Friday, October 26, 2018

Megyn Kelly walks to the guillotine

Yep.  Why?  Because she asked about why someone going in blackface for Halloween is automatically this evil thing.  Of course racism is, like any sexual crime in the 21st century, an unforgivable sin.  No rehab or reconciliation or forgiveness there.  The slightest sliver of thinking deemed racist makes you entirely racist, entirely unforgivable, defined not as a human but as a racist forever.

What Ms. Kelly may have thought was that she is a liberal woman, in the #MeToo era, who isn't wearing blackface or saying it's good to wear blackface.  She's merely asking a question.  What she forgot is that we are on the borders of the American Soviet, which is already making puritanical witch hunts look like Mary Poppins tea parties by comparisons.  Yes, we can't burn people at the stake yet.  But we can destroy their ability to function in society and forever label them as unclean outcasts.

Her fatal error was forgetting that her white skin trumps her genitals.  And since she was already a vocal critic of her own network's handling of the #MeToo accusations, playing her race over her gender became an easy way to send her to the proverbial guillotine.  Post-modern America in action.

This is the America the Left is promising, the media is endorsing, and Americans increasingly appear to want.  So there you go.  Our sincerest apologies to those puritans who used to be used as a case study for what liberalism was promising to deliver us from.

UPDATEIn which the hyenas pile on the carcass.  WaPo muses on why this once queen hero of the anti-Trump movement, and beloved trasher of her former conservative colleagues, had no business getting the money she had for her show. 

Whether her firing was to get rid of a pesky woman whose #MeToo ideals were hitting too close to home, or merely indicative of the witch hunt society the Left is trying desperately to erect, is beyond my knowledge.  What can't be denied is that it's likely either one or the other of those two things, or a combination thereof. 

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