Thursday, September 23, 2021

Well done Canadian Catholic leadership

So a Canadian archbishop has stepped forth to remind the world that to live is gain, to die is a bitch.  He's essentially banned all forms of worship for those who haven't received the Covid vaccine.  Which vaccine or if it matters doesn't appear in the story.

This happens as an elderly coworker of my son fights for his life.  He caught Covid which apparently set off a major heart attack.  Far worse of a heart attack than my wife experienced.  At this point they don't know if he'll make it.  May God bring healing and a fast recovery against all odds.  His name is Bob.

He was vaccinated.  Sadly, he bought into the hype promoted by both the media and medical pros.  If you receive the Vaccine, any Vaccine, then you're free, Free, FREE!  Hie to the parties and concerts and arenas and festivals for safe is safe as can be.  Except for those evil unvaccinated types.  Never mind that, by now, we all should know that it's just such large gatherings in tight quarters for extended periods of time that are the number one cause of Covid spreading. 

Not to mention that the elderly population continues to make up a whopping 80% of Americans who have died of Covid.  But sadly, he missed all that because it isn't focused on.  Propaganda, rather than education, is the name of the game.  He had the vaccine, and so he could do anything and everything - even go to Mass apparently!  And so he did anything and everything.  And so, God bless him, he is dying in ICU.

None of this is to say don't get the vaccine.  I've explained our hesitancy, but that's us.  I certainly understand why others choose to get it.  But please listen to one local doctor interviewed a couple weeks ago on one of our local news stations.  Of all medical pros, he was the honest one.  If you're vaccinated, it's not a sure thing.  You can still get Covid, as we're seeing.  Likewise, if you're vaccinated but embark on endless parties, gatherings and crowded forums, you're probably going to get Covid faster than someone unvaccinated who's self-quarantined.  As my son's girlfriend - who has been vaccinated - said, they oversold it. 

Granted, the likelihood of serious illness appears less for the vaccinated.  But those numbers are changing, at least without resorting to more boosters and more follow up shots.  As this happens, however, it does suggest we take another look at those thousands of cases of 'rare but serious' side effects, or the over 7500 who have died after coincidently taking the Covid vaccine.

But whatever, even if you are vaccinated, it isn't a Get Out of Covid Free card.  That's not the fault of the unvaccinated.  It's because we have a vaccine rushed into production to deal with a new virus about which we still know very little and are learning about with each passing day.  The over selling of it for political gains is one of the many tragedies of this pandemic.  Second only to religious leaders joining in with the worst elements of this crisis. 


  1. Soon the unvaccinated will be forced to walk at a distance from the parish church door crying out; "Unclean! Unclean!".

    1. Yep. The worst thing is, as the situation clearly changes, the Church leadership isn't. Instead it's just following the dominant worldly narrative that is being maintained, not for medical reasons, but for political ones.

    2. One thing I noticed early on is that people who had spoken out against the "injustice" of separating lepers from the community under Mosaic law were the same people who most adamantly demanded harsh COVID restrictions.

    3. Yep. Funny how the things we condemn the most become the things we suddenly support when our own life is on the line. That's a good way of finding out if someone is condemning someone based on principles, or based on convenience of the moment.

  2. Prayers for your son's coworker! My parents both just had Covid which they got from fully vaxxed friends. My nearly 80 year old father got through it okay, but my Mom spent time in the hospital for Covid induced pneumonia. The hospital stuck to their strict "protocols" which included not upping her vit D or any other vitamin infusions when requested by both her and her family doctor. Of course there was no "horse de-wormer" or other maverick meds administered either. I firmly believe she got through with no vent by prayers. However, it was just a stark contrast between that and when my dad was in the hospital in the spring for heart surgery. At that point they gave him essentially anything he asked for, vitamin wise at least. With my mom she was getting the basic 1000mg of Vit D and the doctor would only give her 500mg more because he "didn't think it would do anything." Our question was, "Would it HURT?"
    I hate how political it all is and that the Church at large has really joined in with the worst elements of the crisis.

    1. Yes. As the doctor said in that interview, the Vaccine should have supplemented other measures for combating Covid. But because it was so important to see Biden as the white horse riding savior, and push for 'Independence Day from Covid!', we were told get the vaccine, then back to life as normal. No. By now that's clearly not the case. And as he said, if you're vaccinated and living like it's 1999, you're as likely, if not more likely, to get Covid than an unvaccinated person in lockdown. And while you are less likely to get seriously sick, that number continues to changes as the vaccinated, listening to the politically - not medically - driven hype, continue to make up more and more of the cases.

      And, again, it's about the gatherings for long periods. Hence the kids making up huge numbers of cases because, well, they're in classes filled with kids.


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