Friday, September 24, 2021

Enter Fall


Yep. That's Ohio.  I've lived in different states in different regions of the country.  All areas have their weather quirks.  For instance, in Florida you could set your watch by the weather on most days.  Ohio is the polar opposite.  Winter, Summer, Spring or Fall, give us ten hours and you can have them all.  

We were at 90 degrees over a day ago, followed by almost 36 hours of steady downpours, only to wake up in the low 40s.  It barely got to the high 50s yesterday.  But in a day, it will be back near the 80s.  Which is common, at least in the central to southern parts of the state. There are few months in the year where such swings aren't more the rule than the exception.  Normally, you don't like the weather now, just wait a few minutes. 

Still, it was enough for my wife to get out and just stroll about the front yard, if only for a few minutes.  The boys were all here, and were there to help her about.  They wanted to go out with her on this first day of Fall and just after the Harvest Moon no less.  Plus, this was the type of day that screams 'Autumn!' from the rooftops. 

Our youngest enjoys the coming season with all the zeal of a young one

The boys were all here and enjoyed a few with their mom and the planters

The type of sky that says Autumn has arrived


  1. It's like this in Indiana too. Took kids to a park this chilly morning in long sleeves and pants and by the time we left everyone was too hot! Resisted the urge to turn on the AC late afternoon because I knew it would be cooling down soon enough, and it did. Now it's in the comfortable 60's.
    Nice to see your wife was feeling well enough to get outside a bit to enjoy it with you and your boys :)

    1. Yes, she's making progress, slow but sure. With so many mother hens around her, she's OK. And it was nice for some of that crisp, fall weather on the first day of fall. It hasn't worked that way in quite a few years.

  2. "Normally, you don't like the weather now, just wait a few minutes." Funny. I've only heard that around here in central NH. These are the days I look forward to in the year. We've spent all summer working outside doing things that require good weather, but by this time I am ready to settle back and get ready for a long winter's nap. We've just stacked our six cords for the winter. Usually by now we've started burning wood over night though not every night, or in early morning to get the chill out, but we've not had too so far. With any luck we won't have to burn all six cords in the next 6 or 7 months.

    Maybe someday I'll install a furnace in the house but I haven't arrived at that point yet. Kinda hard getting 40 years of burning wood out of my system. I've got one more mowing of the lawns to do, put away summer stuff that is still outside. Winter is time to cook all kinds of stuff, recording music in my wee studio, slap down some oil paints on my easel and read a ton of books. Oh...and go through a list that my wife gives me for all the indoor fixer uppers there is too do while the blizzard is raging and I'm warming myself with sweet smelling wood.

    1. I think it's not uncommon for states that border the lakes or are near that general area of land feature - like mountains and water. In our case, the southern regions are hilly and move toward those foothills to the south, with Lake Erie and flatter lands to the North. Cleveland usually is close to Buffalo done mild. But in the center, it can literally switch four times in a day.

      But we also come alive during this time. Fall and winter are for all of the good and fun things that we put aside to do the obligatory summer events.


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