Tuesday, October 30, 2018

When the press campaigns for the Democrats

So last night, around our makeshift dinners (owing to scheduling and multiple events), we listened to the local news.  It was Channel 10, sort of our goto station when available.  One of the stories was about the Trump 2020 campaign pouring millions of dollars of advertising into the upcoming midterm elections.  No problem.

During the story, it mentioned a one minute ad that was being played.  Apparently the ad talks about how voting Republican will keep the economic boon on the right track.  The ad, the story said, referenced the recent positives and compared them to the economic doldrums of 2010.  OK, fair enough.

Then, when the story was over, the anchor - Jerry Revish - interjected that it should be mentioned that in 2010, the economy was just recovering from a collapse that had occurred under the George Bush administration.

We all perked up.  What?  They didn't play the ad, so we don't know.  Perhaps the ad says in 2010 the economy collapsed because of Obama. If so, then perhaps it's fair to make the correction, though the ad wasn't played and we know nothing of how it frames the events. All we do know is that the ad says, per the newscast, that the economy is better now than in 2010.  That is a fact.

That the newscast felt the need to  add 'but Bush!' when, based on the story's presentation, there was no need to do so, speaks volumes. It's that sort of thing that the press does as an agency of the Democrats.  It's that sort of thing that makes people distrust the press and even go so far as to support Donald Trump. It was not needed based on the newscast's story, and it was clearly meant to put a positive spin on things for Obama when there was no reason to do so. 

Again, that's why the distrust.  And that's why it takes a mountain of credulity to believe the press is slighted toward one particular party.

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