Monday, October 1, 2018

James Comey goes after Kavanaugh

Expected. To some observers, Comey appeared to work feverishly to turn the FBI into a political attack dog for the Left.  Ah, but why did he drop the bomb about Hillary then?  Clearly that destroyed her campaign!

No, it didn't.  The Leftist narrative that Hillary was on the verge of victory when Comey torpedoed her is, like most things of the party of the Father of Lies, demonstrably false.  She was already floundering, having shot herself in the foot a million times by virtue of her arrogance and feeling of entitlement and inevitability.  My hunch is that Comey  did it to CYA, assuming her victory was in the bag and nobody would care once she won.

That's the only thing that makes sense, since everything else he has done has been to display open opposition and hostility to anything to the right of center or dealing with Trump.  Now he steps in to remind us that the Left is the new Big Brother, watching everything you say, do, write, or think from when you turn 13 onward (and maybe before - who knows?).

This is a fight to keep America free against a Marxist driven revolution promising history's evils' greatest hits.  If those who would pass freedom onto our posterity will rise to the occasion remains to be seen.

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