems - and there are - and those problems are systemic, then blame the ones in charge of the systems.  In many cases, they're the same ones who have been running those systems for decades.  The ones in the gated communities, behind walled mansions, with private jets and penthouses in Manhattan. 

Don't let them fool you by getting you to fear and hate your neighbor.  It's also not confined to missing young blonde girls.  Those running the system can pick and choose other stories to build narratives based on other skin colors and characteristics just the same. Think BLM to give a quick example.  And in those cases, it would be nice to hear Ms. Reid call the news out for those as well. 

But then .....

Just as I'm wrapping this up, I hear on the news a nod to this idea that there's a problem with obsessing about pretty, blonde white girls who are missing at the expense of any others.  But instead of it being a problem with such a narrow sampling of media bias, it becomes - wait for it, you know the tune, let's start singing - about black and brown people being ignored because the world (not the news media) isn't equal!

Way to go media.  CNN picks up the new narrative now.  Note it doesn't give two damns or a hell about non-blonde, non-attractive missing women who are ignored.  Nor does it care about missing men in general who almost never make such media manhunts no matter what their skin color.  Because the same media that only gave a damn about a young, blond girl will now only give a damn about other skin colors or characteristics depending on its latest agendas and designs. 

Once again, the press shows itself as one of the greatest forces of evil in our world today.  It literally complains and condemns one part of its own 'we don't give a rip about people unless we can exploit them' practices, only to turn on a dime and do the same thing again, ignoring anyone and everyone who is missing whose skin color isn't important for the current BLM/1619 Project narrative.  

May God save humanity from the demonic evil that has become the world of journalism and the press. Of all the systems ruining our world with their systemic evil, I'm inclined to say the press is one of the worst. 

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