Thursday, September 2, 2021

A GoFundMe request from my oldest son

I'm not a big fan of putting out the hat in times of need.  That's from my Depression Era parents who generally operated on 'will work for food, but won't take handouts' philosophy.  While less stringent than them, I still prefer to work things out on my own.  

Nonetheless, I have had times in recent years of calling on the greater community to help.  That happed with flying colors when our oldest hurt his leg a couple years ago.  That itself wasn't as devastating as that it followed over a year of one medical crisis after another that pretty much bled us dry.   The response was wonderful and we still give thanks for the generosity we saw.

I say all that because our oldest is trying to do his part to help during this time.  Since we are fully insured, it stands to reason the out of pocket expenses that will hit us will be mind blowing (more on the real problem with healthcare costs in some other post).  I admit it will be tough.  Just the initial costs I've seen suggest a mountainous level of bills.  I'd be happy to make it work, however, and that includes telling the bill collectors that their accountants will be little old number crunchers before the mountain of bills get paid off from our bank account.

But in wishing to do his part for the family (beyond putting his culinary expertise to restructuring our diets around a heart healthy menu), he has set up another GoFundMe, and I'm thankful for that.  If you can't, I certainly understand.  Especially if you were among those who helped so much the last time.  But if you can even share this or get the word around, it would do nothing but help.  

Here is the link.  

No matter what please continue offering up your prayers.  We're only in the first steps of a new journey, and prayers will be needed and much appreciated.

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