Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Matthew Dowd to resign his position at ABC

Yep, it would be the logical - and moral - thing to do.  He's said it's time for the always nefarious white male Christians to give up their positions and let other important ethnicities, religions and genders take over.

Being a white, male (and I'll assume) Christian, I'm sure Mr. Dowd will be the first in line to set the example.  I know liberalism gets a bad rap when it comes to liberals standing firmly on lofty principles that only makes other people suffer, but I'm sure this time we'll see a glowing exception.

So let me know when news come of Mr. Dowd's new, albeit lesser, position.  It will be worthy of a salute, even if it is an endeavor based merely on the latest forms of sexist, racism and bigotry. 

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