Friday, September 10, 2021

The problem with feminism today

Is that I don't think there is any egregious evil feminists could advocate that the Left and its supporters would ever call out. 

So a firebrand feminist journalist is upset that authorities are looking for a mother who allegedly ditched her newborn in a shallow grave.  Ms. Grimes' reaction:

You can almost hear the addendum that if women aren't allowed to do with their children as they please, then you men ain't gettin' any.  A threat which has done wonders for men who long ago turned the reins of running the local church over to women so men could golf and watch the game on Sundays. 

But just consider what she's saying.  How dare cops look for a mother who might have killed her kid.  This is women stuff.  Women rule.  Women can damn well do what they please with kids and shut up. 

I swear if feminists said they wanted to start gassing Jews in gas chambers, the Left would remain silent.  This is what happens, and it's yet one more blotch on the deplorable track record of the brainless, ball-less, gutless, spineless 20th Century male that this has been allowed. Now you have good New Prolife Catholics fighting to destroy anyone who would try to curtail this most sacred right of women in the modern era.

I fear we passed that point of no return when men allowed women to say that whether a baby is a miracle or a bunch of sludge to be eradicated is up to the woman.  The only role for the man, after the "obvious", is to stand in the corner, shut up, and find out if there is something for him to be financially responsible for or not.  When men allowed that, it was all over.  

With each passing day, I become more and more convinced that feminism was the most effective weapon of Satan fired at the floundering Christian West.  It was when we officially sanctioned the right of women to put themselves first to the exclusion of all other considerations, including the wellbeing of children, and were happy to allow kids to be sacrificed on the altars of the male libido. 

Exactly why so many celibate priests have fallen for this is open to speculation.  But the problem, and the likely causes, remain shameful and one more mark against this era in the opened books.  


  1. I'm not sure there is a point of no return other than at death, but there are points at which the downward slope becomes much steeper and harder to resist. As sinful as the 1990's were, I suspect this point came for us as a nation sometime shortly after 9/11. That was arguably a call to repentance; certainly any such call was firmly and emphatically rejected.

    So this is the state of the Union, and you and I are left feeling like Bugs: Sadly, there's no chance of running out of gas this time.

    1. Pretty much agreeing with Howard here.

      There is some consolation here that natural selection will at least slowly work against these people.

    2. I think 9/11 showed there was no going back. We were already mightily divided, and we weren't about to allow something like 9/11 to change that. I remember Max Lucado was one of the few who saw it as a chance to change. Many - including religious leaders - were saying don't let this change us. Max got it, and said it better change us or we're in trouble.

  2. Feminism is a Marxist subsidiary that pretty much paved the way for the current BLM climate, IMHO. And feminism only took hold because men abdicated their authority for pleasure. I can hardly reminisce about any sort of "good old days" from the last century anymore. Hollywood in particular was the WORST. Hook ups, abortions, divorces and remarriages... all WAY ahead of the general population but definitely influenced the general sensibilities of the populace. Also full of Communists, or Communist sympathizers.
    I love watching old clips of entertainers but, oh my gosh! The WWII generation entertainers' shows were frequently bawdy, morally loose, and tongue in cheek. I'm seeing the counter-cultural movement of the 60's was not invented with the Baby Boomers, it was just magnified. Especially when you had young women going on to higher education almost en masse for the first time where they were exposed to yet more Marxist ideas. Why should the men at the time refuse to give women more "freedom" in access to birth control, abortions, working outside the home, or easy divorce if it ultimately benefited indulging of their appetites and/or not having to take responsibility for their actions?
    It definitely is an inversion of nature. Men abdicate responsibility for the life they create and women not nurturing it but destroying it. Both are a "non serviam."

    I hate that the language of feminism has found a way into the Church though. I don't know why we need such an ugly ideology to sully the deposit of faith.

    1. Absolutely spot on. I think it's time for conservatives to come clean and admit some ugly truths. Christianity was already becoming a thing of the past by the time Kong was on the Empire State Building. The decline slowed during the Depression, but it was hardly that old time religion. I've found several sources from the early 20th century talking about the trend of men leaving churches and letting the moms do the religious lifting. And yes, even by WWI, the morals of Europe and then America were shifting. The 20s were really the first Sexual Revolution, and much of that didn't die away. It was also driven by this growing women's liberation movement. Hence why all the early wrangling about contraceptives in churches happens during this time. By WWII, you're right. Heck, just look at some of the art on those old WWII airplanes. Some of it would make Hefner proud.

      Following the war, that's when it began to break down fast. And we must be honest. That vaunted Greatest Generation was, in many ways, the driving force. Watch the movies, the shows, listen to the music of the 60s and 70s. See the growing anti-Americanism, the shots at religion, the throwing down of old values? Who was doing that? That would be the ones who had stormed the beaches at Normandy and Iwo Jima.

  3. This reminds me of the case where a dead newborn was found, and the cops were busy trying to figure out whether the kid died before or after birth, so they would know whether or not to charge the culprit. Somebody could write some seriously thought-provoking dark comedy material out of this stuff.

    1. It's frightening to be sure. Just watching the line get moved in the sand. I remember when I entered the Church in 2006, one of the big stories was a Brit official saying parents ought to be able to let their disabled children die if prenatal testing missed the problem. The big news was that an Anglican bishop apparently agreed. That was 15 years ago. We're hearing it more now, and we should guess where it's going.


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